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About the Fraternity

Brothers of the Xi Chapter, Spring 2014

Delta Lambda Phi is an international social fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men. The fraternity has 30 chapters and 4 colonies across the nation with a chapter in Montreal, Canada. The three founding purposes are to develop dignified and purposeful social, service and recreational activities for progressive men, irrespective of sexual orientation; to lead in determining the rights and privileges of individuals in society; and to present a strong and positive image that respects the diversity of all individuals, irrespective of sexual orientation. The national fraternity was founded in 1986 and the Xi chapter at UC Davis was chartered April 1st, 1990.

Brothers of the Xi Chapter

There are currently 26 active brothers in DLP's Xi Chapter. Since the chapter is multi-campus based, student status at UC Davis is not required for membership. While most of the brothers are UCD students, brothers come from several colleges in the Sacramento region including Sac State, American River College and Sac City College.

Regarded as a leader in the Sacramento Region for providing social and service activities for the LGBT community, and recognized for its civic participation and activism on issues of gender, equality, and education, the chapter finds strength through the individual contributions of each person. Outside of the fraternity, brothers continue in the tradition of excellence with community leaders and academic scholars proudly counting themselves a brother of Delta Lambda Phi.

Mr Casanova

Events & Activities

The brothers of Delta Lambda Phi do anything from bowling at the MU; participating in Gay Day at Great America; hosting mixers with other fraternities and sororities; to exploring the mines of Placerville. Additionally, the fraternity hosts the well-known Davis is Burning Drag Show (Video) in fall quarter and also hosts Best Sorority Forever Charity Pageant in winter quarter and Taste the Rainbow bake sale in spring quarter. The fraternity also participates in a number of other Greek's philanthropy events, such as AXO Runway, ΚΑΘ Mr.Casanova, ΠΒΦ ArrowJam, ΑΦ King of Hearts, Greek Week, ΛΣΓ Mr. Greek Universe.

Xi Chapter Recognitions

Beyond pride in the individual accomplishments of brothers, the local Xi Chapter holds many honors and recognitions. In 2008, the DLP Xi Chapter was named the fraternity's regional chapter of the year and recently received the distinguished honor as national chapter of the year. In Spring 2009, the ASUCD External Affairs Commission Chair issued the chapter a Citation of Honor for their involvement in the local community. At the conclusion of the 2008-2009 school year, the chapter received the Gold President's Volunteer Service Award on behalf President Obama and the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation in recognition of the chapter’s outstanding volunteer record.


ΛΣΓ Mr. Greek Universe: 1st place



AXO Runway: 1st place

ΠΒΦ ArrowJam: 1st place (Video)

ΑΦ King of Hearts: 1st place

Greek Week Champion

ΛΣΓ Mr. Greek Universe: 2nd place


ΠΒΦ ArrowJam: 1st place (Video)

ΑΦ King of Hearts: 2nd place

President’s Volunteer Service Award (President Obama)

Philanthropy Award

Participation Award



ΚΑΘ Mr.Casanova: 1st place

ΠΒΦ ArrowJam: (Video)

Joing the Fraternity

Rush week is a series of social and informational events that takes place twice a year, the second week of Fall & Spring quarters. Rush week is an opportunity for interested men to get to know the brothers and get a sense of what the fraternity is all about. At the end of the week, rushes may be offered a bid to become a pledge and begin the journey to brotherhood. Please see the Xi Chapter website for the most updated rush information.

Delta Lambda Phi's Best Friend Race - Fall Rush 2017


FAQ Do I have to be a gay man to join? Delta Lambda Phi is openly accepting of anyone regardless of sexuality, age, race, background and religion.

I’m not openly out but I’m interested, what should I do? We understands the struggles of being in the closet and our fraternity serves as a family to support each other. We have helped many to learn more about their sexuality and given them support when they do decide to come out to their friends and family. Please don’t hesitate to talk to any of us on campus or through FB if you’re interested.