Drag Queen Taryn Thru-u at the 2007 show—making her annual visit as everyone's favourite Granny

Davis is Burning is an annual drag show and competition hosted by Delta Lambda Phi, the fraternity for Gay, Bisexual & Progressive Men. The 27th Annual Davis is Burning will be held 2PM and 7PM on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at the UC Davis Wright Theater. Check out the Official DiB Website or Facebook Event for the most up-to-date information about the show!

The drag show initially began in 1990 as an event held in a DLP brother's home, but grew in size until it took over the 3rd & B Teen Center. Eventually, as the event grew, the locations moved to the Veteran's Memorial Center, located on the corner of 14th and B, where it was held for many years. From 2008 to 2013 Davis is Burning moved to Freeborn Hall on the UC Davis campus. This year 2014, it's the first time we're doing at Wright Theatre on UCD Campus since Freeborn is going to be demolished. 

The program of Davis is Burning consists of acts (groups or solos) performing songs, dance numbers, runway struts, and comedic routines over the span of over two hours. Mixed in between the acts are the introduction and acknowledgments of the DLP brothers, the drag king and queen competition, comedic videos. In the past, the program consisted of the acts of everyone who applied, but because of the growth in popularity and attendance, the show is now limited to those who pass their auditions—i.e. not all acts will make it to the final show.

Davis is Burning is arguably the biggest and most respected drag performance in Northern California—It also happens to be the only one—and is also a great way to get the most use out of your Halloween costume.


2011 2012

Davis is Burning 2010

2010 THEME: A Firece Wedding!

LOCATION: Freeborn Hall


Thursday, November 4th




Currently available at Freeborn Ticket office or with any DLP brother.


$1 OFF if you're a UCD student

$1 OFF if you're in drag


2010 Davis is Burning Flier!

INFO FROM THE FACEBOOK PAGE: "Grab something old, buy yourself a little something new, assume that something's borrowed, and hold your breath 'til you're blue, ladies and gents! Because, though there may be an aisle and a bouquet, forget the bride ... THE DIVAS ARE COMING!

For their annual drag-tastic event, the progressive brothers of Delta Lambda Phi cordially invite you to a celebration bound to exceed every girl's fantasy wedding. That's right, miss honey, WE SAID A WEDDING. Done only OUR way, of course: Fiercely.

Come join the divas as they stomp down aisle — uhm, we mean runway — and work it out in their hottest bridal get-ups. Professional drag artists from the Sacramento area, other campus organizations and dance groups, and of course your DLP divas truly, will light up the stage, in sheer celebration of the recent advancements toward marriage equality.

It's a night of gender-bending fun for all of us, so we encourage your best drag ensembles, and in exchange, we'll crown the Drag King and Queen of the night, based on all your hoots and hollers! It's a night worthy of not a princess ... A DRAG QUEEN, MISS THING! So get ready for THE drag show on campus. Because tonight's about celebrating the freedom to get hitched — to any king or any queen your heart has eyes for."

Davis is Burning 2013

Official DiB Website Davis is Burning 2013

2013 THEME Divas of Cinema

LOCATION Freeborn Hall

DATE/TIME Friday, November 1, 2013 Doors open at 7:00.

About Freeborn Hall

TICKET PRICES Presale: $10 General Admission: $12 Student Admission: $11

  • $1 OFF if you're in drag


Special Guest: Mia Ho 2013 Drag Queen Competition Winner2013 Heidi Audacity 2013 2013 THE SHOW The brothers of Delta Lambda Phi, Xi Chapter bring you the 24th annual Davis is Burning! Come out for a night of amazing performances by the brothers, and various other acts from around the Sacramento area. Tickets will be 12 dollars at the door, 1 dollar off in drag, and another dollar off with student ID. Proceeds from the event will help support The Trevor Project, a suicide hotline and crisis prevention program for LGBT and questioning youth and young adults. Your attendance will have a direct impact on saving young lives, so help the brothers support this great cause, all while seeing the best local performances you can see! See you there this Friday November 1st!

Davis is Burning 2014

The brothers of Delta Lambda Phi, Xi Chapter present you the 25th annual Davis is Burning at Wright Theatre from 7-9pm on Sat. January 10th, 2015! Door opens at 6pm. Like our DiB FB page for updates and check out the promo videos! Heres the Link to the event page.

Tickets are on sale now- Pre-sale tickets are $10 here! or get them at the ticket office in person at the Pavilion. $14 at the door -$1 if you're a UCD student or if you're in drag DiB2014 Part1 The Silver Anniversary of Davis is Burning! The Silver Anniversary of Davis January 10th!

Video Footage

• 2006 video I video II

• 2008 video I

• 2009 event trailer event short promo video I video II video III video IV

• 2010-2013 (Youtube Videoes)

For More Information

Official DiB Website


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2006-10-16 10:26:01   Some girls and I are going to this event and are really looking forward to seeing how it turns out! —RichardBobo

2006-10-19 18:06:21   Hmm, this year MIGHT have some very special GUEST stars. Well that or me and a friend dressed up to look somewhat like them. —JonDsouza

2010-10-28 05:15:25   There will be a special at Little Prague for those who bring their ticket stubbs.. $2.00 off their cover charge (which will be $5.00 that night) so keep the stubbs and bring your "Kings" and "Queens" in all their regal wonder. —Wes-P

2011-03-07 18:12:46   2010, the official bar for D.I.B was Little Prague, what a strange and fun experience it was for all. All night long I was asked questions about it, some outright rude, some all in fun. All in all a fun night. —Wes-P

2012-10-20 09:17:35   Does this still exist?(Yes! lookout for DiB 2014!) I had never heard of it, but it sounds like FUN. —Chamoudah