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Isaac and David, Masters of the Culinary Arts

Fine Dining is a world-famous cooking show hosted in our very own Davis, CA. This humorous, yet masterful show involves the hosts, David Provost and Isaac Hamlen-Gomez, cooking and eating various delightful dishes. And by delightful, we mean "will make you sick." Sweet. By the way, that's us with Bacon-n-Oreos and Xtreme Toast.

The show was started in part by dogs. They need to be walked. While walking their dogs, David and Isaac brainstormed many meals for a potential cooking show. Since there were so many awesome ideas, they put their plan into action. With David Hopper filming, the first of two (so far) episodes was held in David P's kitchen. They cooked two breakfasts, as a modification of what those nutrition idiots will tell you. The final course was a fast-food style meal, but in a glass. You can see it down there. Burger, fries, and Pepsi, all in one. Mmmmm. The end result was a sick show and a bunch of egg all over David's stove.

The second episode might just be better than the first, with more creative dishes and better filming courtesy of Joe. This episode featured 2 breakfasts, as is typical of Fine Dining, but also a classier dinner. It tasted better, too.