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Can we remove the "Explore nearby Regions" portion at the bottom of the body of the main page since it is repeated right below that in the footer that is on every page? Would do it myself, but it must be in the site settings and not the front page itself... -David Grundler

This part of the front page (like the 'interesting pages' list) isn't customizable, so it can't be moved around. --PhilipNeustrom.

Proposal: Explore/Public Safety

We neet to add a Public Safety category to the front page - with links to all of the pages reqarding this i.e. Police, Fire, Yolo County Court, etc. for both Davis and UCD — SharlaDaly

Perhaps under "Medical Services, Social Services, Spiritual Organizations, Tax Services"?

No, a page where pages for Police depts, fire depts, Yolo County Court, DA's Office, Public Defender, Probation, Jails, Juvenile Hall, etc. and then maybe related pages (i.e. police misconduct, etc.)- you know, public safety.

Yes, sorry I was unclear: I meant just that it would be nicely placed alongside those items. E.g. "Medical Services, Social Services, Spiritual Organizations, Public Safety, Tax Services"

Oh. Yes, that would fit there nicely.

Proposal: Grand Openings

Hello! I suggest that there be a page for "["Grand Openings"]", including the category of businesses. Would someone like to make it? Thanks. —BruceHansen

How about using the events structure to handle that as any given business is only "Grand Opening" for a short period of time? It also seems to lean a LOT toward using the wiki as unpaid advertising rather than a source of information. —JasonAller

I like the idea of time segments, but the Events Board ony lists per day, which is too short of time for many Grand Openings.

The reader would benefit by receiving the discounts and the internet can be of benefit to its users, rather than being used as a medum for pushed marketing.

Also there possibly could be non-business types of Grand Openings? —BruceHansen

Another way to handle it is like the Varsity Theater or the Bistro 33 did. Someone makes a page about the business (either the owner, or a wiki denzine) and the page generates activity on the Recent Changes along the way toward the grand opening. Do you have an upcoming opening in mind, or was this a general thing? — JasonAller

I was initially wanting to highlight the "Grand Opening" for Hometown Chinese Food. I discovered yesterday when talkinng with HCF owner Steve Lee that he had only done the "grand opening' briefly. Generally I think it's a good idea. —BruceHansen

Proposal: Davis Issues

Based on the discussion on FAQ Davis Issues has been created, but not included on the Front page.

2010-02-25 00:59:28   There needs to be a Davis Issues section on the front page. I very much like the Featured Page, but something simple with say the latest 20 issue links to their pages and a link to old issues would be great. Since the Davis Wiki is a community site it would make sense to have something with current issues going on and just have links like the Explore section has. For example, say a high amount of lead was found in the Davis drinking water and users created a page talking about the issue, what's going on, who does what at the city, history of water issues in Davis, etc. A link to "Lead In Davis Drinking Water" would be in this section of issues and visitors could quickly see what is going on. I believe this would be a great benefit to Wiki visitors and the Davis community in general. —RiotInDavis

I like this idea. Do you have a set of some example initial issue pages that could be included in such a list? The school noise thing is one. —PhilipNeustrom

Various controversies w/the City Council, especially the latest dustup with Ruth and Sue is another. And the 5th Street bike lane redesign. Fireplaces. Funding for the UC. Revisiting Measure J. Some of these have pages, some of them need them. —CovertProfessor

So here's the current list:

probably need two more for this to be a good section. We can always try it out for a bit and if it doesn't work ditch it.

2010-02-27 12:31:41   Probably need to think about some sort of way of moving issues between current and archived, but with a way to denote those that are likely to recur like voting about widening the Richards Boulevard underpass which has happened four times already and will likely be an issue again in the future. Some sort of timeline would be nice that could capture the overlap and lifespan of these issues. —JasonAller

2010-03-01 23:17:11   Does anyone have a preference where this section goes on the Front Page? —JasonAller

  • "Now" is fine with me. I keep meaning to create ["City Council Decorum Controversies"] and ["Revisiting Measure J"] pages, but can't seem to find the time. Any help is appreciated. —CovertProfessor

Proposal: Frontpage information campaign for 1GB/second internet in Davis.

