Dean Sniegowski was a lecturer in the Computer Science department.

Dean last taught ECS10 and ECS20 in Spring 2006.

Dean was still listed as a graduate student on the CS website when he started as a lecturer during the 2002-2003 school year.

What people say about Dean:

  • I saw him at the arc working out once.CharlieRuss
  • Quite a fun character, Try taking him out for a beer sometime.AlexGarbutt
  • I had him for ECS30 sometime in 2005. I enjoyed the class and it helped me improve my proficiency with C. -AV
  • I had him for ECS30 in Fall 2005. The class was a bit boring, but I think he did a very good job of getting us to where we needed to be for future classes.WilliamLewis
  • "The guy is no longer a lecturer. I had him for ECS 30 in Fall 2005 and I thought he was an excellent lecturer. I think he is now working at ViaSat. I see him occasionally at the career fairs to recruit for Viasat." —SebastianNg

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