Davis has so many fruit trees. Davis made national news when the media picked up the story that Davis' mayor had decided to plant fruit trees in all the empty lots and unbuilt areas to provide food for the homeless.

Species (or common names)

Visit here for a google map of fruit trees in Davis. The map is public and collaborative, so please add trees if you know of their locations. (You must have a google sign-in.) Use push-pins to mark the locations of trees. If the tree is on private property, please indicate that in the note, and only mark it after getting permission from the owner first. Update: the new searchable global fruit mapping site http://fallingfruit.org now includes all the data from the above map - check it out, and go there to add more! It also includes tree data from municipal tree records, so many trees in city parks are listed. You can harvest fruit year-around in Davis!

There is a volunteer organization called Village Harvest that harvests fruit to give to homeless and low-income individuals. The fruit is picked from private properties in Davis after the organization receives permission from the owners.

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