1505 5th Street
Mon-Fri 8:00-5:30
Sat 9:00-3:00,Sun CLOSED
Open late by request
(530)756-EASY (3279)
BAR License Number

E-Z Smog is located right next to Big O Tires. Park in front of their entrance on 5th Street (look for the sign on the sidewalk).

E-Z Smog is a STAR CERTIFIED Test Only smog station. They are certified to smog all vehicles, including diesels. They will retest any cars who fail within 30 days. Test-Only stations are licensed by the state to perform only tests on vehicles. They are prohibited from performing any repair services.

The test takes 10 to 20 minutes with no need for appointments.

The comments below suggest that E-Z Smog has decent service, but you can find cheaper smog checks if you are willing to drive to Sacramento, Woodland, or Fairfield. At E-Z smog, a basic check is $55 with a coupon, at a place further away from Davis you can get one for around $40 with a coupon. But then you have to factor in the cost of your time and gas.

A $20 off coupon is available from the Consumers Guide, and they will match Davis competitors' coupons from the Little Green Coupon Machine. E-Z Smog will accept competitors' coupons for Test Only Station (Not Gold Shield Stations) in Davis only.

In 2012 and 2013, E-Z Smog was voted "Best Smog Shop in Yolo County" in the Davis Enterprise.

New Winter Hours  Closed Sundays

You can also get a $20.00 coupon at ezsmogdavis.com

If you are a student at UC DAVIS don't forget to look for EZ-SMOG'S coupon in the "CAMPUS SPECIAL" coupon book. Be sure to also bring your Student ID for additional savings.


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2006-01-28 14:57:51   I just got my car smogged there in about 10 minutes and the owner was really great. I'd definitely reccomend this place. It cost about $75 with certificate for my car. —RohiniJasavala

2006-06-30 14:10:45   I tried to get a car smogged here. First he said he was going to take someone else because it would take him a while to identify my engine. I asked if he could then call me when he's ready (I work 200 feet down the street) he said yes but I would have to move my car (parked on a public street). I left. He also told me he couldn't offer a free retest at a later date because it was against the law (a lie.) I went to Davis Smog. They didn't have any of the issues and it cost less overall. I passed too! —DisCordia

"2006-06-30 16:36:00"   Here's some tips on smog inspections: If your car is older and borderline, there's a distinct chance of it being labeled a gross polluter if it fails the test. It's happened to me and you don't want that. If your inspection demand notice says "test only", take it to University Imports Automotive and ask Karan to do a check only. He can do an unofficial check without sending the results to Sacramento. If it passes, he can take it over to E-Z Smog and get it retested for the certificate *while it's still hot*. That's very important. Cars that will fail smog when they are cold will often pass after they are thoroughly warmed up. If your inspection demand notice doesn't say "test only" and your car is old, take it to Karan and ask him to do an unofficial check to make sure it's going to pass before doing the official check. All this will, of course, cost more than just a check, but a lot less than undoing a "gross polluter" status. I'd also suggest changing the oil, air filter and plugs on any car that might have a marginal chance of passing. —GrumpyoldGeek

2006-11-04 12:10:22   I had a pleasant experience here today. It cost me $75, though. —CaseyBarc

2007-01-24 18:11:14   I'd recommend these guys to anyone! Just got my vehicle smogged today (yes, it's exactly $75). The guys there are really nice and *really* fast! They were finishing up with a woman when I got there (who came back after 5 minutes asking about the O/D light being on since they're required to shut the overdrive off for the dyno), and I was paid up and on my way in less than 20 minutes ... not bad considering I didn't even have to make an appointment! —MichaelKeteltas

2007-01-24 18:18:55   Nice and easy experience. There was a bit of a line, so I had to sit in the lobby for a bit, which was nice and comfortable. —JabberWokky

2007-04-07 09:07:04   Passed smog today, only 1 guy there running the shop, and 1 car ahead, but that worker didn't slack like Davis Smog (next to Speedee). EZ smog has a $10 off coupon in the Little Green Coupon Machine, be sure to use it. After coupon, comes to $65 including cert. Good mags to read and has indoor detailing (Star Detailing) in same shop. Comparing Davis Smog and EZ Smog? Go to Davis Smog if you want slow service and workers shooting the crap with each other. Get in/out quickly with EZ smog. —UsetheForce

2007-04-15 20:17:37   The only one that was willing to answer questions over the phone about how to improve my chances of passing. Service was fast and competent. Will not accept coupons from Woodland stations, but happy to match a Davis competitor. If you're going in Davis, this is a good place to go. —NotTires

