"What goes up, must come down" —Trad., but it's hard for some people not to think of Blood Sweat and Tears

Sometimes things in Davis fall down. Sometimes really hard. While there's skydiving in nearby Winters, we're talking about disastrous falls here... trees coming down due to weather and taking out houses, or similar.

September 2011 - A Tree Falls in Davis

A pining pine. Coincidentally, the tree fell down toward this sign.

In September 2011, a (possibly overwatered?) pine tree came down onto Lake Boulevard near Russell Boulevard. The tree fell across a totally defenseless and unaware parked and covered motorcycle or scooter and blocked Lake. A Davis Police officer was seen to be swinging a hatchet at it in 100° heat, clearing the top branches enough for traffic to pass by, and remarked to a passerby that he "wasn't having fun". The sprinklers were still going by the base of the tree and there was a pool of water under the uprooted pine tree. Shortly thereafter, the fire department arrived with chainsaws.