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Tuesday-Saturday: 9:30am-6:00pm
Cell: (530) 219-5327
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Fara has over 20 years of experience in cosmetology and is a hairstylist as well as Keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout specialist. She also specializes in color, highlight, and perm. 

Special Offers

  • 10% off chemical service 
  • Get a free Eyebrow Wax with your haircut (for first time customers only)
  • 10% discount for Students



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2010-10-03 18:34:24   I am very picky person about my hair cut i experiment the best hair cut with Fara she listen to me like my general doctor. i will defiantly refer my friend to her for hair cut and color. —Hamid

2010-11-20 11:45:45   I am also very picky about my hair, and especially my eyebrows. I have long thick wavy hair with lots of layers. Fara cut it perfectly and didn't waste anytime. She also threaded my eyebrows and I'm forever grateful to her. I was an over-plucker, than had permanent make-up done on my brows at Spa Central (big mistake). The permanent make-up didn't line up with my brow line and has shifted and faded over time, so I'm having it laser-ed off. I let my brows grow back as much as they would for several weeks and then went to Fara yesterday. Threading is the only safe hair removal when you are under-going laser or cosmetic acid treatments. I wanted to be extra careful with my skin, and since threading is traditionally a Middle Eastern practice, I chose a practitioner to whom it is a custom instead of something learned at a seminar or cosmetology school. I told her my predicament, explained that I wanted the brow to follow my natural brown line and not the tattoos. She understood perfectly and then transformed my brows. After I got home, I made up my face and my eyebrows were finally right, after many years of being frustrated with them. Thank you Fara!

Also, they not only have a really cool kid's seat for haircuts, they have a huge train table and toys and books! I brought my five-year-old daughter and she loved it! —ElisaAllechant

2010-11-23 21:36:56   she is great. i needed some corrective color done and she fit me in right away. she is great! —norabattig

2011-01-04 22:20:56   I have been to some other salons that do threading, but Fara is by far the best! At another salon I went to, scheduling an appointment was often time consuming and difficult, and the threader would do an incomplete job. However, I have been going to Fara for a few months now for threading and I couldn't be happier! She has always spent time to remove all the hairs and conditions the skin afterward to make sure it does not feel irritated. Also, her prices are much cheaper than at other salons! She is friendly and welcoming to walk-ins, which I really appreciate! Thank you Fara! —AnaE

2011-01-06 01:31:37   I have such good experience with Fara coloring my hair. Fara with her charm and beautiful smile make me feel home and I really enjoy listening to her suggestions on how she wants to treat my her every time I go to her. I really like to encourage all my friends to have such a good experience with Fara. —NedaK

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2011-01-11 11:29:34   She's the best...I drive from Folsom to Davis just to get a haircut there...She's really sweet and nice :) —sinash

2011-01-11 11:43:42   Farideh is one of the best hair designers I have ever met in my life. She listens carefully to what you need and do exactly what you asked for. I even showed her a picture once and she cut my hair exactly the same :) I give her 5 stars. —AmirHassan

2011-01-11 19:08:39   I defiantly refer her to my friends and family.She cut my hair and colored my hair perfectly.I had a very good experience. —shrin

2011-02-17 17:47:50   Fara has been cutting my hair for 3 years now and I am always happy with the results. She really takes the time to find out exactly what style the customer is looking for and also spends the extra time needed for a great cut. Her friendly personality and professional manner are an asset to the salon. —LaurieDjalili

2011-02-24 05:38:33   I have had my hair cut by Fara and Nooria and they both did a great job —RohiniJasavala

2011-03-05 22:10:58   Fara has been cutting my hair for the past year as well as threading my face and eyebrows. I'm a student at UCD and she's really sweet and understanding with student discounts. Fara is very thorough and consistent and does not rush through the job. Definitely money well spent :) —YashleeNazi

2011-04-20 09:49:44   I want to say again, how much I love Fara! Ive been to her four times now and she'll keep my business. This time, she added new layers to my hair so it looks just a little different and it's so fresh! She cut my daughter's hair and it's fabulous; I'm looking forward to bringing my mom in next. Thanks, Fara! —ElisaAllechant

2011-04-22 15:46:23   I got my hair cut and my eyebrows threaded here by Fara. I asked for a trim and some light layering. She took a LOT more length off (probably 3x more) than I had requested, and the layering was crude. It's not continuous or gradual at all—there are basically 2 layers: front and back. It almost makes an upside down L shape at the jaw line. It looks like the front of my hair got hacked off by a weed wacker. I would normally go back and get it fixed if unhappy with a cut, but I don't think there's much that they could do to give me my length back (especially in the front.) And to be honest, I just don't trust the skill level enough to go back to fix the layering.

As for eyebrows, she did a great job. The shape looks really nice. No complaints there. I guess I should be grateful my face still looks okay. As for the hair, I will be wearing it in a ponytail for a while. I'm so disappointed since there are so many good reviews here. She is really a very nice lady and fairly diligent, so maybe if you give VERY specific instructions on the length of every single piece of hair, you might be okay. This place is fairly inexpensive, so I guess you get what you pay for. —blee

2011-05-27 12:29:05   Fara is by far one of the best, if not the best place to get eyebrows shaped and threaded in Davis. I've been to other places that shall remain unnamed. They were harsh with my skin & turned super red around my eyebrows from all the yanking, not with Fara! Fara took her time to thread my eyebrows, to shape them and consulting with me to make sure she was doing it the way I wanted to. The end results was perfect! I'll definitely be returning to Fara, I highly recommend her! —ZobeydaOtero

