219 E Street, Suite B.
Davis, CA 95616
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Melissa August, CMT

About Melissa

Melissa loves giving massages to help people. She believes that it challenges the body, mind, and spirit while staying centered and focused on the needs of the person or animal at hand. She states "It is amazing to feel a muscle change shape and soften under my fingertips, and exciting for a client to express how great they feel after a session." Melissa's mission for her massage practice is to help families live a pain and stress free life physically, mentally, and spiritually. One of her deepest passions is helping families during childbearing years. Her vision for teaching infant massage to parents and caregivers is to help babies become calmer, smarter, sweeter individuals, who grow up to see the value of massage in their lives. She hopes to set a positive example of living a balanced life by taking care of her health, her family and friends, and everyone who comes into her practice.

Melissa's focus is providing a comforting cozy space so that when someone walks into the studio, they feel they are in a healing sanctuary. She communicates with each individual upfront about what they want her to focus on, and strives to be centered and intuitive enough to feel the muscle or scar tissue that needs work. She tries to sense the perfect amount of pressure for allowing each muscle fiber to melt back into a normal perfect physical state, and bring blood flow back into the area. Melissa strongly encourages any feedback during a session. Melissa's goal is for her clients to come in and allow her to help reduce their stress and relieve their muscle pain.


Melissa became certified in massage therapy in 2004 and completed CPR training in Davis. She is licensed for massage in the city of Davis and has a massage practitioners license through the state of California (lic.# 18681). She is insured through ABMP. In July of 2005 she traveled to The Boulder College of Massage and was trained in canine massage therapy. In October of 2005 she was trained in equine massage therapy through Healing Arts Institute. Melissa finished a 35 hour certification program called Pregnancy Massage for the Childbearing year from Stephanie Halderman at Healing Arts Institute in September 2010, and belongs to the American Pregnancy Massage Association. In 2012 she became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor CIMI® through the International Loving Touch of Foundation, a national accredited program. I am continually taking continued education courses to help my clients.


Melissa has been a veterinary technician since 1996. In 2002 she was introduced to alternative medicine, and saw the speed and ease of recovery from surgery. Her dog, Sasha, had her anterior cruciate ligament repaired. Pain medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage were used during her recovery. Melissa saw decreased drug use, decreased recovery time, and stress reduction. She realized through her training and also receiving massage on a monthly basis that routine massage is part of the physical and mental equation of being healthy. Massage brings balance to the body, along with eating healthy, exercising, drinking enough water, and getting enough rest.

Website Testimonals

Infant, Postpartum & Pregnancy Massages

"I would highly recommend Melissa as a massage therapist. I started running last year and have noticed a huge difference in recovery time after getting a Sports Massage from her. She listens to you and takes the time to understand your specific issue and/or needs. I will not go to anyone else because she is the best. I met her at the 2009 Turkey Trot and have been hooked since then. She is caring, patient and gives the absolute BEST massages. Try her and you will agree!" — Arlene

"I highly recommend a massage with Melissa. She was fantastic at listening and adjusting to what I wanted. The atmosphere was great as well (super soft sheets and a fountain). I've tried a few places around Davis and this was definitely my favorite - and actually one of the best massages I've had anywhere." — JLW

"I just got a massage from Melissa and it was wonderful! I was a little unsure after not seeing any comments here, but the ability to book the appointment online was what encouraged me to check this place out. Melissa asked good questions to see what kind of massage I was looking for and made me very comfortable. She was professional and her technique was amazing. I don't think I've had any better massage before. Highly recommended!" — Adrienne W.


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2014-04-16 22:54:50   I started getting pregnancy massages from Melissa in my third trimester after I started having significant sciatica pain. After only two sessions, the pain was absolutely gone. That was all it took to convince me that she was going to be key to helping me get through the pain and discomfort of my third trimester. I've ended up booking weekly appointments and it has helped me tremendously with lower back pain, swelling, and plantar fasciitis. She always tailors my massages to focus on current trouble spots which is really beneficial. If you are pregnant and feeling discomfort, book an appointment now! —darcid4

2015-05-06 09:50:07   I had my first massage from Melissa a couple of months ago. I'm not pregnant but I have a significant hip issue among other things. She was amazing: very responsive to the issues I described, highly skilled at dealing with recalcitrant muscle groups, using just the right amount of pressure. She has a very intuitive approach but it is backed up with skill and a wide range of knowledge. I have had a lot of bodywork in my life and can honestly say she is in the top two I've ever seen on two continents. I would like to put in a major plug even if you aren't pregnant! —AlisonKent