Frogs and/or toads are the other iconic symbol for Davis (the more common symbol being a penny-farthing bicycle). Various local artists, including David Gilhooly, Heidi Bekebrede, and others have used this motif. So has Lyon Real Estate in their famous Frog Signs. Davis is also home of the famous Toad Tunnel. Toad Hollow Dog Park is just beyond.

All toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads (that line is a good conversation starter). Generally what people consider to be toads are the species that are stubbier, have dry-warty skin, walk instead of jump, and prefer dryer climates. Here in Davis if you encounter a toad it is likely to be a California Toad (also called Western Toad) and if you encounter a frog it's probably a Pacific Tree Frog. They both operate at night so you're lucky if you see one at all. Frogs and Toads lay their eggs in water so you're more likely to encounter them there.

Large numbers of Pacific tree frogs (Pseudacris regilla) can be heard (in mid February) "ribbiiting" near West Pond. Pacific Tree Frogs are the only species of frog that "ribbit". They are also called "Chorus Frogs" because during the mating season they migrate back to the water source of their birth and the males make a chorus of "ribbits" to attract a mate. When a lot of these frogs get together the resulting choir can be quite spectacular, as they start and stop "ribbiting" at the same time.

Frog egg sack with moving tadpolges inside

California Toad in West Davis Caught and released