Davis Shell (2006).

1944 Anderson Road in the Anderson Plaza
Food Mart: 24/7
Repair Shop: 8am - 5pm, 7 days a week

Davis Shell has ''gas'', a car wash, and snacks. They also provide air pumps for your car or bike tires.

This gas station is also the home of Shell Phone 1 and Shell Phone 2.

Be cautious when you use the car wash, however. If your car is damaged in the machine, which can happen even during regular use, they will NOT pay for it (see comment below).

Other places where you can go to Shell (in a handbasket, even!) are at the University Shell and the plain jane Shell.

Davis Shell used to be the only gas station in the City of Davis with certified Automobile Repair. Now the repair shop is closed down and is available to a new lessee


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It has free air and water available to all.

I work at this particular Shell, and as both a clerk and a reader of Davis Wiki, I thought it would be useful to compile some customer tips, if you are currently or are planning to become a customer of this Shell station.

First of all, try to avoid the sensor that chimes when you walk in the door. The clerks are often busy or distracted, and it's best not to give them any sort of heads up that you're there. When you walk in, stand in the entrance way facing the ice cooler. You'll know you've hit it because there's almost a wall of products blocking you from the clerk on the other side; this is where you should attempt to do any sort of transaction, far far away from the register or counter. With any luck you'll also bypass a line of people who are waiting to be helped over by the counter. You're more important than them. If you don't see a clerk, try yelling "hello" repeatedly at the area where the clerk should be, this has been known to make them magically appear. Should a clerk still not appear in the next 30 seconds, it's probably best that you go behind the counter and attempt to do the transaction yourself.

If you're in there because you're confused about something, it is best to over-explain the situation as much as you can and include useless facts and details that are obvious as it is very likely that the clerk has never heard anything like it before and is fascinated by your storytelling. It is also advised that you be angry and let a few profanities slip, because really it's the clerks fault that whatever you're having an issue with wasn't clear. If you're complaining, well then you should treat the clerk as though they personally are trying to scam you, since that is likely the case. Did your car wash code not work? that was the clerk. Vacuum not sucking hard enough? That was him too. No soapy water for the windshield scrubbers? Oh, you better believe that was him. After being mechanical experts and prodigious direction givers, gas station clerks are notorious scammers, not in it for the money so much as seeing your dissatisfaction. Demand justice. It is a well known fact that there are keys on the register that allow the clerks to make the car wash work perfectly and lower the price of gas barrels.

Should you find yourself needing to go inside to pay, and still using a credit card, don't bother having a specific dollar amount for which you'd like to purchase or know what pump you parked at, the clerks can simply hit the "whatever you want" button and swipe your card, then you'll be free to worry about more important things like which weather condition you want to inform the clerk about this time. Is it hot? Windy? Raining? The clerk will never know if you don't tell him! Get this valuable information to him as quickly as possibly, surely he has a million interesting quips in response! Likewise, if you need a refund for a credit card purchase, don't worry about bringing the credit card or receipt back with you, those things couldn't possibly be useful, what with computers storing data in their megabytes and whatnot. They can just take a retina scan and the money will be back in your bank in no time!

Finally, things like the "out of service" cover on the pump and "we don't accept checks" are really just suggestions and don't apply to you, because as previously mentioned, you're more important than regular people. As long as you let the clerk know you're in a hurry and that you've been coming to the station for years, you can pretty much do whatever you want. You've earned it.

I hope that helps.

(this is meant to be facetious and funny, not mean and bitter)

5/4/08 Okay, I'll admit it. It was stupid. But I'm fessing up to it to save others from making the same mistake. We've gone to this car wash twice in the last few months. The first time, we got the cheapest option. When we came out, there was still soap 'all' over the car. We went in to complain and the guy told us to go thru it again (for free) to see if it'd happen again. It did and his remedy was to give us a coupon for a free wash (also the cheapest) within the next two weeks. We didn't bother. It would've just done the same thing. He said that he'd call to have it serviced, but I didn't feel like that was the case. We ended up going to the "do-it-yourself" place behind the Circle K at Lake and Covell.

Assuming that the problem the previous time (the way he made it sound) was that the cheap option didn't do a good job, today we got the most expensive option. We had gone camping and had a bunch of dirt all over the car. It did a whole bunch of things including a "clear coat" sealant which dripped pink stuff all over the car. Since the last step in the process was to blow the car dry, this pink stuff was caked on and had to be scrubbed off when we got home.