Google made a big announcement today which you can check out on the official google blog. The gist of it is that they plan on providing affordable internet access at over 100 times what we're used to for broadband in a few select communities. They're soliciting suggestions for the communities and I propose that we temporarily add something to the frontpage of the wiki to spread information about this and encourage people to submit recommendations (youtube videos and other creative submissions are encouraged). I think that the wiki itself is actually one of the big points in favor of choosing Davis; we're already using the internet in creative ways to further our community. I think that we should put some thought into exactly how we present this before we do. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Would anybody be interested in contributing in other ways to help make this happen (designing posters, writing an article for the Aggie, etc...)? —foo

  • The wiki documents things in Davis, so it might be a good idea to focus on having an actual movement first before writing about it on the wiki. The next step would be to create an entry about the effort (which is now underway), contacts, etc. It's not a bad idea, but making changes to the Front Page before there's an actual effort underway seems a bit backwards. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
  • Yeah, definitely a good idea to build the page out first. Prewritten things to paste into their form, etc. —PhilipNeustrom
  • See Bring Gigabit Ethernet To Davis.
  • Yeah, I agree completely. I just wanted to start rousing some interest towards something happening. I've been in touch with the Aggie and will work on contributing to the wiki page as well. I do think that eventually once something gets organized that this might be worth bringing attention to on the front page though. No need to rush. —foo

I'm not sure what should be under 'Explore' (or if the word 'Explore' should be changed or how it could be improved). There could be a new general heading under 'Explore' called 'Enterprises' which would include 'Construction'. —BruceHansen

  • Right now, there's only a minimal amount of content under construction. If someone wanted to know about construction it would be available via the search tool, but there's no reason to feature it on the main page at this time. —BrentLaabs
  • Maybe no 'Construction'. What do you think about "Enterprises'? Clicking on it would show 'Construction' etc.. —BruceHansen

Instead of at the bottom of the Front page there being just a link to a 'title index' there shoud be an index ('site index'?) which includes the headings under 'Explore' etc.. This index would include the contents of the 'title index' and could have a link to the 'title index'. —BruceHansen

Proposal: Simplify the Front Page

Make the page look more like Google. That is all. —RadioNinja

What do you mean by that? You mean a single search box in the center of the page?

No, no, what I mean is...well, you know how Google is simple? I mean, it's pretty plain and white, but it's professional at the same time. The front page of the Wiki is kind of all around there. It's like, you look two pixels to the left and you're in a new zone. Just make it simple. Have a link for newbies that takes them to a Davis Wiki tutorial page. Hey, someone should create a "Davis Wiki 101" Flash movie! —RadioNinja

  • You mean like the second paragraph, dead center at the top of the page: "If you're new, check out our Introduction."? That, paired with the entire bottom of the page seems to be good to me. The rest is, like other portal sites like Yahoo (and unlike single purpose sites like Google), pretty well aimed at people looking for things related to Davis, i.e., both visitors with a purpose and visitors looking to poke around.jw
    • All I'm saying is it could look simpler. Sites like Ask Jeeves are trying to mirror Google in simplicity. I think the Wiki could go simpler. Do we really need an explore section? Can't we have a page with a site map? Or here's a better idea altogether: Do what LiveJournal does in the way that users viewing the Davis Wiki can customize their viewing options. —RadioNinja
      • Customized home pages for users is a wonderful idea. The problem is, if you want it done, you have to do it yourself or convince a specific person to do it. The code for the Wiki is open source if you want to contribute. There's no magic "them" to do things like that. The content of the site, the code of the site... everything here is written by people like you. You could convince the entire Wiki that it's a good idea, but until someone like you actually does it, it's just an idea. Everything on the site is there because somebody thought it was a good idea... and then actually did it. — jw
        • Hey, tell you what: I'll come up with the ideas, and YOU guys put it in action! I have the creative side and you guys know all the computer crap.
        • Why don't you make YOUR page your own customized start page? You can add in whatever you want. (Or create a subpage under your page that is your start page. -KJM
    • How about a front page were you can collapse categories and it saves it using cookies/your account. That way, for those who know their way around can customize things a little more. —mperkel

Who wants to make a page where people can posts "Looking for roommates" and etc? — JiLiang

The "Getting Started" section may as well not be there, it's buried too far down to be seen or of use for probably nearly everyone's monitor/window size.

