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Mission Statement
Epic Movement is an Asian American based Christian fellowship that aims to build Christ-centered laborers to bring the Gospel to everyone and to have everyone on campus know at least one person who truly follows Jesus Christ.
Where (Summer Session I 2020)?
When (Winter Quarter 2020)?
8-9pm Thursday

Epic Movement also partners with Davis Cru as we are connected to the same national organization- Cru.  

From Epic's Website:


Asian American movements mobilized to take their place in God’s redemptive mission.

Epic Movement is a ministry that envisions Asian American students and faculty transformed by their relationship with Jesus Christ, embracing the value of their cultures and actively engaging in God’s redemptive work in ways that honor all people and contexts. Being an “Asian American” movement doesn’t mean that everyone in our movements is Asian American; rather Epic affirms Asian American cultural values as they manifest in relationships, identity formation, leadership and ministry. We believe that as we all experience the fullness of our cultural identity intersecting the redemption found in Christ, we will be a significant sending base to a racially-fragmented world. Coming together with lives fully surrendered, we can fulfill our call to build bridges to cultures and conversations that might otherwise be inaccessible and unspoken.

Summer Session I

Want to keep in touch with friends, make new ones, and learn about God this summer? Our friends at Cru are here for you with weekly online meetings, small groups, and hangout times. Incoming students welcome! All meetings will be held on Zoom—email us for meeting links at

Romans Study: Tuesdays 7PM PDT
Study of the book of Romans.
Mark It Up: Wednesdays at 8 PM PDT
​Reading, observing, and asking questions about the Gospel of Mark.
Summer Connect: Thursdays at 8 PM PDT
Learning how to follow Jesus with video content and discussion.
Summer Storytime: Mondays 8PM PDT
Live read-aloud of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.
​Social Saturdays: Saturdays at 8 PM PDT
​Hangout time on Zoom.



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2009-09-23 16:06:22   I clicked on this because I thought it was related to World of Warcraft, and I was hoping for some phat lootz. I am now confused as to what this is. Is this a bible study group or something? —MasonMurray

  • It's kind of like a large, musical church gathering on Thursdays...with more music and less preaching? I only know because I've seen/heard meetings when they were right next to APIQ in Giedt...which was actually quite funny considering the two are confused sometimes because of their similar pronunciations. :) — AshleyMatson