Dutton Hall is located across from the east wing of the Quad and sits slightly behind North Hall and South Hall.

Dutton Hall houses:

UCDavis students usually only end up there to resolve Financial Aid matters. A huge line of people can be seen, waiting to enter Dutton Hall, at the beginning of each quarter. This is because those who do not Direct Deposit their Financial Aid checks must pick them up here. Lesson learned: Direct Deposit your checks. Check out http://mybill.ucdavis.edu as well, students can now pay bills online!

Outside of Dutton, right in front, sits the Dutton Fountain.

Dutton Hall sits on the site of the old East Hall, which was demolished due to extensive damage and wear and tear to the building. This building was likely named for Thomas Dutton, the first UCD Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Dutton Hall was constructed 1998-1999 and designed by Fisher Friedman Associates, according to the Atkinson Photographic Archive.

Also known, through (sometimes intentional) mispronounciation, as "Durden Hall," in reference to the protagonist in Fight Club.


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2007-02-24 23:39:29   Do not direct deposit, I had a bad experience. Read the fine print on the forms. It gives the Regents unlimited access to your account. In otherwords they can take money out as well as put it in. And they do. —JamesHaile

2007-10-23 00:18:27   has very nice bathrooms to drop logs in.

spacious, clean, and most important of all, quiet —fredchen