2007-04-25 07:52:13   Not a place I'd recommend to my worst enemy. Very rude and condescending. They don't have appointments, it's a "first come, first served" but will not take you in order as you arrive as they pick and choose the "easy cars" to do first. They wouldn't even tell me if there was another smog test only place in Davis when I asked. I found out on my own there was (Davis Smog) and I went there. Davis Smog guys were very nice and I would absolutely recommend them. Their place is not as big, new or fancy, but they treated me with respect and got the job done. As far as I am concerned, Davis Smog is the only place to go for a smog check in this town. —CatAdams

2007-07-10 19:52:22   Don't forget the 10$ discount coupon before you go. I highly recommend this place if you want a fast service. The one guy in there was basically doing everything; pulling over the car, punching in information, check the car and reporting to DMV, all those in like 5 mins top. So I paid $75 and off I went. It's like something you could do during your coffee break. —nvntar

2007-11-14 21:38:16   expensive- can get for as little as 30 including cert in woodland or fairfield —KenichiSan

2007-11-15 17:45:37   I got a smog check here today. The guy working the place was friendly and the service was quick. I'd recommend coming here. —AmitVainsencher

2007-12-28 20:26:33   I got my car smogged here in September, and the guy was very pleasant and efficient. There were two cars in front of me, and I was afraid that my car would cool down too much and not pass. That wasn't an issue, though, and it passed with really good scores even though it is 15 years old. He even brought out a huge fan to run on the engine - I guess so it wouldn't overheat while being tested. I despise smog tests (because I drive old cars), but this shop made the experience a bit better. I would definitely recommend this shop. —incognitoTA

2008-02-11 12:15:44   Make sure you check E-Z Smog's prices before leaving your vehicle. We had paid $89 two years ago. This time, our vehicle passed again without any problems but they charged us $158 (including the certificate). Ouch! I spoke with California Dept. of Consumer Affairs and apparently, smog check stations can charge whatever they feel the market will bear. —JohnSteggall

2008-07-09 20:07:30   I got my car smogged here 2 years ago and the guy said my gas cap didn't pass. I was skeptical because the car was relatively new and the cap looked fine and I could tell when I opened it on an empty tank that it held a seal. However, the guy informed me that my only choice was to bring a new cap in and pay for a re-test, or buy a new gas cap from him for 12 bucks! He insisted he tested my old cap twice and it was bad. I was a little suspicious and ticked off that they were gouging me for the for the gas cap because I basically had no choice but to buy theirs. So after the test I put the new gas cap in the glove box and reinstalled the old one (which worked better because it is OEM), figuring that if this happened again, I would just pull out the new cap from the glove box and use that. So yesterday I go to Aggie Smog and guess what? My old cap, with an additional 2 years of use, passed on the first try! This doesn't prove anything, but I think the EZ Smog guy was a little too eager to sell me a 12 dollar piece of plastic. —MatthewPearson

2008-08-10 13:00:44   Total ripoff! Had to smog a 2000 Chevy Camaro Z28 and were charged $115 b/c they said it was a "performance vehicle" Weird thing is we smogged it at this EXACT place 2 years ago and was charged $65. So 2 years ago it wasn't a "performance vehicle" but for some reason now it is? Definately get a price quote PRIOR to inspection. —DHan

2008-11-06 11:26:34   This place is expensive. Like some other places they have a $20 or more surcharge for all cars older than 1996. In 1996 the OBDII (on-board diagnostic) system became mandatory on cars in the US. If your car has this system it has a data port which makes the car much easier to test. Some 1994 and 1995 cars already had it. I have such a car and had it tested at Yolo Smog in Woodland for half the EZ smog price with no surcharge. In any case Yolo charges only $15 for non-OBDII. You need to warm up your car thoroughly for a smog test anyway, so why not drive up to Woodland and get it done by a nice accommodating shop for less money? —grzyb

2009-02-13 04:07:22   You're absolutely right. Time is money. —khangdefoo

2009-04-02 13:59:10   I've had mixed results at E-Z smog, depends on who is behind the counter. Just went to the Shell station on Anderson for a smog. Less than $40 including certificate. Smitty even called me up to make sure that my truck had been fixed (failed first check at Yolo smog) so I wouldn't fail yet they'd still have to charge me. —KenM

2009-06-08 15:13:36   I tried to get a smog check on Saturday 6/6/2009. I parked in front. The employee ran out saying I couldn't park in the green unmarked place on the street. He was very rude. I've used them twice before. I will never go back. He didn't even give me a chance to say I was going to his business. Never again. —jimb62

