June 7, 2006 - 12PM

On June 7, the California Aggie ran an article.

The North Army is all rally up to fight. The South Army is ready for action.

Taken from the Epic Quad Battle facebook group:

  • Everyone who shows up should see which side has less people and try to even it out as they arrive.
  • Each commander can get a killer speech in right before the battle and at some coordinated point, we both charge.
  • Weapons should probably be water balloons or some type of nerf stick. Super soakers seem silly (alliteration!). Also, pillows are totally a good option.
  • No one's gonna want to be "slain", but that's not really the point, so if you're gonna go, at least be dramatic.

Epic Quad Battle 2 group.

See Epic Quad Battle for photos from the first one.


The Croco-gator/Allidile goes down in history! The one-on-one all or nothing duel! CHARGE! Poor tree. Battle! Wheee! Awesome shields. The Knights Templar fight for the South. Death to the Coors Knight! Ooooh, Pringles! A triumphant warrior.


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2006-06-07 15:14:04   okay, i loved watching the battle today, but i couldnt help but think about how this great event could be even better. basically, the best thing would to have some bring out some large speakers and play some exciting battle music, im thinking something on the scale of "duel of the fates" from star wars. also, it could be great to have some kind of color system where people come dressed in either red or blue and so the battle lines are clearer (upper-classmen vs. lowerclassmen, perhaps?). finally, it would be cool to have some sort of judge - an Epic Quad Battle Court of sorts that determines a winner. Im figuring that this event is only gonna grow over the coming years and some cool additions may make it more successful as that happens. —AdamGerber

  • Bagpipes or Band-uh would be more awesome and easier than big speakers. —ArlenAbraham
    • im guessing that alot of the warriors today were band-uh members, but it would be cool to have them play the fight song or something —AdamGerber
    • I'll try to talk the Band-uh! into it next year. And we definitely have Duel of the Fates in our folders too! —AllisonEriksen
    • Haha, Band-uh would have to have more to play than just Duel and Aggie Fight. Can you imagine Aggie Fight playing on repeat for two hours? But yes, Band-uh should totally be in on it next year. If I weren't leaving UCD, I'd suggest it along with Allison. —MargieHalloran
    • I'll try to talk the Band-uh into it next year too! —TomNelson
  • I participated for the first time this year, and I agree that it was a glorious battle. I think that too much organization (army colors, court, and class division) would make it less fun, personally. Part of what makes the event so awesome is that you can just grab a noodle and show up on a whim. It's spontaneous mayhem with no point other than being ridiculous. I died at least once in each battle. The melodrama of it all was the best part! Also, I liked the wide variety of costumes people had. It was pure chaos, and I think that's an element that should be preserved. Glory to the South! I have a large strip of the tree, by the way, if anyone needs it back to repair the costume. —GillianGroszkiewicz

2006-06-07 15:15:45   Speaking as Mistress Rattakins, the Braided, from the "Southren" armies, I can say that we were supposed to have someone come out and play bagpipes for our army last year. As for determining a winner, I'm pretty sure we kicked a lot of ass and took a lot of names today, especially being outnumbered 4:1 or so; although the standard was temporarily lost, it was quickly regained, and our southern leader fought valiantly in the pit fight against the northern army leader...we carried off the tree twice, too! As for me, I go home with a strained knee, a scrap of the tree, and the knowledge that they may take notes, but they'll never take our freedom. =D —JulieEickhof

  • Yeah, too bad for you, but the North totally won that one, even though I lost my pope-hat. —PaulHarms
    • Haha the South totally kicked butt despite its smaller numbers. As for your pope hat, its in good hands ;-) (but not mine). And yes, music would be cool. —EmilKasowski
    • Who has my beloved hat??-ph
  • I wish the battle was longer. It did not last for 2 hours but I guess the hot temperature were draining us. "No Treaaaty, No Treaaaty." The North doesn't make deals with the enemy. —SimonFung

2006-06-07 19:38:47   Photos? —PhilipNeustrom

  • Please tell us if you ever upload any videos Arlen —BrianAng
  • I have some photos & movies — where/how shall I post them? —StevenWorker

photos — post them here!

Videos can be posted to YouTube and Google Video

  • Some videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3ARWymDmuc and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GMjA-QuWw0JasonPope
    • Is it just me, or is there something wrong with youtube? When the videos are done loading, I play them and they only get a fraction of the length that the video is supposed to be. On the Epic Quad Battle I page, there was a video that was supposed to last for 4.5 minutes, but it would only play for 12 seconds before I got the screen saying the video was over. I've got the same problem with these two. ~Gillian   ETA: It's just my slow internet connection. The videos are awesome! Someone should set some footage of this year's battle to music like a couple people did for the first Epic Quad Battle.

2006-08-20 00:49:28   In retrospect, I enjoyed being able to unleash the power of the "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" It kind of sucked that in the videos the only shots of me are me walking. Nobody got the showdown with the beanbag guy which was taller than me and tried to take my staff, but failed. It was like David vs. Goliath...and I almost stole his beanbag in the end... —MatthewTom