As of Jan 2012

2014 Lyndell Terrace
(near intersection of Highway 113 and West Covell Boulevard)
Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30 pm
Sat 8:30am-4:30pm
Sun 10:00am-4:00pm
(530) 753-7543

Davisville Express Lube provides oil changes, radiator/transmission flushing, and other services for your automobile. They have had $7 off coupons in the California Aggie as well a $10 off coupon in the Green Machine, so look for discounts. "Come for the coupon but return for the fast, honest service." As of 2008, their full service oil change was listed at $36.99 ($31.99 with the coupon). Davisville now has a mechanic (Andres Lopez-ASE Cert.) They do tune-ups, brake, and mechanical work. Air conditioner service is also now available.**Locally Owned**

Davisville has gone Green- with installation of SOLAR!!!!!!!!

They have added name-brand tires to their line up of services. They stock or will order almost all brands—Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Riken, Kumho, Goodrich, Continental, Uniroyal, Firestorne, and many more. They will match a competitor's price. They mount and balance the tires and also offer free tire rotations and flat repair for the life of the tires when you buy two or more tires.

All year long, they offer a free car wash with an oil change (currently, this is at Planet Wash). An added bonus—Starbucks is located next door.

To locate other places to get your car fixed in Davis, please visit our Automobile Repair page.

What was your experience at Davisville Express Lube?

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Very clean inside and Ron, one of the co-owners, was very helpful and professional. —BrettCoder

2006-03-07 11:46:14   excellent —GregoryChang

2006-03-07 11:47:15   pleasant, efficient, clean and modern waiting room. Highly recommended —GregoryChang

2006-06-11 18:41:36   did a coolant flush, great and cheap —HaiYu

2006-09-19 02:31:44   The first and last time I was here for an oil change, the service was slow. There was only one car in each of the two bays (one of which was mine) and it took at least 30 minutes. And when they were finished, they left streaks of motor in three different places on the body of my car. I had to go into their bathroom to get paper towels to wipe it all off. —JaneNguyen

For the record...When Jane wrote this she had not been to our shop in about a year..I checked our records. In addition, if you look at her write-up history...she wrote this and minutes later wrote a glowing report on a competitor. You decide??- Ron-owner

2006-09-29 23:54:41   I went today for an oil change. I went for the high-end $60 oil change that included full synthetic oil and filter, nitrogen in the tires, and a free car wash. Two for two of the other people were suggested to change their air filter, but I was told everything was OK (I replaced the air filter an hour beforehand). The service didn't take too long considering the hand car wash and there was no appointment necessary. —JustinCummins

2006-11-02 23:28:29   We are a locally owned and operated business. We've got a great staff who are knowledgeable, responsive to our customers and efficient. No appointments are necessary and our customer service area is very clean and comfortable. Se habla espanol tambien!

2006-11-22 11:52:38   This place rocks!!! They got me in/out on the cheap without that pressure to buy any extra crap I didnt really want. Having just moved here, I gotta say its nice to have these guys local because now I dont have to make that trip over the causeway and back. Thanks!!! —RossBenitti

2007-03-09 16:32:06   Excellent, quick, and VERY friendly! They even offer student discounts. —AliPezeshkpour

2007-05-05 00:04:03   Our extremely popular Free Car Wash with Oil Change is back for the summer season. This is a hand car wash performed by some great local guys. The hours vary a bit but are typically 10-5 M-Sat & weather dependant. We'd like our guys to wash lots of cars this summer so check it out! Thanks—Tom Corcoran, Owner —ThomasCorcoran

2007-05-21 14:04:37   We have taken our two cars to Davisville several times and have been extremely happy with their services. Although we never wait for long (20 minutes max), the waiting room is clean, comfortable and there is a Starbucks on the same street! The people there are very knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. Last time we took a car there, Roger (the manager), noticed differential fluid leakage and recommended we take the car to our Toyota dealer. The dealer found the leak and fixed it (the car is still under warranty)....thanks, Roger! We highly recommend Davisville Express Lube! —Naomi

2007-05-30 18:52:38   kind of expensive in my opinion, using the same type of oil they use and buying your own oil filter would only cost 15 bucks at most and they charge an extra 15 bucks for Techron which only cost 6 bucks to buy at other stores. for the prices they charge they could at least use higher quality oil and you dont even get a discount for bringing in you own oil, shows you how much their oil is worth. —Billy

2007-07-16 17:01:21   I would definitely recommend this place for oil changes. I used to go to Speedee, but noticed they kept trying to tack-on (questionable) repairs; you can always find *something* to repair on an older car. I've been getting oil changes with them for over a year now and never had this issue with Davisville ... two thumbs up. —VladLoscutoff

2007-07-21 19:53:14   i usually go to speedee to get my oil changed. However i was driving down covell and i forgot where that do it yourself carwash was. Then i noticed a sign for Davisville Express Lube that said free car wash with oil change. Since i was going to get my oil changed this week i thought why not? Funny thing is i noticed that the usual mechanic i have had at speedee now works for this place. Interesting. Both places are pretty similar. Speedy tops off more stuff for free, but this place has the modern waiting room and the free carwash. They are both about the same price its a toss up. —MattHh

2007-07-29 13:39:44   This place was great. The waiting room is clean and they didn't try to sell me anything extra (except windshield wipers, which I actually do need). There was no wait - I drove right in and it only took about 15 minutes, including a window cleaning. Unfortunately they no longer offer the car wash (there was a sign about Davis city regulations so this might be temporary). There's also a $5 coupon on their website. —rachelss

2007-09-04 16:50:56   Clean, very fast, very polite. I had just driven to Davis from Florida and wanted an oil change...they didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need and the experience was very pleasant. Will go again. —CStevens