Can we get a new featured article? the T-shirt contest ended... —StevenDaubert

search button is needed in the new format. It is one of the most important things on the wiki. —MattHh

  • Alcohol should NOT be in the Food And Drink section, but in a Poisons or Drugs section or both. And please do not mention the so-called "French Paradox". I am French and I can tell you this is just a lie of the alcohol industry:

It's like saying "Black top is good for your health because it contains amino acids". It's not because some thing contains some good nutrients that it is good. It can have negative effects on your health because of other elements as it is the case for alcohol. The bad effect far outweigh any "good" effect of alcohol. — Michael777

  • Whoah, dude, alcohol is not an evil item. If used in moderation it is a nice additive to any life. Any problem arising from it is through misuse, which can happen for almost anything. Ex: Food, drinks, cars, sleep. Just because you feel strongly about it doesn't make it true. Also, I will thank you not to delete my comments. —JoePomidor

In the real world people drink alcohol, many enjoy it and most consume it safely and responsibly. It's the "drink" (or implied aspect) in "Food / Drink." The wiki's supposed to be useful, at least in some sense.

  • I do not see any usefulness in helping people get drugs.
    • True, you don't. On the other side, I have no problem with listing where to get heroin and meth (and I don't do either, nor do I often drink alcohol). But neither of us is reflective of the community as a whole, and more importantly, this is a classification and filing question, having nothing to do with what either of us think of the content. As a reflection of how the actual community of Davis thinks, alcohol is the "Drink" in Food and Drink. If you wish to change that, feel free — in the real world community of Davis, not on the wiki. If you do change the public view of what alcoholic beverages are called in the community of Davis, it should certainly be relabeled on the Front Page. Until then, it should be where people expect it to be when they are looking for it. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
    • Bah. A drug, broadly speaking, is any chemical substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function. You meant to say that you don't see the usefulness in talking about legal drugs you personally disapprove off: Alcohol, coffee (caffeine). Do you mind tea? I like mine very strong. Or sodas, extremely high in sugar with caffeine too. "Normal" cold and flu medicines, some of which certainly affect your function? Who gets to define what's a bad drug? Typically, society, and it seems pretty ok with alcohol and caffeine. -ES

Archived Data

Is the Davis Wiki archived anywhere? I've done a bunch of historical research in Davis for the 1960s, and there's not a lot of info on the day-to-day happenings. We'd be doing future Davisites a favor by archiving the entire wiki once every three months or so. Just store it somewhere for now, no need to put it online until it's a couple years old. —TedBuehler

The plan is to allow for regular "dumps" of the wiki to be downloaded by folks, and then let those folks archive the data as they wish. This is like what wikipedia does.

The wiki structure is such that you can roll back entries to any date you wish. In theory, you can make a bit of software to "roll back" the entire wiki to a given date (absent the very few manually deleted bits, like malicious postings of social security numbers and the like). —JabberWokky

How do I do this? Can I roll back to, say, Jan 1 2006 and see what In 'n Out burger looked like, for instance? —TedBuehler

Something else to think about, from a long-term archivist point of view, is that there are a few things that change like logos, overall site design, and features that won't always make the "roll back" a perfect fit. A historically-fit archive would have to include the software's history, too (the source code repository).

You'd have to write software to do it to the whole wiki, but the Jan 1 2006 In-and-Out entry was at revision 30, which can be viewed here. You can also hit the image histories and pull their revisions for that date (just hit the "info" button on entries... the In-and-Out one, for instance, is here). Only admins can remove a revision, and I think that's been done under a dozen times in the history of the wiki. I've never done it, Philip removed somebody's social security number that was maliciously posted, if I recall correctly, but it is very rare. The entire history of the wiki is being preserved with only a few exceptions (the logo and appearance is now being preserved since April 2007). Basically, every edit made is being stored, every entry has a full history, although doing a wiki-wide rollback would require writing software to do so (and as pointed out above, some of the markup has changed over the years, so you'd get *exactly* what was saved, which might not display the same with the current version of the software... for instance, images used to be displayed with thumbnail:filename.jpg). In short, the data is being stored, and getting a rough wiki snapshot would be easy... getting a perfect one is possible post-April 2007, I believe (although you'd need a copy of the software history as well if you wanted to display render bugs correctly). —JabberWokky

Oh, and Ted...this is why it is annoying when you "save, save, save"... each save is creating a new revision in the history of that entry. That's specifically why I suggested to that user that they preview. I didn't suggest it for the heck of it. If it weren't having a negative effect on the readability of the entry histories, I wouldn't care if somebody previewed or saved. It is relatively minor, but confusing the histories is generally a bad idea, especially when new editors are trying to puzzle them out. —JabberWokky

