Who Are They?:
They are the ones who show up unexpectedly with pom-poms and riot gear
Variable at best, its best to make an appointment with those kind of people
You capitalist pigs have phones!?! I'll be out back untangling the string from my tin can.


Radical Cheerleading is a feminist performance and protest—a kind of intervention in political demonstration ('serious') and a subversion of cheerleading ('anti-feminist'). By taking pieces of political protest and sport cheerleading—anarchist "cheers" and choreographed dance—Radical Cheerleading creates unexpected political strategies and bodily acts. The first Radical Cheerbook, published as an independent zine in 1997, introduces Radical Cheerleading as "activism with pom-poms and middle fingers extended. It's screaming fuck capitalism while doing a split." (pilfered shamelessly from the e-world of radical cheerleaders)

And you:

You will meet us. The time will come. The crowd will part and such queer beauties as you cannot imagine will be before you. The music of our being shall waft down upon your ears and the fruit of inspiration shall be born unto you. And then one day, quite unexpectedly you will look down only to find a pom-pom in your fist. Then, and only then will you know the true meaning of the cheer.

See also: Cheer!


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