2007-09-27 09:37:20   I have gone to Davisville Lube several times. I have always received great service. The prices are excellent, the staff accomodating to your needs, the place is clean and comfortable. The owners are great and the manager Roger is awesome. If you have a problem, go to him. —Debbi

2007-11-09 19:04:26   I used to go to speedy cause it was close to my house, but they always left my car dirty and wouldn't vacuum, clean my windows or top stuff off like their invoice said. And they were always trying to get me to replace things unecessarily. Davisville lube has been fast every time I have come in and they are not more expensive. Plus the mechanics are honest, friendly and not sleezy which is a big plus. Don't go to speedy, go to davisville. —cfm

2007-12-30 10:46:57   This is the only place in town that will perform an oil change for my VW Golf diesel with in-house oil (Chevron Delo). They always have it in stock. Every other place either does not do diesel oil changes, I have to bring my own oil, or they have to special order the oil. I have had the typical "suggested maintenance" and the riduculous "come back in 3,000 miles" BS but they are not hard sell like some other places. I highly recommend them. —Rsronce

2008-02-10 12:22:48   I would like to say good luck to the new manager of Davisville Express Lube. Miguel. This is a very good shop and they do excellent work. I would like to thank all the customers over the past two years who I have had the pleasure of serving. Thank you all so much. And good luck to the new manager and team. —roger

2008-02-11 15:09:17   I really like the quality of work done here. The staff does a good job and Jacob provided me with fantastic customer care. I go here and only here and get package #3 whenever my car needs servicing. :) —EmilyBlake

2008-03-17 13:50:12   Pricing and facilities are well thought out although you can tell that they need to have better training standards for better consistancy throughout their employee base. They all seem to do things differently each time. If I dont stand over them there is usually oil spilled or smeared somewhere on the car. It would be nice if you could really enjoy the waiting area without having to be involved in making sure your car wasn't getting oil spilled on it. All being said, the long time employees do a decent job getting things done. —MikeDimone

2008-06-13 10:32:30   Mike- Ron here one of the owners of Davisville Express Lube. Thanks so much for your feedback. Finding top notch employees is one of the most difficult aspects of running a small business. You are absolutely correct- our long time employees are terrific! Miguel-Jacob-Frankie-Craig-Ryan-James-Kevin- We did have a few issues with a couple of our new hires but I'm happy to report that we have taken corrective action. —RonLautzenheiser

2008-06-13 10:38:37   Davisville Express Lube has retained the services of: Ryan James (ASE Cetified Mechanic) Davisville EXL- Automotive..............Now offering Brake Service/Tune-UP/Belts/Mechanical Call 530 753-7543 or just stop by!! —RonLautzenheiser

2008-06-13 10:41:00   The Davisville Express Lube

FREE CAR WASH with Oil Change

Is back in Action for the Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —RonLautzenheiser

2008-07-19 13:12:07   Got my oil changed here about a month ago. Service was quick and honest. I was asked if I wanted a new air filter and shown how dirty the old one was, so I agreed, and the cost was only a few dollars more than if I'd bought one and done it myself. Other than that (which was a legitimate suggestion) I agree with the comments above that they're not too aggressive about trying to upsell you, which made for a pleasant experience. —OscarSabino

2008-07-24 21:21:07   Excellent, polite, low-pressure service—and an unusually good assortment of reading material in the waiting area. —DavidRobinson

2008-09-04 15:08:03   How much is it for just a standard oil change? —patrick82

2008-09-11 10:31:56   I couldn't find prices anywhere, so drove by and found that the full service oil change was listed at $39.99 ($34.99 with the coupon). I had a coupon for a $20 oil change somewhere else, so I went there instead. No car wash at the place I went, though. —dhsandler

2008-09-11 11:33:09   thank you very much for the info. —patrick82

2008-09-11 17:20:03   Just a quick note: Our oil change base price is $33.99. We have a $5 Off coupon on our web site and we are in the Green Machine coupone book as well. We also offer a FREE CAR WASH with the oil change (or other service). NEW CAR WASH INFO: Davisville has established a relationship with Planet Wash (Lake&Covell...behind Circle K) a new high tech-eco friendly touchless wash in Davis. We provide you with a code to get your vehicle washed at your convience.

Ron-one of the owners —RonLautzenheiser

2008-09-11 17:25:40   Price info: We recently recieved a rather substantial price increase from our oil supplier (CHEVRON). So we are considering a price increase unfortunately. I'll keep everyone posted when we make a decision. R-owner —RonLautzenheiser

2008-09-11 17:29:11   I don't know how to edit the price listed at the top of our page?? Can someone fix the price listed. 39.99 is not is 33.99..thanks —RonLautzenheiser

  • Howdy Ron... I wrote about that on your editor entry awhile ago: If you click "Edit" at the top of the entry, you can edit the whole thing (and that applies to everybody and every entry on the entire wiki). You aren't just limited to adding comments. Feel free to edit anything on the wiki, remembering that it's a community resource, so other people will edit as well. One place to get started is the community written (informal) tips for business owners. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-09-12 08:29:01 it! —RonLautzenheiser

2008-09-21 14:29:16   Because of a substantial increase in pricing from our supplier (Chevron) we were forced to raise the base price on our oil change from 33.99 to 36.99 Ron-owner —RonLautzenheiser

  • The price increase for an oil change sucks (this place is already on the high end to begin with), but I'll keep coming back because the service is good, reliable and honest. That's worth a lot in the auto service industry. —OscarSabino

2008-11-25 15:26:16   Fast and friendly. I was impressed. And the free car wash is from Planet Wash, too, not just their employees doing a slap-dash car wash after they change your oil. :) (You have 10 days to redeem the car wash to boot, which is great for me, since I'm traveling for Thanksgiving this week.) Definitely recommended. —RobertM525

