Trease Petersen
Youth Intervention Specialist
Davis Police Department
(530) 747-5430 (Mon-Fri, 8:00-5:00)

The Davis Police Department Youth Intervention Program can keep an issue "in house" and not sent to the judicial system. Every juvenile case that comes to the PD is evaluated by the following criteria for suitability for the program:

  1. First time offender

  2. Not violent

  3. Not a hate crime

  4. No gangs

  5. Juvenile has to admit to the offense

The Program

The program can be creative to fit the needs of the youth. However, some of the things a juvenile would have to do are:

  1. Admit to the offense

  2. Abstain from illegal drugs, gang activity, arrest or crime activity

  3. Make a face to face apology to victim

  4. Make an apology to the parents

  5. Parents or child has to make restitution

  6. 40 hours of community service

If they offend again or the diversion is not working out, the case goes to Yolo County Probation or, if the offense merits, to the Juvenile Court with notation of failed diversion.

Parent Education

Parenting Project is a 10 – 16 week parent training program teaching prevention strategies for teens with destructive tendencies.

Teen Education

Insight classes are being offered to every high school student who is arrested for drug or alcohol abuse. She is hoping to get the classes into the junior high schools as well. Tobacco Education classes are also offered in the high school.

Drug Testing

Parents can purchase the drug testing kits for $3.00 and alcohol testing kits for $2.00 from the police department who also provides other resource materials.


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