Service Area
Davis and Greater Sacramento Area (anything within 50 miles of Davis)
9am-7pm 7 days a week
Not Accepting Calls this season
Under Construction
1 Mover $35 per hour
2 Movers $50 per hour
3 Movers $65 per hour
4 Movers $85 per hour
2 Hour Minimum
Student Discounts Available
Travel fees apply for moves outside of Davis.
Supply fees apply to moves requiring packing (for boxes and bubble wrap).
Services Provided
Labor only loading/unloading, packing, assembly/disassembly of furniture.
We provide moving equipment free of charge by request
including furniture, box and appliance dollies, and tools.
Payment Method(s)
Cash and Check
Maria Savrasova

Davis Student Movers has been helping people with their moves for over 4 years in the greater Sacramento area. We are all current students or recent alumni. No matter the size of your move, we are ready to assist you with professional and affordable service. Not to be mistaken with Davis Movers, we provide labor only moving services, specializing in loading, unloading, packing and unpacking. With a passion for moving and competitive pricing, the customer is our #1 priority. So if you provide the truck, we will provide the labor to turn your moving nightmare into a pleasant moving experience. We make sure all your items are safely packed in the truck and protected from damages while you are driving it. Make your reservation for movers today and move stress-free tomorrow!

Davis Student Movers claims to have been voted best moving company in town in 2012 (by whom?)


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2009-07-29 17:28:28   Is there a limit on the dimensions or weight of the students you will move? Do you provide a discount if the students can move under their own power (as by walking, for example)? Are students fed during their move? What measures do you take to prevent them from escaping? —IDoNotExist

2009-07-30 11:12:33   Those are all great questions! So far, we have not encountered anyone that needs help physically moving people (specifically students). However, we do specialize in moving all household items ranging from boxes, washers, dryers, refrigerators, entertainment centers, televisions, pianos, etc. There is not a limit on the dimensions of the items you are moving, but as labor only movers, it is up to the customer to provide a truck (we usually recommend Uhaul or Budget, both of which you can find in Davis). We are usually not fed during our moves, but we are very appreciative if customers ever offer water or other beverages to help us stay hydrated during the move. Finally, we've had no problems with anyone escaping... yet!

Carlos Davis Student Movers —carlosmp

2009-08-17 22:11:18   Since the Davis Movers only charge $20 per hour, and they also offer vehicles to help (for extra $$ of course), I feel like I would need a really really good reason to hire Davis Student Movers... $35 an hour? For manual labor? That's more money per hour than I'll be making years after I graduate with a degree. If you have any solid reasons that you're that much more expensive, do tell. —JesBisagno

2009-08-20 21:18:01   Jes, first of all, thank you for your questions. I think alot of customers have similar thoughts, and I myself routinely see ads on craigslist for moving help as low as 15 or even 12 dollars per hour. Now while I can't tell you why other moving companies charge what they do, what I can tell you is that here at Davis Student Movers the customer is getting every pennies worth and then some. Our passion for moving, speed, reliability, carefulness, customer rapport, and years of experience are all factors, as are our highly trained team of student (yes every one of our workers are either current students or very recent alumni, within the last year) movers.

To make a long story short, what customers are really looking for beyond cost is VALUE. What most customers realize is that rather than entrusting all of their personal belongings to the lowest bidder (because yes, there will always be someone willing to do it for cheaper), they would rather put their faith in a company with awesome customer service, years of experience, countless positive reviews, and over hundreds of successfully completed moves and happy customers. So while yes, there are other moving companies who will offer to do the job for a lower dollar amount, the value of having all of your belongings moved professionally and efficiently is priceless. We also actively encourage our customers to compare our rates and services with those of other moving companies. We take alot of pride in what we do, and I'm confident that when you choose Davis Student Movers you are truly choosing the best moving company around. I hope this helped answer your questions, and if not feel free to reply again on davis wiki, contact us via email or by phone. Thanks again!

Carlos Davis Student Movers —carlosmp

2009-09-06 16:59:04   Do you have a policy for furniture broken by your movers? —ChelsAlex

2009-09-06 17:22:17   Chels: Many movers just don't break enough furniture! It's important to one that will properly break all of your belongings, and not charge you for the smashing service (which should be included...) —IDoNotExist

2009-09-07 20:50:21   Chels, yes we absolutely do have a policy for furniture broken by our movers! Although that kind of thing is very rare, in the event of furniture being broken or damaged we follow the California state law stating that us, the movers, are liable for no more than 60 cents per pound of the item that is damaged or broken. However, because the customer is our number one priority, we would also want to go above and beyond the California state minimum, and if need be, refund the cost of our services and pay whatever amount necessary to properly fix or replace the damaged item. Long story short, we want to leave our customers happy in the very rare instance that we drop something. To see this in more detail, please see the service agreement portion of our website at...

2009-09-14 14:24:34   Thanks for the info. I sent you an e-mail detailing an issue we had during a move. Looking forward to your reply. —ChelsAlex

2011-08-31 17:02:04   Davis Student Movers moved our furniture today into storage. (because construction on the Viridian in the West Village isn't complete, but that's a different post) The guys were pretty quick and efficient. We were pretty worried because of the reviews on the Davis Wiki(which are no longer here now). We spoke on the phone with someone named Jay, who was responsive, we had to change plans several times because of the Viridian debacle. The other estimate we had was for over $500, they beat that price. They picked up all the boxes and furniture, drove the truck to storage and unloaded the stuff into storage, they even gave my husband a ride to the storage space and back. Both the guys were pretty quite, as they should have been at 8 a.m. around pre-coffee customers. I'd definitely recommend them. My husband said that during the time he got a ride from the movers, Mr. Alahah mentioned his Cal neuroscience degree but it wasn't a big deal, it just came up in conversation. —ZeeZee

2012-07-31 07:04:37   We just had these guys help us pack a trailer for a move to Arizona. Overall, they did an ok job. Glad they were there to help us out. When our shipment got to our new home, we did notice quite a bit of shifting around of boxes and items in the trailer. A large number of boxes hadn't been secured well enough and was falling over, on the brink of damage. It just wasn't packed high and tight like you have to do. And I think securing the load at more places would have helped. Again, the overall job was fine, just a bit more attention to detail and I would have been happier. Thanks —ZachSmith

2013-07-30 18:19:55   These guys are awesome! Two guys came and moved all my families belongings from woodland to vacaville. They were polite, clean, and all around pleasant people. They brought extra tools and equipment which came in handy. It was great to have my belongings moved flawlessly at a fraction of the price other companies quoted me. Would definitely reccomend these guys, I was glad to help put these students through school. —SekiTurkovic

2013-08-03 16:17:38   I am always very happy with the rates Maria gives me. The service of the movers is always exceptional in my opinion. —hokusman

2015-08-07 08:29:14   My email is ignored....T_T —Sophie

2016-08-25 12:21:59   These guys do not respond to email which is the only contact info provide here. Are they gone?? —kw