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I think the coupon on this page takes it into the realm of advertising. I removed the coupon. Thoughts?—PeteB

I don't have a problem with linking a coupon, personally. I've often looked for coupons on the wiki, albeit usually for eateries. It's always nice to find one. On the other hand, the removal of the photo of the proprietor violating park policy in the course of doing business does strike me as problematic. —TomGarberson

Tom—if you want to put the coupon in and remove the picture, that'd be a cool compromise. —PeteB

Actually, I meant I thought the photo that Elizabeth removed should remain on the page. It showed her at a dog park with 7 (?) dogs when there's a 3-dog rule in place. That seems like information wiki users might want to know. —tg

Go ahead and change her pics how you want them...sorry I misunderstood. —PeteB

  • Hi Peter, lot's of businesses mention specials if you mention the wiki, like Luci's Salon (currently) and Jeff Likes Clean Windows (in the past, I think). I can see your point, but it's not such a big deal in my opinion. — jsbmeb

Not sure what a driving comment has to do with my business-pls advise -ElizabethBarthel

  • One of the pictures on the wiki page is a red car, bearing the business name and logo on the side. The vehicle is clearly associated with the business. Any actions of a branded vehicle typically reflect on the business - it's why so many trucks have those "How am I driving?" stickers: so that if they're driving poorly, people can complain, as the company doesn't want to be associated with bad or unsafe driving behavior. Alternatively, the company wants to reward good/considerate driving behavior, as that reflects nicely on the company. For example, one can assume from the picture on the business page that dog/cat clients are driven around in this vehicle. I'd say that alone makes such a comment relevant. Even more so when the car is clearly branded with a logo, bearing the name "Elizabeth's Pet Sitting" a business website and business phone number, it's certainly business associated (even if the car is being driven off-hours privately).

It has everything to do with your business. You are a mobile business. I myself havat wont be on the seen you driving around town 2x in the past 2 weeks. I haven't commented on the quality of your driving. Look at it this way: Do you drive in Davis? If so it might get talked about on the wiki. Keep in mind that people will discuss your driving without posting it on the wiki, this time you just get a chance to see it. It's not so much about your business, and more about stuff that happens in Davis. ~SD

I absolutely agree with SD here. When a car is being driven with your logo-it represents your business. If the person (you or a different person) are driving inappropriately, it absolutely will reflect on your business. —PeteB

A compromise about the dog bite situation needs to be made- I have given it thought and given the situation is fully discussed in the comments I feel no need for it to be in the header as well making it a double negative. It was also not " recent anymore" as the event took place back in april of 2013. Thanks for your input. I also feel the picture I uploaded at the dog park - i will leave it up but i am soon uploading new pictures and moving this picture