Licking flames, devouring and spawning shadows that leap and chase around the room. From fireplaces to outdoor firepits and chimneys, if you want to participate in one of the oldest rites of human activity, you'll need to find some firewood. Be aware that there are voluntary no burn times of year, although a full wood burning ban has not occurred (although you don't want to set the wrong kinds of things on fire).

One of the more reliable places to find firewood is through Craigslist by searching for firewood. Sometimes the wood offered is a standing live or deadwood tree, and you'll be expected to remove and cut the wood yourself.

Be careful when burning lumber or palettes: treated lumber is soaked in various mixes that prevent insects from eating it... which also make some very noxious fumes and smoke when burned.

Anybody know less-than-temporary local purveyors of firewood?