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Ellen Walters, CMT PAS completed her initial training at Davis’ Massage Therapy Institute in 2008 and has been practicing ever since. A massage session with Ellen is customized to her clients’ specific needs, whether that be rehabilitation, maintenance, or relaxation. She specializes in deep tissue, neuromuscular, and sports massage, but incorporates swedish, myofascial, reflexology, and energywork into her practice as well.

Egoscue Postural Alignment

Ellen discovered the Egoscue Method while in search of relief from a chronic, seemingly un-fixable knee injury. Her success with the program inspired her to share it with others, and she obtained her credentials in 2012 while getting her bachelors degree in Physiology. The Egoscue Method treats pain and dysfunction with corrective exercises to bring the body back into balance. Many painful conditions, including age-related issues such as arthritis and disk problems, are due to faulty posture. Ellen works with her clients to identify the root causes of their pain, educate them about their bodies, and help them to re-establish proper alignment and movement and eliminate pain. The Egoscue Method is all about getting people out of pain and back into an active, healthy lifestyle.


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