The Fall 2015 ASUCD Election were be held from Monday, November 9th to Thursday, November 12th online at

There are 16 candidates running for Senate during this election cycle vying for six seats, similar to the Fall 2011 ASUCD Election. Voter turnout was 2609 students, a dramatic rise from the previous quarter's 792.

Senate Winners

# Candidate Slate #1 Votes Votes for Seat
#1 Mikaela Tenner Independent 354 375
#2 Georgia Savage BASED 335 374
#3 Josh Dalavai Independent 329 375
#4 Parteek Singh BASED 246 397
#5 Puneet Dhindsa Independent 276 375
#6 Adilla Jamaludin BASED 161 320

Quota was 373. Mikaela Tenner, Georgia Savage, Josh Dalavai, Parteek Singh, and Puneet Dhindsa all reached quota.


The California Aggie endorsed Josh Dalavai, Parteek Singh, Mikaela Tenner, and Nolan Matter.