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Is there any way to edit an event that's already been added to the board? - ToddKaiser

Nope, but you have just been added to the Events Group, meaning you can now delete existing events (please be careful!). That means you can delete and repost an event with corrections. -jw

Thanks! Not super fun to delete and repost, but glad nothing is set in stone. - ToddKaiser

Is there any way to reconfigure the page so those silly images are just clickable thumbnails? The jumbo images, repeated, make for a pretty poor user interface on the board. (I asked this back in 2007, but no wikifairies were up for the challenge back then. How about the current bunch of fairies?) Cheers, Ted Buehler, Portland OR.

  • I wish there was, but alas, there is not. Too bad people cannot follow the guidelines... —DavidGrundler
    • I may be able to do something, actually... -jw
      • Update: I can and I will. -jw
        • They are not clickable, but they are smaller, and I can set them as small as we want. I can also make them go larger if you mouseover them, but I'm hesitant to, considering that won't work on a tablet. They now max out at 800 pixels wide... actually, all images on the wiki now do, unless they are thumbnails and explicitly given a size larger than 800. Thoughts? -jw