This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


505 2nd Street across from Golden 1 Credit Union and Hunan
Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:30pm
Sat/Sun: 10am-4pm

Doug Arnold Real Estate, Inc. is a real estate brokerage located in downtown Davis. Doug Arnold founded the company in 1973 as Arnold Real Estate. It became a Coldwell Banker franchise in 1986. The company also has an office in Woodland.

Coldwell Banker Doug Arnold Real Estate is the #1 real estate office in Yolo County, and the company's market share in Davis exceeds 60%.

Other Coldwell Bankers

Boschken Properties seems to have a connection to Coldwell Banker, possibly as another agent?




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2009-07-29 15:35:29   My experience with Doug Arnold Real Estate is all positive. They are professional group of people, experts in Davis realty and extremely friendly and helpful. In particular, I recommend Claire Black Slotton. Here's what I had to say about her on her individual page:

I've run out of adjectives to describe Claire. Let me put it this way ... I wish everybody I knew was buying a house so that I could recommend her. She is phenomenal. Claire knows Davis. She knows real estate, she knows people, she knows painters and contractors and who to ask for toilet recommendations ... Claire Knows. Everything. She'll probably even give you restaurant suggestions if you ask.

Claire is the kind of service provider you want at your side, particularly in this market. I had a very complex circumstance, and it was very frustrating at times (and frankly, I'm kind of a handful) but Claire always made me feel that I was more important than the sale, and was always looking out for my best interests.

I cannot say enough good things about her, and if you are looking for a realtor and you happened upon this page... Lucky you. Your search is over. Go buy a lottery ticket.


2010-03-31 20:57:35   I was appalled when I saw C.DeMasi at #1 in the readers poll in the Enterprise. I had to deal with him in the purchase of my current house and he could not have made it more difficult or unpleasant. This person was disingenuous and full of false promises. The house was shown with a water softener that was not working and at the close of escrow yanked out and thrown on the side of the house for me to dispose of. The unfinished/unpainted sheetrock that was to be taken care of by him, and was finished by the previous owner. Demasi had told the previous owner that he was going to take care of the lawn, the painting of the bathroom, and the disposal of the broken water softener all of which were never done. At the close of escrow Demasi had the power shut off instead of tranfering the PG&E bill to us. Really thoughtful because it never gets over a hundred degrees in early Sept. As far as I was concerned if it was not for Robin Garland doing her part as well as the majority of Demasi's job I would have pulled the offer and never dealt with Doug Arnold's Coldwell Banker real estate again. Robin Garland saved this deal and should've gotten both commissions. C.DeMasi is a poor representation for your office Mr. Arnold!!! —PublicEnemyNumberOne

2010-05-24 16:55:20   working with Chad DeMasi on the sale of my house...will post the outcome of the experience when it has concluded. —Miley

2010-06-14 16:19:33   I would highly recommend Steve Bair as a realtor in the Coldwell Banker office. He helped us through a very tense house sale (we were the buyers) where we were under an extremely tight deadline with the lender, the seller was fairly clueless and unfamiliar with Davis resale regulations, and for various reasons we were unable to make concessions for a late close of escrow. It seemed at times that Steve was spending all of his time either gently pushing the sellers to fulfill their obligations, goosing our mortgage broker to move faster, or checking on things at the building department. I truly believe we could not have closed our deal on time without him being the agent. His familiarity with the Davis market, his good relationships with the city inspectors, and his experience as a lawyer are invaluable for anyone trying to buy a house in this town. Additional benefit—he's a totally sweet guy. —Virginia

2011-03-28 10:44:29   In November I sold my home and purchased another in town. I used Julie Partain and it was the worst experience you could imagine. The sale of my house was fine, but when it came to her helping with the process of the purchase, she was rude, too busy and was not helpful in any way. In fact, she underminded the process and every question I had was inconvenient for her.Not only did she make the process as unpleasant as possible, when I switched home inspectors, she tried to said she had never heard of them and hoped they would do as good a job as the one she wanted to use. The inspector I picked was actually a preferred vendor for Coldwell Banker, yet she was so mad I switched inspectors she tried to make me skeptical with the one I chose. I asked for the disclosures before the inspection which she had, yet I had to insist on getting the disclosures prior to the inspection. She wanted to have the transactions go through so anything I asked was too much. She talked about people behind their backs and was very unprofessional. I can't believe she is one of the top agents in this town. I then went to Cory Gold and Dave Taormino for assistance. It is clear that Mr. Taormino has quite a temper and actually yelled at me and made very unprofessional comments which he apologized for the following day. He was even more rude and dishonest than Ms. Partain. He did not follow through on anything he said he would do and was then unavailable whenever I called or tried to contact him. The whole experience dealing with the agents/broker at coldwell banker was nothing but unpleasant an unprofessional. They made a ton of money on the two transactions but did NOTHING but cause agnst and make it an unpleasant experience. I would NEVER recommend Julie Partain or Doug Arnold Real Estate. I have lived in this town for years and can't understand why people would continue to use them. Be warned!! —supermad

I would never use CBDARE again. They will force their home inspector on you. And the one they use is incompetent. DavisLurker

2012-03-23 10:51:27   I don't really understand all the negative posts here. I used Coldwell for both a recent purchase and a recent sale. On both counts, my realtor was Chad DeMasi. I can't say enough good things about it. On the buying end, he had in-depth community knowledge and networks, and he really listened to us, he found us a perfect home. And I sold my East Davis home in record time, thanks to his careful preparation and staging. He took care of contractors, appraisers, permits, everything. And he's just a great guy! H didn't get voted #1 6 years in a row for no reason. —NicoleR

2012-08-08 18:46:32   I had a horrible experience with Coldwell Banker with an associate broker named Dave Miller. Not only was Miller nearly computer illiterate, he botched not one, but two bidding procedures! During the aftermath, he tried to blame me twice for his miss step and lack of knowledge of the process. Not only were his mistakes completely unacceptable because they had to do with knowing how to fill out forms and rechecking the timeline for the bidding process, but he did not even have to negotiate a loan for us! I strongly recommend avoiding this agent at all costs. —jabusch