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Charlotte Lyons & Rhea Kerawala

Elite Dance Company (EDC) is a performance-based dance team at  UC Davis. We incorporate several styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary into our routines. We perform at various UC Davis events throughout the year such as basketball games and other UCD clubs’ and dance company's Showcases. We have competed in the biggest dance competition on campus, Davis Dance Revolution (DDR), on Picnic Day and have also performed off campus in Davis. 

Our first annual Spring show (which we hosted with STAND, an anti-genocide coalition on campus) was a HUGE success with a great turnout of about 300 people! We were able to put on a spectacular show of nine different EDC performances and have guest performances from various other teams on campus. EDC and STAND also held an afterparty at Agave which turned out to be another success! We will be hosting a show every May so make sure to come out to support EDC and enjoy a great show!

Performance Still from DFC 2018!


EDC 2015-2016

at DDR 2010!

Backstage at our Spring Show "The Turning Pointe"


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