Dentists! Brush twice daily, floss, and visit your dentist at least every six months... more frequently as you age and wither. Dentistry within the US tends to take a primarily preventive approach, while dentistry in other countries is typically more corrective; there are probably both economic and cultural reasons for this, but international visitors may want to keep in mind that preventive health care (including vision care) is often covered by employee insurance. If you have any questions about a dentist, look them up in the state's list of dental licenses. You can also see reviews of local dentists on Yelp and Google.

In case you were wondering, fluoride is not added to the municipal water in Davis. To learn more about fluoride check out the Water Fluoridation page. Supposedly more than half of US municipalities add fluoride to their water supply to help reduce the risk of tooth decay among citizens. You can read about the debate a bit on Wikipedia and buy a fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash if you want to get the daily dose of fluoride that you may have grown-up on.

Note that some categories, such as cosmetic and family dentistry are primarily marketing terms — most general dentists can and do perform the same procedures as those who market themselves using these terms. For a list and explanation of specialties recognized by the ADA please visit

First 5 Yolo provides dental education and assistance. They have a local dental awareness van that provides toothbrushes and educates children about dental hygiene through storytelling, music and games.

For questions and answers related to dentistry please go to Dental Questions.


DDS translates as "Doctor of Dental Surgery" and is the same professional qualification as DMD

DMD translates as "Dentariae Medicinae Doctor" (Doctor of Dental Medicine) and is simply a doctor's degree in dental medicine (DMD is the typical degree from east coast schools, where DDS is common of west coast/ mid west dental schools.)

Oral Surgeons are dentists or physicians with advanced training to perform surgical procedures on the face and jaw; these typically require sedation and include extractions, implants and jaw surgeries

Endodontists specialize in root canals

Family Dentistry refers to a practice that is aware of and attends to the needs of patients of all ages, from toddlers, teens and adults to seniors

Orthodontists specialize in the prevention and correction of dental irregularities, such as crooked teeth

Periodontists specialize in diseases of the gums and other structures surrounding the teeth, they also perform many surgeries such as gum grafts and implant placement.

Prosthodontists specialize in designing and fabricating complex removable and/or fixed appliances to replace missing teeth.

General/Family Dentistry

General Dentists who perform cosmetic dentistry

Specialized Dentistry

Oral Surgeons



Pediatric Dentists


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Other listings of Davis dentists out on the web include Dental 411 Network. Find Dentists in Davis at

Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.


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What's with the crappy dentists in Davis? Is it too much to ask for a competent, honest, nice dentist? Any recommendations? * Who knows, but there might be room for some discussion of this topic.

2006-12-21 15:08:38   Dr. Chantry and Dr. Arya in his office are both great. —JenniferKucich

2007-03-15 22:46:53   Are there any decent dentists that are part of the PMI network in the area? Philip Gin is the only one in Davis, and I don't like the reviews. I tried University Dental in Woodland, and I spent 3 hours there while they did half a cleaning and a 45 second exam, after which they recommended a lot of work I know I don’t need. The rest of the dentists listed as within 15 miles are in West Sacramento or Sac, and I can’t find any information on any of them. Does anyone know anything about any of these dentists? —MjMartin

2007-04-13 13:01:00   Personally, I wouldn't go to Dr. Gin's office. Not to mention, I guess I'm not the only one who posted a negative review. —PeterPaik

2007-04-25 16:26:27   This is about Coral Bay Family Dentistry, Dr. Tracey Cook. One of my crowns fell off. They glued it back on (cost: over $82!!) and said they could either patch it up or put on a new crown. I decided to get a new crown - when they did the work, instead of needing to make a new temporary crown, they just put the old crown back on while waiting for the new crown to be made. I asked for a discount off the over $400 balance (after my insurance paid half of the $815 cost) and they only took $15 off for not needing to make the temporary crown. I'm pretty sure that if I just went in there and asked to have a temporary crown made up, they would have charged a bit more than $15. I got a new dentist. —DavisGradStudent

2007-07-29 14:03:04   Dr. Kimberly Anderson isn't on this list, but she's great, though I hear she's not taking new patients. (everyone I know goes to her, so I guess that's not surprising) She appears to share a phone line (I'm not sure about office space) with Dr. Miller, who gets great recommendations here. —rachelss

2007-08-06 22:55:00   Dr. Storm is very good. I don't see her on the list though. She is downtown near central park. She is very nice and has been great with my kids.


2007-08-06 23:00:03   never mind she is listed above. —HeatherFlood

2007-08-07 12:03:43   I like Dr. Phillips (see my review on his page). —DanLawyer

2007-12-12 15:39:54   Kimberly Anderson crowned a tooth for me. The temporary crown fell off a few hours after leaving her office, as did the permanent crown she later installed. Needless to say, I was not impressed. —KeithRancor

2008-01-24 23:06:50   Dr. Wilcox and the other dentist in his office (can't remember his name) both have great reputations in this town. —Dr.Lindsay

2008-02-27 13:35:36   I had a wonderful experience with Dagon H.C. Jones and his staff! Highly recommended, check my review on his page! He's under general dentistry! —CalvinCheng

2008-02-27 13:35:36   I highly recommend this Thornhill dentist! —JaeCho08

2008-02-27 18:10:03   I've had Dr Bruce Thomas for about 17 years since being in Davis. He's easy to talk to and seems to be looking towards the cutting edge in tools and technology to provide better care. I don't recall painful incidents and I have had two gold crowns put on and some crazy gum surgery over 10 years ago that I have had no issues with since. Assistants are gentle and friendly and at least two of them have been there for years and years. Over on Sycamore near Covell. —loneshark

