Food Science 10: Food, Folklore, and Health is a three-unit general education course taught each quarter. Fall 2010 finds it in SCILEC 123, TR 9:00-10:20. Historically, introductory food science was two classes. FST 2 was taught Fall/Spring, while FST 1 was taught Winter Quarter.

The course is entirely lecture-based, meeting twice per week in 90 minute sessions. The book you will need is Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen which should be readily available as used paperback copies. There are significant differences between the blue (old) and red (current) editions. Completion of all reading assignments is critical. It's an enjoyable, engaging format, and you may find yourself wanting to keep the book after you're done with the class.

The course outline, as prepared ten years ago: