223 E Street
Near Chipotle, Bizarro World, and Baskin-Robbins downtown.
Sunday - Tuesday: 11am - 9pm
Wednesday - Saturday: 11am - 10pm
(530) 759-9490
Dan Urazandi
March 23, 2011
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard

Four Star Movies is the newest rental location in Davis! It cohabits with Bizarro World, in the back half of the store. Only empty cases are on display. As you check out, you'll be handed the actual DVD.

They have thousands of films in a variety of categories including Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Classic, Foreign, Indy, Anime, Cartoons, Family, Westerns, War, Kung-Fu, Action, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Comic-based, Cult Hits, TB, Music, Mystery/Suspense, and more. Rent up to 6 days! It is just 2-3 dollars per rental!

New releases are available every Tuesday!

Grand Opening was April First (no fooling!). There was a soft opening in March.

They also buy used DVDs and will trade DVDs for rental credit if they need the DVDs you offer.

There's a front page article on March 25th's Davis Enterprise.


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2011-03-24 19:01:35   Very exciting process! Come check out our video rental section! It's not done yet, but it's impressive! —TravisLindquist