2860 West Covell Boulevard
9:30-5:30 Monday - Friday
10:00-3:00 Saturday
Closed Sunday
(530) 753-8433
Fax (530) 753-4010
Sergey Furmuzan
Sales Manager
Anna Lyasota
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Credit Card, Other

The Floor Store of Davis sells carpeting, tiles, hardwood, laminate, vinyl and other floor treatments. They also do installation.

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2006-10-22 07:18:12   We had an absoutely rotten experience with this place. To make a long sorry story short - after multiple errors on their part, we got an area rug that ended up being lopsided (as in, not rectangular). Despite their having delivered it, they refused to pick it up. Then when I managed to bring it in to the store, they refused to look at it and said they would have to wait for someone else to "roll it out." We ended up having to get our credit card company to cancel the order since they would not. I would not recommend going there for anything given the attitude of the employees. —JonathanEisen

2008-09-03 16:27:15   I had them install a tile floor and they did a terrible job. The woman who did the estimate made a mistake, so I ended up having to purchase more tile than what I had been told I would need. In the middle of the job they stopped working on my floor because they said they were late starting someone else's job. Hello...if you're already late, why not finish the job you're working on so you only have ONE customer mad at you? The tiles are not laid flat - the corner edges stick up everywhere, some of the tiles are higher than others, so the entire floor is uneven. When I complained after the job was completed, she told me they could come remove and replace the ones that were not laid flat, but I just looked at the woman in amazement - the entire floor would have to be taken up and relaid. I do have to give them credit for offering to fix it, but it honestly is not just a tile here and there, it's an entire hallway, kitchen, and eating area, and there is no way anyone could pick up and relay that much tile without damaging most of it. The job should NEVER have been this sloppy to begin with. I have sliced my big toe on the protruding corners and will not let my kid go barefoot in the hall, kitchen, or dining area anymore. I'm sure these people's "friends" will call them and tell them there's another bad report about them on Davis Wiki, and someone will argue with my story, but I walk on the floor every day and my feet tell me how awful it is. —NotSure

2008-09-16 Dear NotSure,

After reading the comment you left on the DavisWiki page of the Floor Store of Davis, we as a business are left in confusion. We have no record of a customer, or a job fitting the description you left, and we keep very careful records at our store. Please write back and let us know more specifics so we can get to the bottom of it, or at least verify that you have written about the correct business. Many people confuse us with Floors to Go, and we want to be sure that if we are going to be negatively reviewed, that at least we aren't being blamed for someone else's sloppiness. We would much appreciate a speedy and direct response. Thank you for your time and consideration. - AnnaLyasota

12-16-2008 Dear Floor Store of Davis:

Um, if you are the Floor Store of Davis on West Covell, you did indeed install a tile floor in my house. The job was completed about 4 years ago so perhaps you don't remember it, but you did it, and I have to walk on it every day and be reminded how uneven the sharp edges are.

2008-09-15 15:53:32   HORRIBLE experience . Be warned . Had to sign a Contract, and in the middle of the job, the guy said it would cost more. The girl comes out and bids a lower job , and then the guy comes in and says it is taking longer, and she didn't bid enough. They were t replace 9 cracked tiles in our kitchen. They broke 8 more in replacing 7 tiles, then refused to replace the other 2. If you go with them, make sure the contract states WHICH tiles or area needs replacing. He broke 8 fixing 7 then claims I owe for all of it !! TERRIBLE experience. If I read this first, I would NEVER have used this company. WATCH OUT —scheibers

  • Dear Mrs. Scheiber,

    We are greatly saddened at your dissatisfaction with your job. Tile repair is always a very complicated process, and we did our best to inform you of the difficulty of the situation, and the fact that tiles tend to chip, no matter how carefully they are removed. Our installer did do additional labor at no additional charge, and even discussed doing an additional area free of charge with your husband. However, you decided against it. As a store that values customer service above all else, we did everything in our power to appease you. We apologize that things ended the way they did. —AnnaLyasota