2012-01-06 19:27:05   I am picky person about may hair.fara colored and cut it perfectly.she is very friendly and lovely.she is like an angle. I like my color hair. thanks fara —leilaee

2012-02-26 21:03:46   Fara is definitely the best threader in town. She is incredibly warm and friendly and does an amazing job. She's very thorough and makes sure it looks the way you want it to look. I'm very picky about my eyebrows and she makes them look amazing every time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone-whether it's your first time getting threaded or you're looking for a new threader. Her prices are very affordable too (I'm a college student..)! Definitely go here!!! She's the best —TaraA

2012-04-26 19:09:00   I am usually very sensitive when it comes to plucking my eyebrows, but I am so glad to have met Fara because she really is the best! She really took her time working on my brows & I must say that she did an amazing job. I was very pleased with the way my brows turned out. I definitely recommend her & will be going back soon myself to get my brows threaded. Thanks Fara! —RoseS

2012-05-05 09:49:58   A friend gave me a new customer coupon for Creative Hair and so I tried it a few days ago. Fara's coupon offered free eye brow threading with a hair cut. I love my haircut and Fara did a wonderful job with my eyebrows too. I've had hair cuts in salons in Davis, and my haircut with Fara, I think, was better than those $60 cuts. Fara charged $30, which is very reasonable. She spent a lot of time perfecting my eyebrows. I have long wavy hair, and I asked that she cut it with long layers, and take two inches off. She did just that. She did a great job. She asked a lot of questions (e.g., where I part my hair, whether I would like my hair flat ironed or blow-dried, whether she should style it under or out when blow drying) to ensure I got what I wanted. I am definitely going back for my hair cut and threading. Thanks Fara! —TPathman

2013-01-24 09:40:04   Yet another fantastic cut by Fara! This time, I came in with a photo and she made it perfect for my hair. She kept the length but added new layers. I had to fight my BF off with a stick last night after I got home! Fara is now doing my hair, my mom's and my daughter's. I hope she stays in Davis for a long, long time because I don't know what my hair would come to without her! Thank you, Fara!! —ElisaAllechant

2013-03-15 02:41:53   My wife and I have been going to Fara for over 2 years now and we love her. We're both pretty picky—I went to 3 other establishments before discovering Fara, and I now visit her every 3 weeks for a haircut and will never go anywhere else! My eyebrows get long and bushy and I asked her to trim them once or twice before, and she now offers to trim them if she notices they are getting long, a little touch that I really appreciate. She's always kind, professional, and very attentive, and the quality of her work is consistently excellent. My wife usually gets a haircut, threading, and coloring, and her prices are quite reasonable. Fara can be a little quiet, which is one of the many things we like about her, so don't expect her to talk a lot! —MichaelMc

2013-10-26 23:00:10   She only excepts cash, which she didn't mention before the appointment. I showed her several pictures and told her what I wanted, but she didn't listen and butchered my hair. Just wanted it to the shoulders with simple layers and side bangs. Layers looked horrible and it was super short luckily hair grows back, and of course no side bangs. She had another customer waiting and kept rolling her eyes when I asked her to fix it, kind of rushing me out of the chair, she took 2 hrs just to cut it. If their professional it doesn't take 2 hours for 3 inches of hair to cut off. Then I had to go withdraw cash from the ATM to pay her since I didn't know, because she said she accepted credit card on the phone. She is overpriced for the work she does....took over an hour to do my eyebrows, I wanted threading and she did mostly tweezing and butchered my eyebrows. Came to her since I had a bad experience with Nahzi who cut my hair badly, made my eyebrows uneven and very thin so I had to grow them out. I like it as thick as I can grow them, and natural. I gave her instructions, which was thick and natural following the natural arch, not too far apart the way they are, and just to clean them up. She mostly did tweezing instead of threading, which I could have done at home, made them look more like hers; thin and farther apart. She also cut my skin due to her tweezing, and the lighting in the salon is kind of bad so I didn't see all the damage until I left the salon.

After two failed attempts with eyebrows, I took a few months to grow them back and I looked on yelp. Found Jenneane on J in sac, which had several good reviews for good reason, she does wax but does a great job at shaping, also uses this powder that makes my skin soft and it isn't harsh at all. I have sensitive skin, and also bad experiences with wax in the past, but no complaints since I had an awesome experience with her, and I wouldn't go to anyone else. I am picky about my eyebrows, so since I found her no need for anybody else. It costs a bit more $20 but so worth it, she listened, actually did exactly what I asked with a few of her own suggestions, and it turned out better than expected. She is so professional, considerate, and really does a great job at complimenting your face. I only go to get it shaped or done once every 2 months, while at UC Davis I just tweeze until I can see her, but she is so worth the drive every so often. Gonna try Risto international for hair since I heard good things and will definitely review on that in the future, but she (Jenneane) is the best for eyebrows since it's an important feature of your face don't trust them to anyone. They take a long time to grow back and may not grow back sometimes so pick somebody trustworthy. Don't waste your time with Fara, she claims to have years of experience, but unless you want your eyebrows or hair the way she wants I wouldn't waste your money. Thought I was getting a deal, but sometimes its worth it to pay more for quality of work. I would not recommend anyone...just my experience. —Sean23

2013-12-12 01:49:50   Fara is an amazing stylist with a heart of Gold. I have recommended her to all my friends for threading and hair-cut & Style. She listens to what you want and truly does exactly what you have asked for. She is super nice and is always checking in to make sure you are satisfied. I highly recommend her. —SaraGRuebelt