2009-01-09 10:38:17   Great experience. I brought my G35 for service. Service was done quickly with a recommendation of air filter replacement. (it was a reasonable offer). Nice waiting room. It was my first time here. Will be back again. —HaiyongLi

2009-03-18 16:48:18   These guys are great. ALL of the people who work here are friendly and honest (and I've worked with about four or five of them). Ryan, the mechanic, gave me a half hour off labor because the part I had to pay for was so expensive, and he fixed my tail light at no extra cost. And I've noticed that whenever they're recommending that people get a particular service done, they tell them to go home and check their records to see if it's been done recently. That is admirable. This is a small, locally owned business worth supporting! —jsogul

2009-04-21 23:04:25   I take my car here for oil changes and it's great! The service is fast and competitively priced, plus the wash your windows and vacuum your car! Last time I went the mechanic suggested I have the transmission fluid changed; he told me how much it would be to change it there, but there was no pressure to have it done right then. This was great because I've been semi-bullied into car services I probably didn't even need at other repair places. The waiting room is really clean and comfortable. HIGHLY recommended!!! —CParker

2009-05-14 18:55:12   These guys are great. First time I've been there. Very courteous, and I have to say, patient, as I asked a lot of questions, and the person helping me answered all of my questions. I've worked on cars some in the past, and I feel these guys are honest, and do a good job. They took the time to look over everything and do a thorough job. Highly recommended. Oh- and very comfy waiting room, super clean, professional, excellent. —KeithJose

2009-05-27 12:03:41   ****************TIRES TIRES TIRES TIRES********************************

Hi- Ron here, one of the owners. Just wanted to let everyone know that we have added TIRES to our line-up of services. We carry almost all major brands: Michelin, GoodYear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Firestone, BFGoodrich, Dunlop, General, Riken, Kumho, and more. We mount and balance the tires. When you purchase 2 or more tires we include FREE TIRE ROTATIONS and FREE FLAT REPAIR (life of the tires).

We have competitive prices and great fast service!! —RonLautzenheiser

2009-05-27 12:08:13   We also, as always, offer a FREE CAR WASH with your service- Oil Change, Tires, Mechanical-

This is year round and the Wash is done by PLANET WASH our environmentally friendly -H2o recycle, reverse osmosis-enviro friendly soaps-


2009-06-29 13:41:14   The service is great. I enjoyed the free car wash and the vacuum of the interior of my car. They never forced other services on me but would just simply recommend them. I thought that the price was a bit much compared to what I'm used to but the great service and car wash makes up for it. —FlowerCindy

This is a drive by review from an account created just to leave this negative review, created right after an employee was fired. It should be read with suspicion... or the author should establish an identity.

2009-08-19 15:54:00   I was at Davisville Lube about 3 weeks ago..they took forever! the bathroom was repulsive! my car leaked oil and i had to go to speedy's shop to get it cleaned up and my oil top off! ( it was a half a quart low after I had it changed)The manager was trying to sell me everything under the sun and I over heard a employee saying "he got ripped off on his pay check and they were paying him under the table" I could tell he was upset! I was appalled! I will "NEVER" go there again! The poor guy looked like he needed the money, I felt like paying him myself! —MikeWhitmier

Ron- The owner here. After a review of our computer record....we show no roecord of a Mike Whitmier ever having his vehicle serviced at Davisville.

2009-08-26 08:13:27   This is Ron- one of the owners of Davisville. I am writing in response to the post written by Mike Whitmier on the 19th of August. If one were to read our posts going back to the begining of our wiki page (2006) one would be hard pressed to find a negative comment on Davisville. I find it "interesting" that Mike had such an awful experience.

My business partners and I live in Davis and are very involved in the community. Our reputation is on the line and we run an EXCELLENT business-(don't take it from me- take it from all of our other WIKI posts).

For the record.... Oh- and very comfy waiting room, super clean, professional, excellent. —KeithJose 2009-05-14

They never forced other services on me but would just simply recommend them. —FlowerCindy 2009-06-29

Excellent, quick, and VERY friendly! They even offer student discounts. —AliPezeshkpour 2007-03-09

This place was great. The waiting room is clean and they didn't try to sell me anything extra —rachelss 2007-07-29

We have taken our two cars to Davisville several times and have been extremely happy with their services. Although we never wait for long (20 minutes max), the waiting room is clean, comfortable and there is a Starbucks on the same street!—Naomi 2007-05-21

And I've noticed that whenever they're recommending that people get a particular service done, they tell them to go home and check their records to see if it's been done recently. That is admirable. This is a small, locally owned business worth supporting! —jsogul 2009-03-18


2009-09-01 10:26:42   I can't get the website to work. Is it just me? —BrookeB

2009-09-02 07:51:18   Sorry about the web site. We are in the process of redoing the site. should be up soon. In the mean time use

Cheers R —RonLautzenheiser

2009-09-02 22:25:14   I normally avoid "lube" places, having had bad experiences with Jiffy Lube long ago. But I thought I'd give this place a try, since (I think) they are an independent outfit. I was in and out quickly. All the employees I saw were polite and professional. They didn't try to pressure me into getting a more expensive service or try to claim that I needed service that I didn't. What more could I ask for? I'll be back there for my next oil change. —CovertProfessor

2009-11-03 13:50:44   I came in for an oil change in my aging, ailing car and they were great. Friendly, fast service. I'll be back. —ZeldaKPotsdam

2009-11-09 17:04:27   I went here for the first time after browsing through Daviswiki for oil change places and seeing that Davisville had received the best reviews. I was not disappointed. It was right before closing when I arrived, but they still serviced my car and did an excellent job even though it took them until past closing time. They did forgot to turn the indicator light off, but it was simple enough to bring it back, and there was no additional charge for the visit. My second experience was just as good. Fast service, nice waiting room, staff is helpful, informative, and not pushy. —cmwhit