Unless somebody thinks this thread belongs here, it might be a good idea to move it to one of the Wiki Community sections, as it doesn't actually relate to the Front Page —jw

Proposal: Active Updates

I'm thinking of moving Lost Pets, Roommates Wanted, Where Can I ... and other 'active engagement' entries to up by events. Are there any others that would make sense? What about Wiki Community, or is that too 'meta'? I'm trying to bring up and highlight the dynamic, continuously updated and/or back and forth entries that are actually being updated on a semi-regular basis (and hopefully by highlighting them they will benefit directly, and they will encourage readers to figure out that they can edit the wiki). Basically, things similar to events in that checking in on them on a semi-regular basis will bring up new things. —jw

  • I think this is a fabulous idea. I am new to the wiki and didn't even know those pages existed, but think they are really helpful. This would make the wiki more engaging. —EmilyHill
    • Unless anybody objects, I'll toss out a starting version in the next day or so. —jw

Random Entry

BrianJKenyon has removed the random entry link a couple times. I'm hesitant to readd it again just because it violates my rule of thumb regarding back and forth editing. What do others think? Should it stay or should it go? Brian's had some pretty strong words about it in the changelog: "Random entries serve no purpose and are condescending to readers". Personally I feel it's a nice way to jump into the wiki at a point that you might not have intentionally gone to and discover a new aspect of Davis. Kind of like flipping through a magazine randomly for an article. It's a fairly natural way to read something like a Fodors or a Reader's Digest. If only the wiki were installed in public restrooms around Davis... —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

  • FWIW, I agree that it's nice. Not because it's helpful, but because it adds a "friendly" appearance to the page. If I wanted a boring, unfriendly, business like page to go look for information, I'd probably use yahoo's yellow page service or something. —Wes "no nickname" Hardaker
  • It was the only dynamic element of the page — one that changes all the time — rather than daily or monthly. And I have on more than one occasion used it. I don't understand why it would offend readers unless it brought up some crazy esoteric aspect of Davis or maybe some user doesn't want his page to randomly show up? Beats me. I'd love for it to return. —RyanMikulovsky
  • I've never considered it condescending, and have actually discovered many interesting pages by its suggestion. There are so many strange and interesting facts about Davis, and there's no way I could ever actually get through the 14,000+ Davis Wiki pages (a lack of time, not a lack of wanting to!), but getting a random suggestion of something that I've never heard of is sort of fun. I'd like to see it back. —StaceyEllis
  • I like it too — it fits with the wiki's quirkiness. I can't possibly see how it could be condescending. —CovertProfessor
  • Brian is an editor with strong opinions. Once again, they seem to not fit in with those of other editors. I say we thank him for being active and increasing our diversity, and suggest he find a different editorial cause. —DougWalter
  • Randomness is predictably nice. I vote to keep it. —IDoNotExist
  • I appreciate the Random entry since it often highlights some obscure aspect of the wiki or of Davis in general that one might not have otherwise thought of. I'm sure that many users visit the site looking for specific info, but the random page encourages a little bit of browsing. Besides, I've found that gnoming a random page now and then helps keep the wiki neat and tidy overall. —KevinChin
  • I just saw this page after I changed back Bryan's newest revert. My two cents: I personally used and enjoyed the random pages entry when I was new to the Wiki; I spent about 30 minutes rotating through the random pages one evening. It was fun, entertaining, and informative. I like JW's analogy about flipping through a magazine. I hope that feature remains to greet new Wiki-ites. —robinlaughlin

Proposal: Label programs subsidized by ASUCD

  • I was just curious if anyone would mind if I went around putting in a Subsidy section on the pages of programs that the ASUCD subsidizes? I got this idea from a CATO article a while back that supported a government regulation that would require subsidized produce to be labeled as so. —hankim
    • There's a system used on a few entries (like AAA) so that the tag autocreates a list of all entries marked as being a member (or, in your case, subsidized). If you need help, just ask. Once you see an example or two, it's pretty easy... the hard part is going to all the entries and marking them and then doing the updates next semester or next year. As it is basically informative (regardless of how you stand on that particular program or the usage of student fees in general), it's not likely to be taken poorly. —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
      • What exactly is this tagging system called so that I can look up how to do it?
        • It's not really formal... you can call it the "JabberWokky invented a tagging system for a few entries as he helped in the effort to write the Davis Wiki, and it works well in some cases" system. It's a method of using links and macros to link back and create a list that automatically updates. It sounds perfect for what you're looking to do, so I suggested it. If you create an base entry with an intro (something like "Various programs are funded in part or whole by ASUCD funds which are..."), and give me an example program or two, I'll set up the initial format, link the example ones and you can see how it works. —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
          • I started a page called ASUCD Subsidies.
            • And I tagged the three valid links so you can see what to add.
              • Thanks.