This place clearly doesn't care about this machine and has a crappy attitude about the people who use it. That and their higher than average gas prices... we should close the place down! —itayneta

In my experience having lived nearby and using this place when I'm in a hurry, the gas here is 7 or 9 cents more expensive than the AM/PM ARCO down the street on the corner of Russell and Anderson. The people who work here also aren't the nicest. Stole $7.99 from me and accused me of attempting to steal services the other day when my carwash number didn't work. —Zac

Anybody ever paid for gas, using cash, at this Shell station? I've done this several times, and each time, the pump keeps my last 10 cents worth of gas. It will not pump anymore. Has anyone else had this experience? Am I just imagining this? This has happened to me several times at that station.—CameronMenezes

heads-up for all you users of gasoline in davis... i got a car wash at this shell station last week, and the machine broke off the passenger mirror of my land cruiser :-( after trying for a week to figure something out with the manager, he eventually hung up on me today, which i take as the conclusion (essentially, 'our machine is working fine, so go @#$* yourself'). SO i recommend to all of you... don't give the shell station on covell and anderson your money, and especially don't try their car wash. even if you use their car wash correctly, if it damages your vehicle they won't care (unless maybe you take them to court). if this station continues to treat its customers like this, it won't be in business much longer.

2008-08-01 17:18:26   Had a car wash today. Second time. I was a bit worried from the comments the first time, but figured it wouldn't hurt to try and it is near where I live. First time a few months ago was so-so. I opted for cheapest and didn't expect much. Some soap still sticking on glass. One aspect I liked was you don't have to be on those rails and can turn off car- makes me feel less tense for some reason. However, today after the "premium" car wash, as I started my car, I had some scratching sound. Thought it was some kind of bump at bottom of car, turns out the side of my car got scratched. My car is rather small- Honda Accord. So, I wonder how many have faced this apart from review by land-cruiser driver. I was throughly shaken and decided not to confront the station as I wasn't sure it was worth the time. Also, even the wash wasn't that good. There were spots all over the wind shield and I went home and wiped it with a damp microfiber cloth. I certainly will NOT be going there again. —Sara4

2009-03-15 05:13:05   Funny story, my 08 honda civic died in this car wash. It wouldn't start or anything. I had to get the guy behind me in the business suit to help push me out and then the only way the guy that worked there would jump my car is if I gave him a cash tip... which he asked for.... before he jumped it. Then honda replaced the defective battery a day later.... good times —AnthonyFG

2009-04-02 14:16:44   I had a great experience at this station. Needing a Smog check I called and asked for a time. "Should be OK at 4", I was told. Arrived at 4, Smitty ran the paperwork, and I headed over to Guadalajara for a tamarind drink. My cell phone rang and it was Smitty wanting to make sure that the necessary repairs had been done since my car had failed the previous week at Yolo Smog in Woodland (a place I will not be returning to). I thought this was great, because he could have just tested my truck without asking, pass of fail, he still gets paid. I told him it had, and he called back 20 minutes later saying I was good to go. Total cost, with certificate. $38 and change. —KenM

2009-06-14 09:41:07   Great smog experience! —sweetMeliss

2009-09-14 12:51:10   I am a frequent customer of this shell station, I buy gas and - more often than not - a car wash. I had no problems until recently when the machine did not dispense soap on my car. I immediately went around to the cashier, who told me he couldn't refund it and insisted that I go to the manager who is "always in in the morning." I visited twice more, when it was convenient to pass by, but the same guy was there and he still insisted I wait for a manager.

A couple days later, I go bright and early, and the two employees working there tell me that I am outright lying and that I have no way to prove anything. Also, that I needed to come back to see a manager because they couldn't give me my refund/exchange/UPGRADE FOR ALL OF THE HASSLE OF TRYING TO GET THIS INADEQUACY RECTIFIED!!

As appalling as the service was I still do find the car wash to be convenient (although I detail and wax the car myself when I get home) and will continue to purchase them.


***When I do talk to the manager, I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she will give me my exchange without question*** —moroccan

2009-09-15 18:45:00   I just wanted to say, as an employee of this fine business, the car wash here is the worst. The pumps are terrible and cause all sorts of weird problems. If I didn't work here I'd probably go some place else for gas (not that I get a discount, it's just convenient). Also, if you would, please don't come inside to yell at and degrade us for something that isn't our fault (like you complaining when you're late for work when we are changing shifts, or the pump not working). How would you feel if someone came into your place of employment and yelled at you for something you had no part in doing?

The only good part about this service station is the repair shop, and the free air and water. Most people don't even realize that it's here (which is a bit scary that these people drive, the shop is glaringly obvious).

