Vince Saunders
Group Leader
Meeting Location
770 Pole Line Road (at the Pole Line Road Baptist Church)
Worship service on Saturday at 3:00 PM, Prayer and Bible study at 4:30 PM, Group Study on Thursday evening at 6:00 PM. (Please call for location)
Contact Number
253 620 0220


Pastor Vince Saunders

The Davis Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship meets at the Pole Line Road Baptist Church each Saturday. They are affiliated with the Woodside Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sacramento. We meet for Bible Study and Discussion at 3:00 pm. The lesson study welcomes questions and Bible-based opinions from participants. Our worship service follows at 4 pm and is open to all who seek God's presence. There are often guest speakers from local area churches and organizations. A fellowship dinner follows the services weekly. All are welcome. Healthful vegan and vegetarian dishes are served.

Services are in English. The church offers personal Bible studies and prayer.

Mission Statement

"To be a BLESSING to all the inhabitants of Davis To proclaim the love of God to the inhabitants of Davis To help them become a part of the family of God To help them get ready for the Imminent Return of the Lord Jesus-Christ"

The Fellowship's Thought of the Year

We don't always get what we want by running after it

I have observed that qualities of life like happiness, health, peace and contentment come as the byproduct of other values. Let me illustrate. I increase my happiness by helping someone else. I wasn't trying to become more happy. My retired neighbor was topping a tree in his front yard. I went over and helped him take it down. I came back sweaty and happy. Amazing!

God offers us the best of life. If I read Him correctly, I understand Him to say that I find myself when I'm willing to lose myself in something greater than me. I get true rest by taking up His work. I can soar with forgiveness and serve with compassion and love with abandoned.

Life is an oftentimes upside-down adventure. It is best lived with a strong spiritual center. Join us on life's journey.


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2010-10-30 11:48:08   So is God omnipotent or not? The "Thought of the Year" passage makes it sound like God's power is severely limited. If God wants to do something, but cannot, then God is powerless. —BarnabasTruman

2011-01-12 15:25:17   Is it legal for a non-profit religious institution to endorse a political position? —JoePomidor

2011-02-14 11:34:51   yes, it is legal for a non-profit religious institution to endorse a political position AS LONG AS a candidate or a party is not endorsed. —Michael777

2011-02-14 11:38:19   To BarnabasTruman: welcome to Earth, the only planet in rebellion against God, and in which God does not do His will. Just look around, read the News and yes you will see that God's will is NOT done on earth. That's why the "Lord's Prayer" includes "May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". If God's will was done on earth we would not need to pray for that! —Michael777