About Spring Cleaning

UC Davis Student Housing's Spring Cleaning program takes place in the residence halls during finals week. As students prepare to move out they may donate unwanted reusable goods, eWaste, and non-perishable foods. Collection bins are conveniently set-up in all residence halls. Items are donated to Goodwill, the Aggie Reuse Store, and the Food Bank of Yolo County.

More information about the event, including maps, can be found at http://www.housing.ucdavis.edu/sustainability/springcleaning.asp. Those interested in volunteer opportunities should contact the UC Davis Student Housing Sustainability Coordinator at sustainablehousing@ucdavis.edu.

History and Results

Spring Cleaning was formerly known as "Resource Recovery Drive" until 2010. UC Davis R4 (now Waste Reduction and Recycling) had coordinated the program from 1992 - 2008. Student Housing assumed responsibility for the program in 2009.

2009 Donation - 7,137 pounds (5,244 Reusable Goods and 1,893 Non-perishable Food) 2010 Donation - 10,000 pounds (7,976 Reusable Goods and 2,124 Non-perishable Food) 2011 Donations - 10,740 pounds (8,329 Reusable Goods and 2,411 Non-perishable Food) 2012 Donations - 9,737 pounds (8,229 Reusable Goods and 1,508 Non-perishable Food) 2013 Donations - 8,512 pounds (7,365 Reusable Goods and 1,147 Non-perishable Food)

Move-Out in the City of Davis

At the end of August, the City of Davis Recycling Program has its yearly Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program to reduce waste from turnover. Volunteering opportunities are available.