Eggnog is a holiday treat! It only is around from late October to around February. Some people wait all year for eggnog to come back into stores. Eggnog is served at many holiday parties, and may be accompanied with a bottle of rum. Depending on the brand, eggnog is either thin like milk, or thick. Thick tastes better. A good eggnog is Crystal Eggnog. It is not the cheapest, but it is not expensive for such a delectable treat.

Does anyone know of any places in Davis that make a mean eggnog? No? Then learn how to make your own kickass eggnog at eggnog world

If you aren't careful, you can get very bad food poisoning from it. Make sure it's kept cold and not kept too long. I learned from (bad) experience with the supermarket stuff (perhaps it was too "mean")...SteveDavison

I survived Albertson's dumpster eggnog. BenjaminMiller

"Yeah, me and my friends used to go to Albertson's and get eggnog and drink it at lunch. It is good for about half of a quart but then once it warms up, it makes you a little sick." —TaylorClark

"I finally started drinking eggnog and it's possibly the best drink there ever was/is/will be. Thank god for egg nog." -JohnDudek

Crystal eggnog kicks ass, I like mine with no rum and no milk =D —StevenDaubert