Player Demographics
UCD Undergrad
Level of Competition and Selectivity
Moderately competitive
Open enrollment
Spring, Fall

Team motto: "EVERYBODY WINS!"

The Davis Waterski Team is one of the sport clubs on campus. It is a co-ed team part of the western region competing with teams from all over the west coast. Members compete in three different events; slalom, trick skiing and jump. Many members of the waterski team live at the hall of juSTIce.

Practices are run from Bell Acqua Lake in Rio Linda (20-30 minutes from Davis). It is a private lake used mostly by the ski team and private members of the lake. Ski team members are allowed use the lake Monday through Friday from about 8am-2pm. Practices are unscheduled officially and participants use the lake when they can get out there, making having a full schedule, work/internship and other activities possible (though you'll want to spend all your free time at the lake skiing).

Tournament seasons are in the fall and spring. The lake is closed early December to February because of temperature (though there is a hot tub on the dock).

uSki Davis School of Watersports

uSki Davis School of Watersports is a watersports school for anyone who wants to learn how to waterski or wakeboard! From sportclubs website: The uSki Davis School of Watersports is a unique way to further your skills on the water. Our goal is to improve your skills in waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating, boat driving, etc, as well as getting you started with a New Boaters Course. Skilled instructors are available when you are at very reasonable prices. Instruction is available for hire on your own boat at the lake of your choice, or you can come ski at beautiful Bell Aqua Lake 1 in Rio Linda, Ca. All lessons are taught by the athletes of the UC Davis Waterski Team. We practice on lake #1 (top right)


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