  • Actually, slamming the business for bad service is fine. It was the bizarre threats and the way you were using the wiki as a blunt weapon for blackmail that was probably the reason that your comment was removed. Honestly, there are plenty of comments all over the wiki about how utterly horrible any given business is. Seldom, however, do people leave messages calling out the owner by name and making personal demands, using the wiki as a blackmail tool. That — quite simply — makes you a bad person who is abusing a public space as a personal tool for selfish gain. It wasn't Ron who has been deleting your posts, they are being deleted by your neighbors, volunteers who see threats like, "Hey Ron before I go on here and paste our text conversations (WITH YOU AND THE MANAGER MIGUEL)Im gonna give you the chance to give me a call and fix the W2 I recently picked up from the shop" as detrimental to civil discourse. Somebody stepped in (because anybody can edit anything on the wiki), and removed your threat, just the same as if you were trying to threaten somebody or screaming at somebody at the Farmers Market, a stranger might step in and tell you to back off and calm down. Several people have been trying to contact you, but you keep changing accounts. If you haven't noticed, most people here go by their real name (we are, after all, neighbors), and you're using an alias created for the sole purpose of harassing somebody. Once again, Ron is not deleting your comments — the people around you, your neighbors, are watching these nasty threats and removing them to keep this space civil and free of personal attacks. Calm down, sign up under your real name (or at least what you introduce yourself to people by), and explain your grievance without making threats or writing a long rant in all capital letters (which reads as coming from either somebody screaming or a crazy person). There is no problem with you airing your issues, as Ron does not own this entry, and the volunteers from the community of Davis who help maintain the wiki wouldn't let him delete a reasonable complaint. But you keep running in, using a different name each time, loudly making threats, screaming in an semi-comprehensible paranoid rant and then running off. What the heck would you do if you saw somebody doing that in a public place? The wiki is run by and for the community, and you're part of it: you are an equal editor, the same as anybody else. Don't be an ass to other people, stop screaming in all caps, introduce yourself under a real name rather than a single purpose account designed to attack somebody, and nobody will have a problem with your comments. C'mon — do you act like this in all public places? Just calm down, be reasonable, and it'll be okay. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-05-05 18:33:25   Extremely pleased with the staff and service here. A week ago I came in to see why my engine check light was on—my front oxygen sensor was burnt out. They only charged for the half hour it took for the diagnostics, and gave me a quote on replacing the part. I called many of the auto repair shop that Daviswiki lists (10 places!), and Davisville had the lowest price.

So, I came back today to get the sensor fixed. They were swamped with cars, so it took a bit longer than they said they would, but not unreasonably so. Andres was informative and easy to talk to. In addition to fixing my car and showing me where he replaced the old sensor, he also showed me where oil was leaking from a cracked valve (an expensive fix). He took the time to explain the relevant parts of the engine involved and patiently answered all my questions—very much appreciated. He printed out a quote, and encouraged me to go home and check with other places for the best price.

With fixing my car, I am much more comfortable returning to a place I know will do a good job and be honest with me. I will look around for fixing the valve, but I don't expect I will find a much better quote, if I do at all. I will likely return to Davisville for any servicing I need while I'm still in Davis. —

  • And when I came for the diagnostic (a half hour procedure), it was 5:05 but they squeezed me in anyway. —

2010-06-06 16:14:32   tires were running a little wonky... figured it was a tire pressure issue. very few auto places open on sundays. pulled up here 10 mins before closing, explained my situation, and the tech was super nice and had me pull the car around and fixed the issue. didn't charge me a dime, but certainly earned some future business from me. sweet! —KevinWan

2010-06-17 15:37:39   I've been taking my car to Davisville Lube for about 3 years for regular oil changes and I've been overall pretty happy with them. The turnaround is quick, and they don't try and sell you a ton of additional services like many other places do. However, I had a less than stellar experience with them in February and now I'm not so sure. I had my oil changed on my 2002 accord, no problems. The next day, I drove out to Walnut Creek, and on the return trip, my oil warning light came on. Not the check engine light, but the "your car is out of oil" light. I checked the oil level, and it was fine, but the light would not turn off. After much back and forth with a local service shop and the Walnut Creek Honda dealer, it turns out that Davisville Lube had put the wrong oil filter on the car (it was the filer for a civic, which is a slightly different size). After getting the proper filter put on, the light went off. The dealer (who didn't charge me anything) told me that having the wrong size filter on the car can affect the oil pressure and give me the indication light I had.

While there was no damage to my car, I was more than annoyed because I had to spend hours running around trying to get my car fixed in an unfamiliar town. When I returned to Davis, I went to Davisville Lube to complain and get a refund. I explained the situation to the manager on duty (I'm not sure of his name). He spent about 5-10 minutes looking up the part number of the filter Davisville had put on, looking up the part number of the filter that should have been put in my car, and explaining to me that there is really no difference between the two. I am not a car person my any stretch of the imagination, but first of all, if there was no difference between the two parts, then why would two different parts be made? Second, I saw the two filters side-by-side, and they are different sizes.

I explained to him that while that may be true, part of the service that I pay for at Davisville Lube is to replace the oil filter with the proper part, and they did not do that. He did agree to refund the cost of my oil change (by check in the mail), but added that he thought the oil warning light often comes on when the sensor is going bad, and to "do him a favor" and let him know if the sensor needed to be replaced in the next few months. He definitely made me feel like he was doing me a favor by refunding the cost of the oil change, when it was likely something wrong with my car. This was beyond annoying because even if the sensor was going bad, they still put the WRONG filter on my car. Also, four months later, the sensor is still working fine.

I'm not going to say that I'm never going to Davisville Lube again, because aside from this, my experiences have been very positive, but I am certainly not going to recommend them like I once would have. —GrdStudentT

GrdStudentT Hi, Ron here the owner of Davisville. I would like to offer our sincere apology for your trouble. One of our very experienced techs made an error and installed the incorrect oil filter..causing the oil light to illuminate. There are two very similar Honda oil filters and it is our job to get it right!- We didn't....

