Amped, Being Irish, Belligerent, Berauscht, Besotted, Blasted, Blitzed, Blotto, Boiled as an Owl, Bombed, Boozed Up, Crunk, Drunk, Dumb, Ebriose, Faced, Fighting the Liver, Fucked-Up, Gone, Hammered, Happy, Hiefy, Hosed, Inebriated, Intoxicated, Juiced Up, Liquored Up, Lit, Lit-up, Loaded, Locked, No longer sober, Pickled, Pissed, Plastered, Pleading the Fifth, Pleasing the Fifth, Plowed, Polluted, Sauced, Schicker, Schnackered, Schnockered, Schwasted, Shitfaced, Sloshed, Smashed, Sotted, Soused, Sozzled, Squiffed, Stewed, Stiff, Stonkered, Stupid, Tanked, Three Sheets to the Wind, Tipsy, Toasted, Towed Back, Trashed, Wasted, Waylaid, Yammished (Please add!)

Alcohol does strange things to men and women in sufficient quantities. Both happy drunks (call everyone on their cellphone) and belligerent drunks (aka: belligidrunks, attempt to start fights) are equally annoying. However, funny drunks (say and do funny things) are the best of the lot. Dipsomania and college towns go hand in hand.

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  1. Getting harassed by cops

  2. Poker

By now we have all seen the "0-3 at UCD" slogan. Those numbers are questionable taking into account the context (UCD). First many people don't even touch Alcohol. Second, at many large parties getting more than three drinks is impossible unless you bring your own emergency stash like I do. Lastly, there are so many lightweights at Davis 3 drinks is all many people need to get pickled! I don't believe this 0-3 nonsense. What would be more constructive would be to see how many drinks a person would drink if they had the choice. —ErnBro

Further complicating things is that the 0-3 system only counts bottled/canned beers, not kegs, and not hard liquor. —GeoffJohnson

- Maybe Drunk and Alcohol should be merged together in to Drinking? - JackHaskel

I'd buy it.aa

I'm a Happy Drunk :)CristinaDeptula

0-3 system can count liquor. 1.5 ounce shot = 12 ounces of beer (or a cup) = glass of wine (i believe). Also, if most people dont drink, that would probably count for the "0" in 0-3. Interesting because when my friends and I party we drink at least 10 shots... so i thought the 0-3 thing was too little. =) —BrianYum

— Do you have a drinking problem?

— Know your blood alcohol level!

— Know the consequences of a DUI!