Two minor rewrites of top "About Davis Wiki and Wiki Spot" paragraph

Here is the first change. Basically to note the passing of the five years public mark (which occurred about three months ago, I think), plus to clarify the relationship to Wiki Spot. -jw

Here is the second change. Pulls the link for two year old update into the text itself, and adds a link to Welcome to the wiki, which is a reasonable help entry. This is likely a bit more questionable than the above (at least in my mind), as we now have a link to the Introduction and to a self described primer. Of course, having both an introduction about what the wiki is, and also a primer explaining how to get involved makes sense enough to me to include both. It would probably be a good idea to take a look again at those two entries with an eye toward being clear and simple with links to more help or information (as I type this, I don't think they even cross link). -jw

  • I think the link to Welcome to the Wiki is a good idea. So often that link is provided after someone has behaved less than desirably. Maybe some will read it upfront and avoid problems down the line. (wishful thinking?) I also like the note about the wiki having been part of the community for five years. —CovertProfessor
  • I like it. —PhilipNeustrom

Made a change without mentioning it here first.

I didn't read this page recently. I just went ahead and removed the heading 'Outreach!' with its comment that was in the 'Wiki News' section. Made a new 'Announcements' section (and necessary new 'Announcements' page with the former 'Outreach!' comment. This probably isn't the best resolution to having an 'Outreach!' heading, but I feel that it is an improvement.

Community Alert Pushes Down

Today's protest (2010-03-04) is generating quite a few updates that is pushing down content. If somebody with strong WikiFu can realign that, it would be good. It's a pretty tricky edit, but it won't affect updates. At some point soon, it'll be whisked to another entry, but for other, similar major events, it would be a good idea if that can grow. When the "big one" hits or there's a zombie invasion, you know... -jw

Proposal to Save Space

Make links for: 'Nearby Wikis', 'Wiki News', and 'Hints for Editing' —11:40 pm 2/4/2010 BruceHansen

Community Portal

I'm not in full-blown copywriting mode, but anyway, I was just thinking that maybe the intro paragraph/s could be reworked so the "community" link is more prominent, seeing that it does serve as a portal-like destination. "Findability" and all. It did take me a while to find the general discussion page when I first evolved from lurker to gnome, and scrizer would probably agree with me that it's not the easiest thing in the world to find if you never knew it existed. Additionally, perhaps the "hints for editing" section at the bottom could be cleaned up, maybe consolidated with other various style guides lying around. My current impression of the help pages is that it's kind of... well, there are bits and pieces of useful information floating around multiple pages. Admittedly, I have not yet thoroughly went through all of them (partly so that my impression closely mirrors the more casual editors who aren't necessarily going to take the time to sift through all the editing help/style guides/etc). —EBT

New Front Page Layout causing People to Miss Whole Site

I'm on the phone with my father, and he's the third person who couldn't figure out what the Davis Wiki was in the last couple days, saying "all I see is a plea to donate and a picture of a fire hydrant". One person (who is an award winning journalist) left the site and emailed me back telling me to let them know when there was some content.

Can we please move that darn video into a sidebar so people new to the wiki can find the actual wiki itself? The size and position seems to be causing serious confusion, despite the awesomeness it carries. Maybe replace the featured page? —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

I don't think it's a good idea to have two big donate bars and the video all preceding any content. I'm with JW, we need to have a sidebar with that, with the main welcome to the wiki also at the top. Sooner than later, with NYT traffic showing up. It's kinda tacky asking people to donate twice before they even see the wiki. —TomGarberson

Something roughly like this, probably with a highlighted donate feature moved under the opening (so that the "what it is" is visible for soft intro, then hit with a pledge request... while the reverse is stupid. People aren't going to randomly donate unless they are impressed). -jw