We have an excellent reputation in Davis and almost always get things right. I have reviewed all of our cross-check and safety procedures with our crew!!-I hope you give us another opportunity to earn your trust.

I definitely understand how valuable your time is! If you contact Miguel our manager (7537543) we would be happy to copensate you for your time and trouble.

Sincerely Ron

2010-06-26 14:30:45   I have been coming here for almost 2 years and can say I am pleased. I love all the coupons this place offers and the free car wash. I think this place offers fair prices and the owner and employees are extremely helpful. One example is the first time I met Ron the owner. I had brought a coupon for 5 dollars off and he traded me for a 10 dollar coupon.By the way if you dont have a coupon for this place, print one out using their guest computer while you wait. I also expressed my opinions about the business and he made sure my issues were resolved. Make sure you ask the guys for your free vacuuming interior and washing the windows. I get the synthetic oil change for my car, Ron was extremely knowledgeable and explained the major differences to me, extremely helpful. I have also purchased tires here and been happy with them. The service is quick and reliable. Highly recommend this place. —ElizabethBarthel

2010-06-27 09:49:40   I really like this place; I get my oil changed here for all three of my vehicles. It's clean, they're courteous, they're fast, and they offer free wi-fi. However, they have tried to sell me filters and other replacement items I don't think I needed. Here is an actual exchange I overheard:

Guy from under my car shouts up: "He needs a new oil plug!" Guy on the deck shouts back down, "No he doesn't! He comes here a lot!"

At the time, I took this exchange to mean that since I came there a lot, they wouldn't try to scam me by telling me that I needed a replacement oil plug. However, in the comments below, the shop owner explains that this is simply because new plugs are provided to repeat customers for free.

So long as you come in to the shop for an ordinary change without any bells and whistles or replacement filters and what-not, it's the best lube shop in town! —EdwardNiemand

  • Potential other meaning: "You go there often enough that you will be back in time to replace the oil plug without a problem." My experience with them is that even first-timers get advice on replacing parts as well. —hankim

Hi -Ron the owner. Thanks for the feedback! Not entirely sure on the context of the "plug" conversation. The oil plug is something we replace free for repeat customers and just a couple of bucks for non-repeats. They can get worn after numerous oil changes.

A word on our "business model". I live in Davis as does most of our crew and mechanic. We value our personal and business reputation. We are up-front,straight forward and honest with our customers. We do our best to tell them about their vehicle and any issues that might need addressed-our customers rely on us to keep their vehicles safe and in good working order. We recommend services based on milage -from the vehicle manufacture. We never want to be "that shop"-the one that is pushy and/or not straight up with their customers- not a good way to build a great busiess.

Thanks R

2010-06-27 22:24:05   Ron,

Brilliant. Thanks for the feedback. That completely explains the exchange. I've modified my original comment to reflect your explanation. As I said, I really like your shop, it's run splendidly... I guess I just came to expect the upsell, and that tinted my interpretation of that exchange. —EdwardNiemand

2010-08-22 15:01:27   I've been bringing my cars here for years. They do great work— quick, clean, thorough, reasonably priced. I had a few (apparently unfounded) concerns about the transmission flush they performed, they answered all my questions and double-checked everything to make sure it was done correctly. Great folks. Highly recommend them. —bpwhite

2010-08-30 00:24:45   Recently, I had an interesting experience here. I changed my brake fluid just before going to a long trip. Nothing was wrong but since the last change of the brake fluid was two yeas ago, I changed it as a part of regular maintenance. When I was driving on a highway at 65 miles per hour, suddenly my brake lost the function. When I push the brake pedal, I heard only the sound of air. The highway was very crowded because of summer holiday. Anyway, I had to stop my car. I hold the wheel with my left hand and the parking brake with my right hand. After a couple of minutes, I could manage and stop my car by the roadside. This accident could kill me. I have never had this kind of experience in my real life. I saw this kind of situation only in movies. Fortunately, I had AAA membership and called AAA. A policeman also stopped by to see if I am OK. AAA towed my car to a local auto repair shop. What they found is simply the screw of the brake bleeder was loosened. They did not have to change any parts. What they did is putting new brake fluid and tightening the screw. After this trip, I explained what happened and how I was scared and how it spoiled my trip because I had some plans and on-line reservations which I couldn’t use at this time. I also explained it could cost several thousands to million dollar if I hit some car or some person. The manager told me he will discuss with the owner of the shop and send the compensation. Recently, I received it. What they sent was refund of the repair and three oil change coupons which I can use at this shop. —davisdriver

davisdriver Our sincere apology for your trouble and distress. As an airline pilot, I take our maintenance work at Davisville with the utmost seriousness. I understand the gravity of what a mistake can mean. Our entire crew and mechanic carry this same attitde and commitment. Andreas, our mechanic, performed the work on your vehicle. I just wanted to assure you that he is ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified and is a top-notch mechanic who does very good work. Clearly- there was an issue with the work that could have resulted in a very serious situation ...and for this there really are no words that can convey how terrible we feel. If you could please contact the shop (ask for Miguel 530 7537543) we would be happy to discuss what we could do to further compensate you for your time and trouble. Sincerely Ron (owner)

I also just wanted to add a quick note on brake systems. I in no way want to minimize the the dismay you experienced while driving. Brake systems are typically designed so that a single failure in the system will not reslut to total brake failure:

3. Brake Problems:

All modern brake systems use a split hydraulic system. The system is split in the master cylinder (Diagram) and this prevents the complete loss of brakes if a leak develops on one side of the system. Complete loss of brakes is therefore very unlikely except for unusual problems with the master cylinder. However, if the front brakes are lost, the vehicle will be down to 30% to 40% of normal braking capacity and it may feel to the operator as though there is a complete loss of brakes.

