Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness

617 G Street Suite A1 across from the Davis Food Co-op
Massage Hours
Mon - Sun 10 am - 8 pm
(530) 746-8108
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Lily Starling, CMT
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Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness is the new business location of Lily Starling, NCMT, formerly Connected Massage Therapy. Lily has moved from her 2nd Street location in the Anderson Bank Building to 617 G St, Suite A1 across from the Davis Food Co-op. Massage therapists at Downtown Davis Massage are currently available 7 days a week for massage therapy.


Massage Therapy


Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness specializes in deep tissue massage therapy and has an extensive list of services including: Swedish, Prenatal, and Deep Tissue/Sports Massage. You can read additional reviews of the massage therapists' services on the website listed above.

Online booking can also be found on the website, as well as more information about the services, packages and discounts available.

Students (undergrad and above) receive a 10% discount on all services.


The Therapists


Lawrence Partida, LMT

Lawrence began working at Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness in 2015. He focuses on relieving painful, tight areas, and enjoys working with clients from all walks of life, He is available throughout the week.

Lily Starling, Business Owner

Lily retired from massage therapy in 2013 after a wonderful 8 year career, but she continues to manage the practice and is always happy to answer questions via email. Lily is currently developing online tools to aid therapists and healers in growing their businesses. She has a BS in Applied Behavioral Analysis and has studied traditional healing modalities and philosophies around the world, including Belize, Turkey, and Thailand.

Lily Starling, CMT


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2011-11-14 19:46:56   Lily Starling is one of the best massage therapist I have been to and I highly recommend her. As a former massage therapist myself, Lily has just the right touch. Her sessions are incredibly pampering even if you receive massage for medical needs. She is fabulous and I have referred several friends to her and they have enjoyed her massages as well. Her hot stone, cranial sacral, myofascial release etc. are wonderful. —

2012-02-27 16:22:08   Mereb is excellent, friendly, and attentive. Massage was deep yet very relaxing and comfortable- helped my pain/tightness associated with disk problems in my back and neck. Highly recommended —stevejinks

2012-03-21 20:31:42   I had horrible migraines for 6 days in a row so I went in to see Lily (fortunately, she had a rare cancellation). She did cranial sacral work on me. I feel asleep right away and woke up restored and have been headache free since then. She said while I was sleeping my neck had some significant releases. Thanks Lily! —

2012-03-27 17:10:09   I'm a Davis native, now a grad student in the Bay Area and am working on a massive paper. Went home to visit my folks and decided to check this place out and see if they could work out the stress that has been accumulating in my back. I chose this place because the prices are reasonable and because of the online appointment function. When I walked in, Eloisa was super friendly and warm - she seemed to really want to make sure that she would give me what I needed. She was really responsive when I asked her to make adjustments and I left feeling lighter, refreshed and just happier. The next day, my back was noticeably looser and my good mood persisted. I totally intend to come back whenever I'm in town again. —Ziwei.Hu

2012-03-29 21:13:12   ahhh Lily, she is amazing. I went in for my twingy lower back, and neck stiffness (I'm also a migraine sufferer) and had a 90 min. massage that left me feeling like she had released not just stress, and tightness, but large amounts of toxins. A massage with Lily is more than just a massage, it is like a full day spa treatment, rolled into 90 min. I always leave feeling absolutely transformed, and like I shouldn't be operating heavy machinery. —DjinaAriel

2012-05-24 11:26:54   I have a A LOT of massages in my life. I have a chronic pain problem that requires regular massage. I was really afraid to book with Mereb because I had been seeing Lily for so long and booking with a guy isn't really my thing. My first massage with Mereb was some what of an out of body experience. I fell asleep it was so relaxing, which has literally never happened to me before. Honestly I felt reborn. Since then, I've gotten all my friends to book with Mereb and we all refer to him as "Magic Hands." As much as I love Eloisa and Lily, I'll only book with them now if I cannot get in with Mereb. There is honestly nothing like a massage with Mereb. He is the only one who fixes my neck pain, as a result I've becomes addicted to his "magic hands!" —dina2901

2012-07-09 21:41:32   I have had two massages with Mereb and he is fantastic at gauging problem areas in order to work on them. I highly recomend!!! —BethJacobs

2012-07-31 18:21:55   Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness is one of the best massage places I have ever been to. I highly recommend all three of their massage therapists as I've tried them all and believe that they are all unbelievable. For UCD students, they have discounted rates that make this affordable as well. I generally book with either Mereb and Eloisa depending on my schedule and always leave feeling refreshed. I came in yesterday with a horrible cold, and Eloisa was the most understanding about how I felt sporting a summer cold. She took great care of me, and tailored the massage so that I would be able to breathe easier and relax. Thank you Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness. I don't know what I'll do without you when I move back to LA. —JennyFang

2012-08-13 13:12:44   I had my very first massage experience with Eloisa Flores and couldn't have been more impressed! She was extremely friendly, attentive, and knew all the right places to add additional pressure. I will definitely be going back soon! —JohnSchwab

2012-08-13 20:58:07   Just had an amazing massage from Lily this weekend. She is one of the best! Felt so relaxed. The place is also pretty cool - very nice ambiance, clean. Will go back for sure! —ShubhaAnanthakrishnan

"2012-08-19"   I went in to see Lily on Friday, she was amazing!!! —nu1985

2012-09-11 20:27:33   I've had massages from Eloisa and Lily — both are so great! I can't describe how wonderful I feel right now after getting a massage from Eloisa. I walked in with tense shoulders, hip, and lower back and now I feel absolutely amazing! I can't wait to go back again. —VinceBuffalo

2012-10-15 12:42:37   I recently injured my knee and it was a little difficult to walk with. Meeting Lily at a local event a month ago, I decided to make a very last minute appointment with Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness. An appointment was conveniently scheduled with Paula. The appointment went wonderful. Paula was very helpful and did wonders for my knee. She both very knowledge and extremely skilled. Super glad that I decided to make the leap of faith. Definitely going to make my way back! —KevinBui

2012-10-29 10:32:19   Had my first professional massage last week, from Jill. It was great! The building was smaller than I expected, but the massage was professional, relaxing, and extremely effective on the back pain I've been carrying around for the last few months. Also, compared to other Davis massage places, the prices seemed very reasonable. —zombiek

2015-11-03 18:45:00   I saw Angelica after a doctor recommended I get a massage for a tight muscle in my shoulder that was pinching a nerve. I've been to massage therapists before and it's always been very helpful in alleviating tension. But Angelica's massage was a whole new level—she was able to release the deep tension that had accumulated after long hours of staring at a computer screen. Her methods were creative and highly effective. I especially liked her front and back neck methods, and the methods she used on my glutes, as well as my shoulders. I feel like a new person—I can't recommend her enough! —VinceBuffalo