Freshmen should check out the Freshman Guide for advice on existence.

As at all other schools, freshmen are first year students and are a species of undergraduate students (Subgraduatera freshmanense). Freshmen at UC Davis often live in the dorms where they sometimes mate and have been known to successfully breed on occasion, at times giving birth on the nest floor. Prior to spring, their primary mating season, both males and females often present with a dark stripe.

Blue Student Housing lanyards are popular among Freshmen (2005).

Claims that the proper plural form is "Freshmans" rather than "Freshmen" (by analogy with, e.g., "Musselmans") have gone almost entirely unnoticed. The proper collective noun is "a gaggle of freshmen," unless someone can come up with a better one.

The term "freshman" is considered sexist by some; however, it is generally accepted that the masculine tense is the neutral. "First-year student" is the politically correct nomenclature, but "Freshpeople" is a much more fun phrase. Only The Aggie uses "First-year student".

One of many nomenclatures is "a gaggle of Freshmen."  Usage: "A gaggle of Freshmen huddled on the sidewalk beside AM/PM hoping they could find someone to buy."

Also freshmen are more likely to commit dormcest than any other species.

Freshmen may be seen on the weekends flocking towards the Gilmore and Bixby highrises for the notorious floor parties and free booze found therein.

How to spot a Freshman

  • Afflicted with the Freshman Stripe.
  • Wear dorm-related accessories such as those blue Aggie Card necklace holders (lanyard).
  • Huddle together like penguins around the intersection of Russell Blvd and La Rue Road, bound for AM/PM, Frat Parties, The Grad and who knows what else.
  • Working their way toward the Freshman Fifteen.
  • Attempt to ride in the opposite direction or through bike circles during the first week of school or even the Fall Welcome.
  • Unable to find Navin's Copy Shop (this also applies to Transfer Students).
  • They bring their backpack with them when they go to buy books at the bookstore.
    • Backpacks are now allowed in the bookstore, as of 2010(ish)
  • When lost they will ask anyone who appears to know where they are going for directions.
  • They can be heard asking "do you know where a party is tonight?" down on Frat Row.
  • In the first week of Fall Quarter, introduce themselves in class to people sitting next to them and ask "What is your major?" and "What dorm do you live in?"
  • Can sometimes be found outside of Aggie Liquor giggling while an upperclassman is inside buying them their first case.

Freshman Rules and Traditions

All freshmen must follow these Aggie traditions:

Note: If the freshmen win the class football game, they are allowed to remove their dinks early — otherwise, they're kept on until Picnic Day. Freshman rules are enforced by the ASUF Vigilance Committee.