Elissa Kennedy Coaching (ICF Certified Wellness and Mental Fitness Coach) CLC, ACC, CPQC

Elissa Kennedy is an ICF-certified Holistic Life Coach and Transition Specialist, with additional specializations in Somatic Coaching, Mental Fitness Coaching, and Mental Health Coaching. She works with clients who are stuck in a big life transition. She works with people at the root level to help them clear out old patterns that are holding them back from taking steps forward.

Coaching For Your Team, Organization, School or Business

Elissa works with local schools, businesses and organizations to help them retain great employees with powerful tools of mental fitness. 

Improve your team by helping your employees eliminate burnout and stress. You will retain your incredible employees and boost innovation, communication and productivity!

Customized Programs

Elissa offers coaching programs to companies, organizations, individuals, parents, couples and in regular group programs. If you have a need for a customized program, you can schedule a free consultation to get a customized strategy that will meet your needs.



Elissa teaches workshops and classes at the California Capital Women's Business Center

Elissa is the founder of the Davis Area Women's Network (DAWN). DAWN is a safe community for women to gather and connect with other women. This community challenges the masculine way of creating a business. We value collaboration over competition and connection over isolation. We believe that we all benefit when we grow together. This supportive community is about redefining success, lifting women up, creating powerful connections, and creating a safe space where everyone belongs and rises together!


"I want to live in a world where everyone has enough - where we notice all the ways that we are the same, and we celebrate and honor the differences that make us each uniquely beautiful. My holistic approach is to identify the root causes that are holding you back and to guide you to connect with your true self."

Contact Info

You can reach Elissa through her website: https://www.elissakennedy.com

On LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/elissa-kennedy-acc/

On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/coachelissakennedy/

On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/elissakennedy.holistic.life.coach/