Emerson Hall was a fine dorm situated just Northwest of campus. It closed in 2019 and was replaced by Shasta Hall, which opened in 2021 for the fall quarter. It was part of the Cuarto area. Living situation was suite-style, with 4-6 people to a suite. Sometimes crazy things ended up in the pool, like shopping carts, road signs, fish, or bicycles. Freshmen have way too much time on their hands.

Emerson was home to several theme programs, including the Science Academic Theme Program, the Health Science Academic Theme Program, the Leadership program, and EOP program.

Emerson had been known for its false fire alarms. Firefighters have been known to pull sleepy freshman out of bed.

The closest DC was the Cuarto Dining Commons, which was remodeled in 2010 before the start of the fall quarter. The convenience store formerly in Emerson Hall has since been moved there.


  • Suite-style dormitory buildings provided a common area (lounge) in each suite
  • Right next to the University Mall, home of The Old Teahouse, Subway, Game Stop, World Market, Trader Joe's, etc.
  • Next to Oxford Circle Park (home of the big kid playground & frisbee golf!).
  • The B and C bus lines stop right outside of Cuarto!
  • Offered more privacy than traditional dorms such as Segundo and Tercero do.
  • Emerson had pools and hot tubs. And all of Tercero and Segundo are jealous of the hot tubs.
  • Residents shared a bathroom with two to three other people.
  • The dining commons were recently renovated (if you lived there around 10 years ago).


  • You were responsible for maintaining your own bathroom, although custodial staff did come in every other week to clean.
  • Suite-style dormitory does not offer the same open-door policy traditional dorms foster. This may make socializing more difficult for some people, as people tend to bond more with their suitemates. But really, keep your door open and walk around and invite yourself over to other suites, people love the company and voila you have new friends.
  • Smaller dining commons (compared to Segundo or Tercero), but the balcony area and upstairs seating area may make up for the smaller size.
  • Off-campus. (Approximately a two to three minute bike ride to campus, and approximately a five to ten minute bike ride to classrooms.)

Poolside Cuarto


The Common Room


There were two laundry rooms on the ground level. One in the very corner of poolside and the other on grass side is located on what is known as the "lego", because protrudes out of the main structure into the courtyard and is red. You could just claim a locker to put your detergent by putting a lock on it.

Grass side Laundry Room


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2008-04-14 00:01:19   Why are the laundry room pics identical? To reflect their similarities or due to laziness? —MichaelAWoods

2009-08-31 22:49:45   I heard that one room in each of the cuarto suites has its own bathroom. Is this true? If yes, In the Emerson suites is it room A, B, or C that has its own bathroom attached? —allison2013

2009-09-01 06:36:38   its the B room. i was in 322B when i was a freshmen :D —StevenLee

2012-02-05 11:05:15   This dorm is fucking horrible. I lived here last year and didn't believe the rumors of it being less social, but it was terrible. Things might be different in different years, but for us you'd never find an open door, people wouldn't even open their blinds, people wouldn't watch things in the TV common room, and people would only really do things with their suitemates. We went through the entire year without even meeting our neighbors because we never saw them.

I think it's pretty bullshit that a dorm, something with the sole purpose of meeting people and acclimating you to college, can even have rumors of being antisocial, let alone having it be true, especially with the completely debilitating cost of it. They should either eliminate the cuarto dorms altogether or give people living in them a huge discount over the normal dorms because of how horrible they are —LRonHubbard

2013-06-11 20:29:45   leave the dorms in 2 days. still don't know any of my neighbors. no one in my suite does. —SuePerman