Eureka Avenue is a residential street in Central Davis.  The home was originally laid out as part of the University Park subdivision, created by the husband and wife Lester and Florence Koenizter, who developed it along with parts of West Eight Street, Eureka Avenue, Oak Avenue and Douglass Avenue (Douglass was the name of their then 12 year old son).  The original layout for Eureka Avenue stretched only from 8th Street to just before Antioch drive, and the houses further North on the block were developed later and so have a distinctive architectural style relative to the earlier portions of the block.

Somebody here on the block between West 8th Street and Antioch Drive has a rusty safe in their front yard. This street is a nice way to get downtown from the Davis High School on 14th Street if you are on a bike, because it is shadier and less busy than B Street. Around the intersection with Mills Drive it has a weird bulge to the east. There is also a house with some cool architecture opposite Antioch. Shortly after crossing 8th Street it intersects with College Park and is blocked to car traffic.

Intersecting Streets

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