2009-07-09 16:29:42   Hi, my name is Jon and have been a current employee for E-Z smog for seven+ months. I try to do my best to provide a quick and convenient service to all my customers. I'm sorry for the inconvenience you feel I caused, it was not my intention. If unaware, the parking around our facility is very limited and we are fully aware this can be a huge deterrent to our customers when there is no parking available. The only way I can insure my customers convenience is to ask that the green area be only used for our customers. Big O Tires, University Imports, Yoga sessions are all in the same small vicinity. If a person parks in our one allocated parking spot and continues to walk to other businesses not only am I at a loss to provide the best and quickest service but my potential customers may not see visible parking and may just assume that we are to busy to service them. On weekends their is plenty of parking available at University Imports which is closed on Sat.,Sun., and only half a second away. We will price match any test only station in Davis, (bring in their coupon and we will match) we pride ourselves in serving you within 10-20 minutes upon your arrival as best we can. Once again I apologize and hope you can understand our plight and help us help you get the best service we want to provide. —jonepling

2009-09-25 12:48:10   Just had my car smog checked and I have to say this place is FAST....Great service, friendly workers and great work. They even have coupons that can make your smog cheaper. Literally took about 7 minutes to get it done, definitely going back for future smog checks —axel6886

2009-10-12 12:03:35   I just got my car smogged here and it was very nice. The guy who did it was very friendly and with the 20 off coupon from the Davis Green Machine coupon book it ended up costing me 55 total, including certificate. The posted price was 85, but with 10 off if your car passes. So my car passed and I used the 20 off coupon for a total of 55. other places in davis charge at least 48.75, 40 for the test and 8.75 for the certificate, which is necessary to register your car. So it was a little more expensive than other spots, but I was in and out in less than a half an hour. Also the guy working gave me some advice on repairs for my car, which ended up being very helpful and saving me about 200 dollars. Overall a great experience —tbone916

2010-04-03 11:57:17   I went there today. The employee was very nice and did a quick a job as possible. On the plus side, it was the only place I could find in town open on a Saturday. However, this was my first time getting a smog check and I'm now learning how much less it would have cost to go some where else. —RMG

2010-04-05 20:38:20   The Bar has revoked EZ smog license. Don’t take your car here. http://www2.dca.ca.gov/pls/wllpub/WLLQRYNA$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=209674&P_LTE_ID=1132dozer2

That record seems to be for another business with the same name in Los Angeles. Also, what is your relation to dozer1? —NickSchmalenberger

2010-06-29 10:34:31   I have taken my car here to get a smog check twice. First time was very efficient because my car passed. The second time my car did not so it was not so EZ. they were nice enough to do a retest TWICE (because of a long problem running around to get it fixed) instead of just once like they guarantee. They did forget to replace the gas cap the last time they tested it but that is an honest mistake. Overall I will go back to this place, they are efficient, nice and will go usually go out of their way to accommodate their customers and stay competitive. —DagonJones

2010-07-23 16:03:18   these guys did a stellar job, above and beyond what was required. —melissaarnett

2010-08-11 09:12:14   The wiki says that they open at 8:30, but I was there at 8:15 and, POSTED on their door are their hours of operation from 8-5:30. But at 8:15 they were not open. I went nearby to Del Taco for breakfast and checked at 8:30 and no signs of life. Why are no smog stations in Davis that are actually open during their posted hours of op?! —DanaMace

2010-08-20 08:46:15   Hi, My name is Jon and have been a current employee of EZ for 2 years now and want to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused. We pride ourselves in being a step up from the competition. I had a flat tire when I woke up and was 15 minutes late, a friend had to give me a ride luckily. I was here at 8:15 and if anyone is ever inconvenienced because of my mistakes please call me and I will give you a special rate or discount for the inconvenience I may have caused. Two years and being late one time I think is forgivable I apologize and I appreciate the feedback from our wiki friends and have a great day. —jonepling

2010-08-29 17:49:58   I visited E-Z Smog for the first time today with a slight amount of apprehension, due to some of the 2008 comments. I got there 15 minutes before closing time and Martin, in spite of the fact he'd started wrapping up for the day, got things turned back on and tested my car without any hint of frustration. In fact, he was very courteous, helpful, informative, and appeared to do a very thorough job - to the point of staying a little past closing time. This is definitely where I'll be taking our car for inspection in the future. Cost was $55 because, as suggested in other comments, I printed out a $20 off coupon from the Consumers Guide. —FayeAshley

