Fire day on the Quad is an annual event provided by the UC Davis Fire Department during Fire Prevention week in October at the Memorial Union Quad.

These are some things that occur at Fire Day on the Quad:

  • Public display of the UC Davis Fire Department's Engine (E-34) and Ladder Truck (T-34).
  • Fire safety information provided by the Department's Prevention Staff.
  • Live Fire-Extinguisher exercise provided by the Fire Department.
  • Hands-on stations involving firefighter turnouts, use of a firehose, training dummy drag, and coupling hoses together.
  • Information about the Student Resident Firefighters Program
  • Medical helicopter flies in and lands in the quad as an exhibit.
  • and other events that vary from year to year.

Hands On Fire Extinguisher Demo A photo by ForestNeel-Grant Helicopter visiting the Quad by ForestNeel-Grant


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2007-10-09 23:34:02   There's a photo of the helicopter on UCDLJ, does someone want to grab it? —KellyCorcoran