Thanks R

2010-09-08 23:14:00   I got an oil change from Davisville today and I was very pleased with their service. The guys at the shop were polite and got my car in and out in about 25 minutes, even with a few cars ahead of me.

A huge plus was that no one tried to sell me any extra crap I didn't need—new oil filter, new wipers, tire rotation, etc. Every other place I've been to has always bombarded me with the usual "oh, you should check this..." or "for just a little extra we can do this for you..." This place didn't do any of that. In fact, the guy at the counter gave me $10 off (in addition to the free car wash that is always offered with their oil changes) just because!

In total the oil change cost me $32, and it included the change, air in my tires, wiper fluid refill, the usual car checkup, and a car wash. I'd say it was a great deal. I'd DEFINITELY go back again! —AshleyMatson

2010-10-05 13:05:08   I went in to Davisville yesterday to get my radiator checked out - it's a radiator they installed over six months ago. I performed some routine maintenance on the car and noticed a faint radiator fluid smell and hissing sound, along with some small dried fluid patches. Andres (sorry if I misspelled his name) took my car in, checked the hoses, connections, pressure tested the system, checked for fluid pools, odd sounds and all. When I asked his co-worker in the shop if I could go over and talk with Andres about my specific concerns, the guy was friendly and accommodating. Andres answered all my questions completely and helped me understand my car better - especially the air intake system, as he explained away the slight hissing sound I was worried about. Andres recommended a couple services that I could have done there at their shop, which is to be expected - they need to make money, but the whole situation was professional and low pressure. I've dealt with two mechanics and a couple other Davisville employees over the last couple years and have found only one guy who was sleazy and seemed a little too eager to sell me extras. Andres and his co-worker from Monday morning, 10/04/2010 (sorry I didn't write down his name), were spot on perfect in the customer service department. My radiator was inspected to my satisfaction and I'm now comfortable that the thing's not leaking. I rode out of there feeling good about giving Davisville my business - and they didn't charge me a dime for the follow-up. —millerabgj

Nice, quick service, but don't rely on these guys to give you accurate advice about what's leaking in your engine. They told me I had a front engine seal leak and I took it to two other shops, and both told me it's a completely different problem. If you're going to give engine advice, fine, but make damned sure it's accurate. If you don't know what you're doing, don't give the advice. —DavisLurker

Davislurker- We really do our very best to give an acurate analysis. This is not always that straight forward....especially on older vehicles. I don't think you had the analysis done by our mechanic (Andres)?? Andres is ASE certified and very good.


Roger. Shops said one might think it was front engine seal if they hadn't bothered to search for the source of the leak. —DavisLurker

Davislurker- Thanks for the feedback. Our techs are very knowledgabe ...however they are not mechanics. I think Roger was trying to be helpful in identifying the problem. Andres is our ASE certified mechanic and would be the one to evaluate your vehicle and provide a written quote..I think this occured on a weekend and Andres is on M-F. Sorry for any trouble this might have caused. (mention this wiki to Miguel our manager and your next service is on the house) Cheers Ron

I think I will pass, but thank you for your concern, Ron. —DavisLurker

2010-10-21 13:26:07   I just wanted to add that these guys give great lube jobs. I brought my car in recently and they took care of it wonderfully. I have a greater piece of mind, which I didn't have before, while driving down the road. —JonCantrell

2010-11-02 17:36:14   I've been using Davisville for a year now and I'm always impressed with the friendliness, integrity and overall great service they provide. Their prices are reasonable (free car wash with oil change coupon!) and they work quickly plus their waiting area is much nicer than most auto places. I can't say enough good things about them! —CailinHeinze

2010-11-07 23:17:25   My experience with this shop. I went in for a fluid change and then i was pressured into getting new brake pads and left spending 300!! Yeah i was there for two hours they were waiting for the parts to come in and then the wrong parts came so i had to wait even longer. there was no sorry or any thing. I even had to beg for a discount for my troubles. I am very displeased and I tell everyone. OH and the skinny mexican guy who works there i wish i remembered his name but any way he is a rude SCAMMER!!!!!!! they just want your money.. Dont go there. —ESepe

After doing some homework....I believe this write-up to be some type of personal attack. I do no think this customer was ever at our shop or received service. I base this on a review of our records and discussions with my crew. The behavior described by this person is TOTALLY out of character for our mechanic. It is not credible that he would behave in this manner. Ron

ESepe- Very surprised at this write-up. I am very sorry if you had a bad experience. We really do try very hard to provide great service and we are very straight forward with our customers. I think if you look at the vast majority of the write-ups on wiki- we do not "pressure" customers and we provide good service. I own this shop and I live in Davis. This is absolutely not how we do business. Andy (our mechanic) is a very friendly, mild-mannered guy. I can't imagine him being "pushy" or rude. Again- several wiki write-ups support my view of our mechanic. We have an excellent reputation in town! We build our business on excellent customer service and doing competent work! We have great customers who we respect-we would never pressure anyone for any reason-bad business!! I will talk with Andy and I will try to reach you by phone to discuss the matter.

