On the first day of every school year crowds gather 'round to witness the frenzy of ill experienced cyclists braving (often unwittingly) the California & Hutchinson bike circle. Seasoned riders often parade through on tall unicycles or seated backwards to please the crowds. The real swell of emotions and roars of applause are garnered from nasty low speed collisions.

Protip: The California & Hutch circle is particularly slippery on the yellow lines, don't drift into them even if the circle is packed.

Peak attendance occurs at noon, although many arrive early with lawn chairs to stake out a spot.

Footage from 2012

Interview from 2013

I have to resist the urge to watch the whirling dervish of death, it's something that re spawns every year ~SD

One of my regrets is that I've spent 4 years here but not set up a lawn chair. -chandru