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Fouts Springs Youth Facility, sometimes referred as “Boot Camp,” is collaboratively operated by Colusa and Solano County Probation Departments. Yolo County contracts for a number of beds each month for Yolo County wards.

Fouts Springs is a Juvenile detention facility for boys located near the Mendocino National Forest's Snow Mountain Wilderness in Colusa County. It is a 2 ½ hour drive from Davis with access to the Ranch at the end of a nine mile narrow mountain road. Due to its remote location, facility staff is required to live at the Facility.

Yolo County Probation will recommend placement at Fouts Springs when a court ward has a serious delinquent history, poses a present public safety risk and has not been amenable to prior treatment efforts. The Juvenile Court ultimately makes the final decision to order placement. The order is generally made as a sanction for ongoing offense behavior and a failure to respond to less restrictive therapeutic efforts.

Phase I

This is the entry-level phase. During this phase youth focus on learning acceptable living standards in a group setting to prepare them both physically and mentally to meet the standards necessary to complete their program.

Phase II

The focus of this phase is on leadership and responsibility including communication skills, goal setting, decision making and accepting responsibility for these decisions. High academic standards including vocational education as well as physical training are also a part of this phase.

Phase III

The primary focus of this phase is preparing for re-entry into the community by concentrating on what was learned in phase I and phase II. This phase also deals with other re-entry issues such as family relations, connections to AA and NA programs and the development of a 6-month plan of action prior to release.

Parent contact

Parents can contact staff at any time, but wards are not allowed incoming calls. However, wards can make one collect call when they arrive, one collect call per week during Phase I, two per week during Phase II and three per week during Phase III to pre-approved phone numbers submitted at time of check in.

Wards can receive mail.

Parents can arrange for two-hour visits by calling on Wednesdays to schedule visits for the following Sunday. Only parents/guardians, attorney of record, clergy and sometimes grandparents can visit. No friends or siblings.

For more information and directions to the Facility: Fouts Springs Parental Information Packet


Colusa County Board of Education provides special and regular educational services at Fouts Springs Youth Facility.

Contact: Judy Rossi, Assistant Superintendent

416 7th Street, Colusa, CA 95932

(530) 458-4350 ext. 10358

Email: jrossi@colusa-coe.k12.ca.us

Nielson High School provides the educational services for court adjudicated youth ages 14-18 placed at Fouts Springs Youth Facility. Students may earn their high school diploma or GED certificate. The program offers both an academic and vocational curriculum including Language Arts, Reading, General Math, Algebra, U.S. History, World History, Science, Fine Arts, Horticulture, Health, Life Skills, Woodshop, Welding, Auto and Small Engine Repair and Ceramics.

Staff works closely with students to develop their social skills, a positive attitude toward education and anger control. Student progress is formally monitored each month through Case Conference, a joint effort between the school and Youth Facility staff.