Thanks JW! I went ahead and reverted to your proposed one, simply because I think we want content visible ASAP. It looks good, and minor adjustments are easy enough to make. Like you said, no one's going to donate without looking around the site first, so I don't think having the donate button moved down half a page is going to make a difference. —tg

I know I've seen a little compilation of stats about the wiki - number of users, number of pages, that kind of stuff. The number of Davisites who use the wiki as listed in the LocalWiki announcement blew my mind. Would it be worth highlighting that on the front page? It's the sort of thing that's likely to catch the eye—whether for random passersby or for journalists checking out the site. —TomGarberson

I'm experimenting with reverting it back to the larger-video format. Rationale: There are less external-to-davis-wiki visitors coming in right now. The other video format, in the featured page spot, led to significantly decreased video views (check the stats on vimeo) I think we should mix this up a bunch- so if this is causing widespread confusion again we can revert it back in a day. I just want us to experiment so we find the most effective placement.

It's also less 'big' than it was with the two-bars with NYT info and the other donate bar. I have a really tiny screen and, even on my display, it's very obvious that you can scroll down to view material. —PhilipNeustrom

Ok, now that we did it can we please shrink the banner back to something smaller at least? I've been annoyed by it since it first went up! (to the point I thought about jokingly suggesting that we increase it 5 pixels a day till the deadline, but I was worried someone would have taken the suggestion seriously) —WH

Yup! I have plans right now and mike's out it'll have to wait until late tonight or tom morning..wasn't thinking we were gonna hit the goal by tonight! —PhilipNeustrom

Just made it a little smaller.

Any thoughts on how long the fundraiser notices should stay up? It's tough for me because I check the wiki daily, and I think we want most people to catch the notice. It's worth celebrating; but you don't want to have your Christmas tree up in April. ;) —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

I'd love to see something a little less in-your-face, but keep it up for a while. Maybe a small pane on the left just above Explore? I thought we were going to have thank-yous for donors selected randomly from the different levels of donations? If that was part of the pitch to businesses that made donations, we should definitely follow through on it. —TomGarberson

  • Agreed. It would probably be a good idea to make sure there is a permanent place to list those who support the wiki through contributions. The content contributors are already permanently listed, and the infrastructure contributors should be listed as well, probably cycling a "current supporters" list (with a better name!) on an annual basis (i.e., the people who have donated from the last fundraiser to present), mostly likely with exceptional donors getting a permanent listing. I'm pretty much thinking that it should be similar to how it's handled in theater and PBS (or any other organization that has periodic fundraisers). But...

    I'm thinking more about the super "in your face" notice at the top of every single page and the large notice atop the Front Page. When do we transition to a more subdued version? -jw

    • I minimized the notice a bit — actually, a bit more than I wanted, but it's more "additional information" rather than "dominating notice". -jw

Anybody else think it is time to remove the inside page notices? Possibly find a permanent place for the front page notice? It feels like it has crossed the eyeballs of anybody who visits the wiki, and isn't going to add much from here on out. Removing it now rather than six months from now will help in the nine to ten months from now when the 2011 fundraising begins. I don't want the wiki to get the a "perpetual pledge drive" vibe that makes people not take notice when we are fundraising. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

  • Yes, for the reason you gave. —cp

I feel like the edit war on the front page is out of hand. We should lock it down, have an extended and tedious conversation, maybe alienate a longtimer or two, and just generally get bogged down in tangents both technical and philosophical. In four days or so, when everyone's sick to death of it, let's compromise, and leave this page up as a remembrance of the good ol' times. At some indeterminate point in the future, we can have another tedious and frustrating conversation about whether or not to delete the first talk page. ;]—JoePomidor

It would be nice to have a more active Davis Wiki Chat. For chatting about Davis and the wiki. Would it be ok if I put the link on the front page, see what happens? If so, where on the page should it go? —Angel.York

Proposal: Weather on the front page

There is an html sticker for Wunderground weather in Davis. Could we nestle it into the front page? —resincakes

Can we hide the community alert? It's getting big, outdated and it loses it value constantly being up there.

Please add Books about Davis the Front Page.

See this link:

Books about DavisHiramJackson

  • Normally pages are not added until they are well-developed with a lot of content and pictures on them. Seems to me that after time this might be a good addition, but not yet (just my opinion). —cp
  • Agreed. Build it out and it'll be good. -jw

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