1100 Dutton Hall (first floor)
Front Desk: 10am - 2pm M-F
Phones: 10am-4pm M-F

The Financial Aid Office deals with all of the financial aid paperwork for thousands of UCD students. The Financial Aid Office has a team of analysts and loan officers that process ridiculous amounts of paperwork each day. A team of students operate the phones and are there to help students figure out what they have to do to get their aid processed on time.

HOWEVER, many students will call in right before the drop date asking "WHERE'S MY FINANCIAL AID??? IT'S ALL YOUR GUYS' FAULT" when in fact, they have been mailed letter after letter, emailed 2-3 times and are just too lazy to get it done on time and need someone else to blame.

If you are selected for verification, get your stuff sent in on time. If you filed your FAFSA or FAFSA renewal past March 2nd, don't expect any grants or work-study. If you get screwed over, don't blame the Financial Aid Office because it's most likely your fault for not getting stuff done on time. If you're unsure about something, call or come in well before the due dates.

On average, the Financial Aid office receives 600-800 calls a week and processes approximately 2500 individual pieces of paper!

see also Computer Loan for new students, see also Entrance Loan Counseling