Filthy Pete and the Moustaches have two official websites:

StanOklobdzija says this about the band: Filthy Pete and the Moustaches have invented rock 'n' roll in order to destroy it. Born of childhood friends Jeff Robinson and Chris Caskey, aka Filthy Pete and Strummin' Joe Moustache, Filthy Pete and the Moustaches combine rock and roll guitars that belong in the '50s with electronic drums that belongs in the future. Their sound is best described as the auditory mulatto of Elvis Presley and Alec Empire. In May, the band shared the podium for first place at Battle of the Bands, only to have the title stripped from them in a questionable game of roshambo. The ensuing bout of depression only further fueled the band's creative genius, leading Robinson and Caskey to churn out a flurry of new material. The result shall be an exciting year for anyone within 100 miles of their modest residence in east Davis who yearns to experience the future of music today.

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