Sincerely, Ron

2010-11-07 23:24:37   Went here for an oil change. Decent service, although a bit pricier for a few things than this place I go to back in Campbell. —hankim

2010-11-09 13:10:29   I went there for oil change on a Sunday afternoon. Their service is smooth, taking only 20 min. The staff looks nice. The price is right, about 30$ with coupon, including a free car wash. —Jia

2011-01-13 10:23:10   I recently changed to this shop from SpeeDee. The guy who helped us was named Ryan he was super helpful and professional. —YesItsMe

2011-03-16 17:30:25   I was planning on using Davisville Express Lube as my main routine maintenance shop; unfortunately I have a life. I took my car in once for a big service and one guy was super helpful and professional. The service is reasonably priced and quick. I wanted to bring my car back in but when I called I was told that they couldn't tell me how busy it was since they don't schedule oil changes. He couldn't even guess at whether they would be able to get it done. Unfortunately, I can't risk wasting a whole day waiting for an oil change that might not even happen. This place would be great if I didn't have to drive across town to figure out whether I can get my car serviced. —WillODonnell

Will- Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for any inconvenience. I'll work with our staff on communication skills/clarity. Typically, our service is very fast...20-30 minutes. A bit longer at peak times (pre-Holiday/Weekend). Thanks Ron-Owner

"2011-03-20 18:00:15" Please understand we can't predict how many cars will be in line by the time a vehicle arrives( Express/No Appointment required), but I will make sure to let my crew know we need to be more helpful about how we explain it over the phone. Our peak hours vary: early morning(8:30-10) , Lunch time(11=1) and 4pm til closing time. On Holiday weekends I recommend not to wait to last minute, a week early will get you in and out of our shop faster. Miguel(manager)

2011-06-09 20:01:06   The guys who work here are super nice. I suspect that's because they're competent, treated as such by the management and are paid well. This is not a throw-away quick lube joint—they are local. While I have not had any major repairs here, I have trusted these guys to do a great job changing oil, filters, mounting, balancing and rotating tires. The promotions they run make their services competitively affordable. It is a pleasant and predictable experience dealing with this establishment and thus they have become my go-to for oil changes and tire purchases. Lastly, they have a super-comfortable waiting lobby with a complimentary coffee machine. I do wish they provided complimentary wi-fi. —bartbart

  • They do provide complimentary wi-fi — or at least they used to — did you ask? —CovertProfessor

We do provide free wi-fi..(davisville) Cheers Ron

2011-07-11 12:18:27   My wife and i have been taking our vehicles to Davisville Express Lube since they first opened their doors. Until recently, our experiences have always been great.

Due to some health problems in my family, my sister-in-law had to use one of my vehicles to travel back and forth from Esparto to Davis to watch my young son. I asked that she please get the oil service done at Davisville.

As usual, my vehicle needed to be topped-off about 1500 miles later. Thanks to Davisville's free top-off policy, I was always able to just pull in, get it topped off, then be on my way. That is, until about 6 months ago, when they charged my sister-in-law $5.00 cash(had to be cash for some reason - no credit) for the quart of oil it took to top off the vehicle.

So, I took the vehicle there myself for another oil change to see what had changed. Answer: nothing. Same manager, owners, policy and prices. Then, like clockwork, my vehicle ('91 Aerostar) needed to be topped off. I asked my wife to please take it to Davisville, but told her: "do not let them charge you for topping it off." Sadly, the manager tried to charge her $5.00 cash for the quart of oil. She told him: "my husband told you not to let you charge me for the top-off". Fortunately, they did not charge her.

Maybe their policy has changed and they don't top-off for free any more. They always have, except for when my wife or sister-in-law try to have it done. Even so, my van only takes 4 quarts, and 5 are included in the price of the service.

I'm not looking for an apology or even free stuff, refunds, etc. I've met two of the three owners shortly after they opened their doors. They were kind, courteous and willing to talk to me. I've always been impressed and exceptionally pleased with the level of service at Davisville. But, until I'm sure they aren't charging for cash only top-offs, then my wife and I won't be returning. —BruceCampopiano

Bruce -Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry for any confusion. We recently made some minor changes to our free top-off policy due to the ever increasing price of oil. We will continue to offer (1) free top-off between service on our bulk oil products. Since our cost is considerably higher on bottled oil we decided to charge $5.00 for the bottled oil top-off to defray some of the cost. However- due to your feedback we are going to re-examine this policy. If this is something important to our customers we want to know. Thanks!

As far as Miguel (our manager) asking for cash...well, it is kind of an "inside baseball" thing. We always track our vehicles serviced (car count) so we can do business planning and make comparisons to previous years numbers. On some small items (like a top-off) if you run a credit card our computer system counts it as a vehicle serviced...which can skew our numbers a bit. If he does cash...he would just add that to a "normal service ticket" keeping our numbers more accurate. I've actually ask that he not do this in the future. Again thanks!




2011-08-03 21:36:36   I really like this place. I switched a little over a year ago from a chain lube place in Davis and my experience with Davisville thus far has been awesome. I was in today and my oil was changed in under 20 minutes. They even scraped the bug guts off my windshield. I have never had any of the guys here try to sell me crazy things, and the waiting room is super classy. Love that it's within walking distance of Starbucks too :) —AynReyes

2011-09-03 07:29:29   i'm proud of the work they did on my old car. they replaced the tires, did the tune up/oil change, recharged my a/c. unfortunately, this is where my car would die. my car kept overheating and needed the head gasket fixed. its an expensive job and i had already paid a few hundred for them to do the work they did. they tried to help me as best they could, it took all day when i was there. i ended up having to get a new car. I don't knock their work, but its unfortunate what happened to my car. —Sandlot3

2011-09-17 20:41:19   Just got 4 tires replaced here and was happy with the genuine and friendly staff. What I was even more thrilled with (and frankly, surprised by) was when they caught a billing error they had made the next day and sent me a check to cover it. I would have never noticed the difference, and because of this, I'll be coming here for my oil changes. —AndrewWalker

2011-11-18 09:15:12   Have a Great Tire Deal Going right now!!

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

(Kumho Tires-Capital Tires-Nexen Tires...and a number of other brands)


2011-11-18 09:18:49

If you choose to order tires from you can have the tires shipped directly to our shop and we can handle the installation.