2010-10-02 14:18:21   Just went today around 1:30. Even though I was the only person there, the guy that was working was polite and efficient I had visited another smog place to find them closed, but I had the coupon in my car. The nice man honored the coupon FROM ANOTHER SMOG PLACE! Fast, friendly and I was out of there in less than 15, start to finish. Would visit again; Thanks! —StaceyHorn

2011-02-03 23:42:27   I was having trouble finding a place to get my car smogged because I had class or lab until after all the shops in Davis closed. One phone call to these guys and they were happy to stay open late for me, got me in and out in about fifteen minutes, and even understood when I didn't have the right paperwork with me. $75, but there are $25 off coupons floating around that they sometimes give out to customers to encourage their friends to come. Ask your buddies, and get your car smogged here. —Kirrei

2011-04-13 23:51:13   This is a great business in Davis. These guys remembered me and my car and helped me out with minor issues (low oil and bad gas cap) both times I went in to get my car smog. Beat/Match competitors coupons. they have convenient hours and are located very close to the DMV. I found the service to be more than "decent" as is noted above and definitely better than some of the earlier comments suggest, especially considering the other shop I went to in davis was randomly closed on a thursday afternoon. I got my smog for around $55 and was done with it in less than 30mins. Also, I have an 88 camaro, a lot of shops charge more for older cars but I got the rate listed above plus a $20off coupon from the green machine. Definitely recommend this place :) —EvaGutierrez

2011-06-13 13:55:44   I used the $20 off coupon, in and out in 20 minutes for $55!! Tech Jon was great, very helpful when my service engine light was on on a previous occasion.... It is my go to place now!!! FOUR STARS!! —Carsonsig

2011-08-02 16:39:20   Hard to contribute without saying something that hasn't already been said, but, IF YOU NEED A CAR SMOG, TAKE IT HERE!!! Marty (the owner) is extremely nice and fun to talk to. The technician was very efficient. My only gripe would be the parking situation. Pretty confusing with signs saying "Do Not Enter" and only one parking spot designated for E-Z Smog. That being said, still a good experience overall. —KieranToovey

2011-10-02 19:10:01   I've had two cars smogged here in the last three months and a total of three cars in the last year. These guys are great. In and out in less than twenty minutes for $55 with the $20 coupon that seems to come every few weeks in the mail. Won't be going anywhere else for smog checks. —ascii

2012-11-12 20:31:23   A BIG THANK YOU to John at E-Z Smog! I have to say I have never had such consistent, friendly, amazing customer service as I have had over the years at E-Z Smog. I had to smog two vehicles this year and when I showed up the first time, I was given a time estimated that was met. I was actually out of there earlier than expected and the magazine selection was most enjoyable. The second time I was there I was equally pleasant and once again, John was quick and efficient. I highly recommend these folks and will continue to use them for as long as I have the need to smog my vehicles. —KarenWhite

2012-11-24 10:12:59   Hi, This is Jon from EZ Smog, Thank you for all your great comments it truly helps keep our small business successful and not only that but I am truly grateful, it's good to know if your during your job right and keeping your customers happy throughout the years so thank you and hope I can continue to accommodate to you as much as possible and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! to our friends and family.PS if ever inconvenienced please let us know so we can try to make it right fyi. ONE LAST THING, starting next year our smog program is changing quite a bit what you need to know is you will begin to see dmv notices with requiring you to go to a STAR station rather than a TEST ONLY STATION. We will be both but please call us if you have any questions concerning new smog program. —jonepling

2013-04-09 11:27:35   I went in today to get smogged. Staffer was very nice, efficient and had me in and out in 20 minutes. Got my coupon for little green, and he took it no sweat. great value for quick professional service! —Carsonsig

2013-06-28 00:27:39   Very friendly and easy-going. I mentioned to the owner, Marty, that I had to be on campus by noon (planning to walk) and he offered me a ride without hesitation, also offered to me about picking me up later. Saved me some time on a hot day. Very much appreciated! —JamesBlackmon

2014-04-17 12:01:20   EXCELLENT service!!!! Quick and polite staff! —KLoyd

2014-08-28 17:37:25   Unbelievable bad service. I have a Jeep with large tires and lift. Agi (spelling?) refused to test it because he didn't want to climb up into it. He suggested I come back the following day when the next person was working!!!! How do some people even get jobs...Needless to say, I don't highly recommend this place of business. —AHan