The sign in the alley

227 E Street in the alley behind Chipotle
appointments open 7 days a week upon availability
(530) 219-8130
Dean Woo
In business since 2001
Payment Method
Cash & Check

Dean Woo Asian Body Work and Massage offers a range of massage, acupressure and energy healing. Services from deep tissue massages to relaxation massages are performed in a calming Asian setting.

Dean can also occasionally can be found performing massages in the HABA section of the Davis Food Coop.

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2008-06-29 10:18:43   I had a massage from Dean for the first time a few days ago and it was very unique and effective. After the massage, I sat up and my whole body was tingling and felt elongated. He was attentive and comforting which are two aspects that are very important when discussing massage therapy. And it was very reasonably priced (he has an introductory special; 90 for $60 for first time clients). —HelenDahlberg

2011-11-04 12:44:14   I have never been so disappointed by a massage in my life. I found Dean Woo to be brusque and unsettling. He was five minutes late and not only did he not apologize, he barely acknowledged me. He scoffed off my carpal tunnel and sciatic nerve as my fault and something I needed to tend to on my own. He made assumptions about my personal life (that I take many medications when I take none, that my writing was mindless, etc) and was overall a rather rude individual. And of course the massage, which was nothing but repetitive pressure points. During a 90 minutes massage he payed no attention to my lower body. Lastly, the massage table is on the floor so I basically spent an hour and a half with my face in the carpet of his dingy "office space". Spend a little extra money and go elsewhere if you are looking for a relaxing massage. —AllisonJoy

2012-12-17 08:54:53   It was three years ago at a solstice party that I learned about Dean. I have been a weekly client ever since! I have chronic neck and back pain that requires deep tissue massage. What I love about Dean's work is that he is able to identify where I have "stuck energy" and works primarily in that area. So, each week the massage is different based on my area(s) of greatest need. He also takes the time to teach me how to use wooden massage rollers to do release at home. I don't know what I would do without Dean, I highly recommend him if you need deep tissue work! —SallyBrown

2013-04-16 18:14:11   I just had an hour-and-a-half session with Dean. Years ago I had chair massages from him at the Davis Co-Op and they were incredible. Today's session was phenomenal, simply amazing and I can hardly wait until my next session. The integration of his techniques, his strength and gentle personality combined make for a a most enjoyable and beneficial visit. He also took the time at the end of the session to explain some of the techniques and their relation to what was going on with me. I was so impressed with today's session that I immediately booked and paid for a session for my daughter. —SharonJennings

2013-05-06 14:16:44   Dean is amazing. I've been seeing him off and on for 2 years (since I moved to Davis). I have serious spine problems from an accident where I fractured cervical vertebrae and destroyed disks in both my cervical and lumbar spine. Dean teaches me ways to release and manage pain at home. In addition to that, everytime I see Dean I leave feeling pain free and more relaxed/grounded than ever. I'm a second year law student at UC Davis and a single mom to an almost 6 year old boy. I don't have much money, none really, but whenever I am desperate for relief I turn to Dean. He pulls me through the pain and teaches me to better handle it on my own, knowing and respecting my financial situation. He's like my life raft. I highly recommend Dean and I am so grateful for all that he has done for me, and for all he continues to do. —BethWeaver