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Tom Pearson
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Floors Too has been a reputable flooring company in Davis for the past 15 years. They offer high-end hardwood restoration services as well as many different options in new flooring. Floors Too is a small family business, not a large corporate chain. They offer some of the best hardwood flooring options available.


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2013-09-08 09:15:45   ADDRESS CHANGE: 720 Olive Dr, Suite F. The owner was really kind to me yesterday, giving me a scrap of sun-bleached carpet padding he wouldn't be able to use on a job, so that I could (*sigh*) remove a cat-urine-smelly piece at my home. He came to the store and opened up for me, and gave me the scrap for free. Otherwise I might have had to go all the way to Home Depot in another town! Very very kind. —HeatherCampbell

2017-04-06 16:14:01   Poor workmanship, missed appointments, messy, and used an unlicensed contractor. These are the words I would use to describe our experience with Mr. Pearson. Tom Pearson was hired to do 2 jobs: Lay new flooring on a lower level and restore the original wood on the upper level. Altogether, the project consisted of about 2,000 sq. feet. The problems occurred at nearly the beginning of the project. Costs would often exceed the original estimate by thousands of dollars. I understand that unexpected costs can arise, but underestimating costs and then demanding immediate payment before the project was finished was a regular occurrence. Mr. Pearson often did not show up for appointments or would cancel at the last minute after arrangements were made to meet him. Mr. Pearson hired a sub-contractor to do approximately 80% of the entire job. His associate was extremely messy and would leave piles of trash inside and outside the house including numerous Mountain Dew bottles and cigarette butts. Concrete was also spilled on our lawn, which had to be dug up and that obviously ruined the grass. When we returned home one evening after they had been the only people in the house, we found a large hole in our newly installed dry wall. They did not acknowledge this and we had to have it repaired. Cement was also splashed on our new walls and vent coverings. Mr. Pearson said they would clean this, but they never did. Large piles of trash were left outside the house for numerous weeks. We asked Mr. Pearson to have it cleaned, which he attempted by sending his associate. His associate arrived and picked up a few bags, but left the majority of the trash behind (about two 96-gallon trash cans worth). We ultimately had to clean this ourselves. At one point the project was left unfinished for about 6 weeks. This included installing pieces of new flooring and transitions into bathrooms. Two floor boards also needed to be repaired because they were cut too short and a gap of about 1/4 inch was observed between the new floor and baseboards (see picture). Two other flooring companies have examined the area and confirmed the floor boards were cut short. When this was brought to Mr. Pearson's attention, he blamed the contractor who installed the baseboards. His solution was to install a quarter round to hide the gap. He said it went with the theme of the house, but none of the other walls had a quarter round at the base. Also, he installed it with a single nail, which was easily removed by pulling on it. New flooring had to be laid in one of the closets and it required staining in order to match the newly refinished floor, which was a natural light brown color. Mr. Pearson stained the new floor a cherry red, which created a stark contrast and said, "it is the only color of stain that is sold." This is obviously not true and we had to sand it off and stain it ourselves with the correct match. Finally, one of the transitions Mr. Pearson installed between a hallway and bathroom looked awful. He blamed those who laid the bathroom tile and said the transition could only be built one way. He was told not to install it, but he did so anyway. Mr. Pearson was delayed final payment until the project was completed including fixing the floor boards that were cut short. He complained about this and said we were refusing payment. This is not true. Ninety percent of the entire project had been paid by this time, which consisted of nearly $20,000. Mr. Pearson threatened to sue even though the project was still unfinished. He blamed us for delaying the project and not paying on time. However, we actually postponed our other contractor from doing their work on the house so that Mr. Pearson would be uninhibited. We also have record of all our payments being made on time. We offered to pay Mr. Pearson the final amount due (approx. $2,500) and subtract the amount it would cost to make necessary repairs. Mr. Pearson declined this offer as well and said he wanted the whole thing or else he would put a lien on our property. Finally, Mr. Pearson illegally hired an unlicensed contractor to do work pertaining to the final invoice (as stated above). Mr. Pearson continually misrepresented this person as being fully licensed and allowed him to be in our home performing contracting work - this is a misdemeanor and violates CA law. He was not an employee of Mr. Pearson either. Unfortunately, we did not learn about this until after the unlicensed contractor's work was finished, which also needed to be repaired because a different floor board was not installed properly. We felt we had no choice but to report the matter to the California Contractors License Board. —phyxius07