2009-12-07 14:35:53   As a glad to be an ex-employee of this Shell station I can tell you first hand after that rude guy called "smitty" AKA Bill Smith, became manager, a lot of so called repairs were misdiagnosed and fixed nothing and a lot of steady customers went away. He hired unqualified so-called "mechanics" that did not own any tools nor have they ever done auto repair before which to me seemed like a suicidal move for the business, but apparently special favors were in order. The only long time real veteran mechanic/technician/smogtech they had was publicly disrespected behind his back and eventually let go by none other than "Smitty" when the new owners took over in Jan 2007. I overheard him telling customers he had quit because he did not want to "get his hands dirty", which simply was not true, so there was some slandering going on too. That was the end of Quality Auto Care; I observed vehicles that were misdiagnosed by non mechanics but the parts were installed anyway, and when that did not fix the problem, more parts were installed until it was fixed, all at customer cost. Often times the problem was still not fixed and the excuse was that there must more bad parts. They make commissions off parts, so the more parts the better. Labor charges were padded and parts priced were padded as well. Antifreeze, solvents and other toxins are dumped in the sewer system daily to save money via the in shop floor antifreeze/oil separator tank that is completely plugged with sediment and was never cleaned, even when ordered by Shell to do so years ago, so they are environmental polluters too. I used my ATM at the pumps and later noticed a extra fraudulent $10 charge was made to my card a few days later. They denied it all. The car wash seldom works and I saw many cars damaged and they refused to pay for damages or refund bad car washes citing "customer error". They offered the employees no benefits whatsoever and pay minimum wage and even had cashiers working for free calling it "training". Three of the original employees quit after being charged for health benefits that were secretly cancelled without notice and against the agreements with the Chinese immigrant owner, but the paychecks still showed sneaky reductions in the form of commission rate reductions using labor law loopholes, saving as much as $4000 per person over a 6 month period! It's free air and water alright but they seldom work. If your tires are damaged because of the faulty air pressure gauge, well too bad, all you will get is laughter. The smog fail repairs are a real golden egg bonanza. Anything goes and smog repairs are done by inexperienced "technicians" that implemented replace-the-part-until-it-passes method. Makes sense since nobody there had any real mechanical or technical knowledge to speak of. After they let go the best mechanic they ever had in January 2007 for no reason, other than he knew what the station had become and appeared to be a threat, it was all downhill from there. I often noted that customers were treated with disrespect and unfairly and sometimes racially profiled, and quite frankly I can't believe they have not been shut down by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, yet they are still in business. The place has had severe money and moral problems since day one because of poor customer service. I would not recommend even buying fuel there unless you like supporting a company like Shell Oil that has been caught committing crimes against humanity throughout the world. —cjsg

2010-10-02 11:13:11   I guess all the horrible comments re here because people don't always share their positive experiences, so here it goes. 1) Car wash. Last week I decided to use it because my car was covered in dust after a month in CA/hiking. I picked the $8 car wash. It was pretty thorough and no parts of my car were trying to come off. I will definitely come again. 2) Smog check/repair. My car failed the test the first time and the mechanic (Tony) went out of his way to figure out which part was defective instead of just replacing catalytic converter, which saved me something like $1000. I've never seen car people to put so much effort in me not spending money. Needless to say, I will go to this place for all of my future car needs. Also, the stuff was always very friendly. —ZuzanaMajkova

2011-04-30 14:28:52   04-30-11 Went for an Oil Change today, it was cheap!!(cheapest in town) it was like $28 something. Excellent service and express service, I would really recommend this shop. —Anthony3

2011-06-16 11:02:14   Called for a smog- the repair shop is closed indefinitely. —ChrisPB

2011-07-07 14:02:19   the auto shop has been closed for a couple of weeks now. —Sandlot3

2012-06-24 08:41:02   Called today. The car repair is really closed. —TianxiaZhou

2012-12-26 19:56:16   Nothing but problems with this place. I worked for Shell for 5 years until the one in South Davis was sold. I easily had the technical ability to handle all of these issues when I worked there so it surprises me that technology has taken a step back. (More likely the employees are just untrained, and restricted from providing customer service.) I had a gift card - Asked to leave it at the register with my credit card to do a split-tender transaction. Was told "sorry, pre-pay only" ok. Next time, the pumps show that the basic car wash is $6 ($1 more without gas purchase) - It rings up $7. I wrote it off until it happened the next time I was in. The cashier actually told me "they won't fix it because it's too expensive". Are you kidding me?! Of course it will cost you money to stop ripping people off! (Actually, it won't in the long run since you won't be losing customers over it). I went there Christmas Eve and purchased a car wash at the pump—"Cashier has receipt" the machine said instead of giving me a receipt. The sign on the store said "Open". No note that the store was closed for the holiday and the lights were on, so I waited for the cashier to get out of the bathroom or whatever. After 20 minutes I left when nobody showed up or answered the phone. I went back today to get a copy of my receipt with the car wash code - The cashier informed me that the register only goes back 10 transactions so I was just out of luck. I had to talk to the manager who wasn't there and she was going to say the same thing. I will be disputing the transaction with my credit card, and unfortunately need to find another car wash in town that has brushes. (Touch free washes just don't clean my car when I come back from driving in the snow). Any advise on a better car wash would be greatly appreciated from the community. Bottom line - Avoid this car wash! —KevinFromDavis