Comments on a number of restaurant pages have made claims of food poisoning. These cases would fall under the jurisdiction of the Yolo County Health Department.

There may be an incubation period for illness due to microbial infections that can range up to a few days or longer. If however, certain microbes have had the chance to grow in the food (such as leaving food out at room temperature), they could produce toxic products that cause a foodborne intoxication, causing you to be sick as early as an hour after consumption.

If you think that you suffered food poisoning because of eating at a restaurant please call (530) 666-8646 or email to report it before posting a snarky comment to the wiki. Keep in mind that they will want a list of the foods you've eaten over the past several days, not just your last meal. They may also suggest going to your physician because many symptoms mimic food poisoning. Actual identification typically requires a stool sample.

Consult the Consumer Protection Guide for a discussion of conditions that might promote food poisoning and what do do about them.


Pets and Pet Food

If your pet has fallen ill, first take them to a Veterinary Hospitals. If you catch it before they eat suspicious food, or if your vet advises you to, you should report the incident to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine.


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2008-09-27 02:07:23   Many daviswiki editors have claimed food to have gotten food poisoning from various restaurants, stores, and other food-serving establishments. I, for one, regularly eat food that has been purchased at such establishments, and have done so for the past 12 or 13 years I've lived in Davis, and have never gotten food poisoning. I would be wary especially of restaurant reviewers claiming food poisoning; restaurant-goers are frequently quick to judge on this issue, despite the fact that it is very difficult to tell what food has caused you to become ill. —StephenHudson

2010-09-19 16:24:06   I think alot of the people who make these claims, are weak stomached and/or whiners who sincerely believe they got food poisoning. They probably don't really want to bring the hammer down on the restaurant, but just to complain a little on the wiki. Feh. I've never gotten food poisoning in Davis either. —NickSchmalenberger