2011-12-08 16:42:55   I went today, based on comments closest to this date. They were busy and their computer was being slow, which is no fault of theirs, I'm sure. I live only a mile away and my hood flew up on the way home, because they didn't shut it all the way. That was fun. They didn't take any info or my name or anything, which I thought was odd, since the owner is on here to discredit people according to their file, so maybe they changed procedure? I'd go back, but only because it is so close to my house- and I will be checking my hood before I leave as well. I did like the $5 coupon and it was reasonably priced. —MichelleCain

Hi Michell- Ron here the owner. I am so very sorry about your hood situation. I am at a loss on how this could happen. This has NEVER happened to a customer of ours in the thousands and thousdand of vehicles we have services. All vehicles have a safety so even if the hood does not latch the hood will not come up. Of course, we take our service very seriously and we are very careful to make sure all hoods are closed and latched. It is possible that the hood latch or safety is faulty. Please have the hood latch and safety checked. We would be happy to check it.

Also- I talked with the crew. Yes it was quit busy that day our cashier neglected to get your information...our fault. It is always our normal procedure to put customer information into our customer data base. We do this to send a reminder to the customer about their next service date and to contact the customer if there were an issue with their vehicle.

As a side note: I try to respond to all customer comments. I do this in an open and honest way. I live in Davis as does most of the crew. We try our very best to run a great business and be honest and straight forward with our customers. We are not perfect....we try our very best and when things arn't right we try to make them right.

Thanks Ron

2011-12-08 16:44:31   p.s. I never got my free car wash.... —MichelleCain

Please feel free to stop by and we'll give you the code for your free wash. Thanks Ron

2012-01-13 15:31:35   Great service. In and out in less than 15 minutes for an oil change and a (free) tire pressure check. They also noticed something was wrong with my air-intake hose, and fixed it right away, no extra charge. Thanks! —JeroenPost

2012-01-31 18:06:37   Great, fast oil change service. I went to University Honda for oil change before but UH wanted to rape me for 80 dollars for a simple oil change but I made them take 20 dollars off (still a good rapage for UH, btw). This time, I tried Davisville and they just charged their base price without trying to up charge me or saying the oil I'm using is rare so they don't stock it, etc. Great service, fast turn around and even gave out free car wash! Will come here again for sure. —C.Ling

2012-03-01 18:09:09   I've had nothing but good experiences here. Professional and friendly at the same time, great waiting room, fast service. My truck was making an awful creaking/cracking sound whenever I turned the wheel all the way and I was afraid it was going to be something that cost me a ton. I brought it to Davisville Lube because of my previous experience getting oil changes there and Andres looked it over, test drove it, and figured out that all it needed was some grease on the inside of the wheels. It totally fixed the problem AND he didn't charge me at all. Love this place! —bwana

2012-05-07 13:24:54   Davisville has gone GREEN with the installation of SOLAR!!!!!

Our Solar company recently completed the install and hook-up of solar panels on our roof. This covers about 90% of our electrical power requirements!! We're off the grid about going GREEN!!!

Cheers Ron —RonLautzenheiser

2012-08-03 10:07:48   I have had nothing but positive experiences here. The staff is friendly and professional. Not only have I had oil changes done here, but the guys have been happy to help me with things not included in their standard list of services. For example, I just had a front mount installed for my car's license plate that required drilling into the bumper. They were happy to do it, and the best part is that they charged me next to nothing for the work. Fantastic! —TylerPark

2012-08-25 07:19:57   bad experience here. my car died here. before it died, they thought it was cool to sell me tires, they claimed that it was urgent and the most important thing when i secretly feel that they knew that there was something bigger wrong. so, i bought the tires because i don't know much about cars and they had my car for a number of hours. they also did a much needed oil change. when i picked up my car, i drove over a city and on my way back home, i ended up stranded and in the middle of nowhere. had to call a tow truck and it was just horrible and hot that day. took it back to this place after giving them a call and telling them what happened. they offered to look at my car again without cost. I was told that repairs would cost thousands of dollars, so i was basically screwed out of my car. fortunately, i got a new car which won't ever be serviced by this place. just beware of what they try to sell you, always get a 2nd opinion as well, maybe bring someone along with you who knows a thing about cars. —Sandlot3

Sandlot3- So sorry for your bad experience. To be clear,for other wiki users.... My understanding, from talking with my crew, is that your cars "demise" was

unrelated to any service that we provided (tires/oil change). Your vehicle was an older model with significant mileage-

I'll just say this- If one were to review our wiki or Yelp page....We would never do business in this manner! We are honest and upfront with our customers. Most of us here live in Davis and we value our customers and our reputation.

2012-12-12 12:47:15   Brought my car here for an oil change for the second time, these guys are thorough, pleasant, and as helpful as any place I've ever been to. I won't bring my car anywhere else. —sba

2013-02-12 18:09:55   My car had a engine problem, there was oil leaking into the engine and the sparks were misfiring. This problem was initially detected by SpedeeMidas in Davis, and they told me basically that repairing my car would be something between 1700 to 2700$ depending if I wanted to fix the plugs and valves, or to replace the whole engine. When I took it to this place, the manager checked my car and he told me all the parts and changes that he would have to do, as well as the approximate cost. I agreed, and they fixed my car for a fraction of the price that was quoted in the other place and in less than 2 hours my car was ready to go and working without problems. I would definitely recommend this places for oil changes and mechanical repairs, I like that they consult you first before they do any work and the price is really down to earth. Costumer service was excellent and fast. —KalaiLam

2014-07-08 15:21:40   Cannot say enough great things about this place! I have been taking my car here for oil changes and basic maintenance for several years. Prices are reasonable, super quick service, and they really go above and beyond to make sure you are getting great service. Love this place! —JessDawn

2014-12-28 18:00:19   I brought my car in for the first time today to get a flat tire fixed. They were able to find the issue fast and fix it quickly. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone for their fast and friendly service! Will definitely be bringing my car here in the future! —ab981