2008-03-03 13:38:02   Re: Dr.Lindsay's comment, the other dentist is Dr. Kim Wallace. He's been my dentist all my life! —Darcie

2009-03-03 20:01:02   Dr. Bond in Woodland is amazing. He is so friendly and didn't try to sell me anything. He said I was grinding my teeth and was honest in saying I do not need a teeth guard right now. I have had other dentists tell me it would mess with my nerves and I should get it immediately. Highly recommended. Most everyone in my office goes to him. —EricaMacGregor

2009-08-10 13:26:21   Would definitely recommend Paul Johnson and his office. Very thorough and friendly! —Lenka

2009-09-25 12:11:09   I am looking for a dentist in the Davis area that accepts new Medi-Caid patients. Does anyone know of any? Thanks —Hien

2010-02-11 11:46:52   I've been a patient of Dr. Michelle Miller for a number of years, and she is by far the best dentist I've ever had. Her friendly demeanor and personalized visits make my dental visits enjoyable and something to look forward to! She is gentle when numbing, mindful of the pocketbook, and always offering great recommendations on dental products I'm looking for. Many of my friends go to Dr. Miller, and are equally pleased! She shares a building (and phone line, as mentioned in a previous comment)with Dr. Anderson. —MegSmith

2010-03-06 11:47:52   My family (with 2 young kids) goes to Dr. Michelle Miller for general family practice. She has been friendly and not condescending like other dentists. Her recommendations have been thoughtful and focused on what is good for us, as patients. Its been a good choice for us. —Kihyoplee

2010-05-21 15:14:41   Dr. Jolkovsky has implanted two teeth, top and bottom, for me. Both times I was nervous and anxious about the procedure. Dr. J.'s work is so seamless that I had no problems with either of the tooth implants and they feel no different than my real teeth. I would highly recommend him for tooth implant procedure. jm7sumner —jm7sumner

2010-06-26 16:10:39   For general dentistry I can't speak highly enough of mine, Rich Kennedy. I've referred many people to him. I was petrified when I started; now it's like a visit with old friends. After one false start, I found Dr. Jolkovsky when I needed gum work and, as a result, he was my choice for an implant. His whole staff makes a visit as nice as possible, and the results have been spectacular. My first implant failed; when I mentioned I'd have to wait to scrape up the funds for a second try, he said I'd paid for an implant already and I'd get one! I did, and it is wonderful years later. So I referred another friend, who was having problems with the dentist to which she'd been referred. She let me know she's delighted now that it's done, and she looks wonderful. All this talk about crappy dentists in Davis is a bunch of hooey! Nice, competent, honest=read my lips! ~~Longtime Yolo County resident —jtb95617

2010-12-22 18:29:54   I had four crowns and some fillings done before my insurance expired and the problems started when they did the last two crowns at Serenity Dental. They could not get the crowns to fit properly and one of them fell off just after it was set. I then had to keep going back for them to adjust the crowns and one of the staff grinded off a big chunk of one of them and then another one of the crows got loose. The dentist said I needed a root canal and wouldn’t fix the loose crown. I realized the hard way that all they wanted was money. The loose crown fell off and I’m letting everyone know about the how bad my experiences were with their office. They were voted one of the best dentists in Sacramento Magazine, now I don’t trust the magazine very much. —AlejandroF

2011-01-11 12:07:58   I saw Dr. Thomas for a year for routine checkups. It was OK, but service the cleanings took forever, and they will go after every penny and inundate you with txts, emails, mail, and phone calls. I switched to Coral Bay Dentistry and it was AWFUL! Looking to switch one more time, hopefully this time for good. —NateKingsbury

2012-02-11 20:38:36   Don't waste your time and money with Dr. Jacobson! Unprofessional and careless! I have to hire a second doctor to fix the problems created by him! —YingshanHsu

2012-02-11 21:03:19   Dr. Jacobson has been an excellent — thorough, informed, gentle, and helpful — orthodontist for my daughter for the past two years! —Chamoudah

2012-02-21 22:26:53   After chafing for a while that I couldn't find an in-network dentist in Davis, I tried out the offices of Dr Amardeep Gill, at Woodland Smiles near Costco. I am really impressed! It might be a franchise type of operation, given their incredibly streamlined paperwork and medical record-keeping, but they are incredibly efficient and good. I was sad to leave my (very elderly) Davis dentist, but as it were, this new model really feels state of the art. They run everything paperless, even the X-rays. They score every tooth on 6 sides, and were able to track which improved and which deteriorated to pinpoint where I was flicking my wrist when brushing. They weren't gunning to load me up with procedures to line their coffers. AND they had an easy payment plan to give me 12 months to pay off my costs for two crowns. Kudos! —NicoleR

2013-08-04 23:49:06   Does anyone have suggestions for a "holistic" dentist in the Davis/Sacramento area? —DanielBearDavis

2013-08-21 12:21:34   I highly recommend Dr. Ciccarelli who works with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Jones. Dr Ciccareli had amazing bedside manner and did my fillings without causing me pain. Their office is also very helpful. They had my crown creation expedited so that I could finish my dental work before I moved away. —Albertcohen