Oak Avenue/East Alvarado/F Street
Areas Served
North Davis,Central Davis
Memorial Union
120,000 trips [2004]
Phonetic Code

Known to some as the efe (pronounced "eh-fay"), the old F Line was a Unitrans bus route that runs from the MU towards North Davis along Oak Avenue and Anderson. From Anderson, it turned right onto Alvarado and looped back to Anderson via Catalina Drive.

The current F line runs from the MU towards North Davis along Oak Avenue, turning right at Covell Blvd. It turns onto Alvarado via Catalina Drive, followed by a right onto Anderson Road, a right onto North F Street, a right onto 14th Street and returns to the MU via Oak. At the bottom of the hour double-decker buses are used.

The F line is also the lowest-ridership bus line out of the 19 regular Unitrans lines.

Check out the schedule and route map at the Unitrans website for more information.

Destinations on the F Line

Apartments Served