Downtown No Parking Sign

The Davis City Council's City - UCD Student Liaison Commission parking sub-committee found the following information on parking overnight in downtown Davis.

Overnight Parking in Downtown The Student Liaison Commission recently looked into a concern about no overnight parking on Mondays (Tue 2-6am) and Thursdays (Fri 2-6am). While you cannot park on street faces/blocks due to street cleaning during those hours, most of the lots downtown allow overnight parking - North and South F Street lots, North and South G Street lots, Boy Scout Cabin lot, Amtrak lot, Davis Commons lot, etc.

Most street and lot restrictions start at 8am (which means you'd need to move your vehicle by 10am to avoid a ticket). If you do leave your vehicle on the street during those hours, it may receive a $35 ticket from the Davis Police Department, but will not be towed ($35 ticket vs. potential DUI).

The hours of Tue and Fri mornings where selected by Davis Waste Removal to fit within their street cleaning schedule (with the rest of the city). Downtown Davis businesses requested cleaning twice a week (unlike the rest of Davis which is once a week) to help keep the downtown clean. They also requested a date close to the weekend so the streets would look like for the weekend. Davis Waste Removal sweeps downtown starting at 4am.

In 2003 and 2004, the Davis Police Department wrote an average of 900 street sweeping restriction citations a year (citywide). Citations are $35. The DPD does not typically tow vehicles for violating these restrictions unless the vehicle poses a safety hazard.

As of December 2006, the Student Liaison Commission's parking subcommittee has disbanded.

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2006-06-10 14:07:43   I don't have a car, but the no parking after 2am thing bothers me because it encourages drunk driving. —ArlenAbraham

  • This was brought up at the last commission meeting, and council members Souza and Saylor were agreeable to elminating the 2am policy. However, like any good government research and numbers need to be obtained before any official recommendation can happen. Lamar, as a candidate also expressed interest in eliminating the 2am policy. So with Heystek, Souza and Saylor, the policy should not last long. -JimSchwab

2006-12-07 11:00:16   Updated this page with information shared at the last Student Liaison Commission. Thank you to Sherry Puntillo for her work as our subcommittee chair. —StevenWorker